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  • #1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software  2)   #1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software 2.4
    Simple and easy to use search engine submission software for submitting your webpage URL and email address to the top search engines. Just enter your webpage URL and email address and watch in our unique browser window as your URL and email is successfully accepted by each top search engine individually during the live process. Also has a Submission Log to keep a record of the date, time, URL and email you submitted. And, a Meta Tag Generator with tips on making better title, description, and keywords in your webpage.

  • #1 MySQL Maestro  3)   #1 MySQL Maestro 1.9
    MySQL Maestro is a powerful Windows database management solution for MySQL administration and development. MySQL Maestro provides you with graphical user interface (GUI), which allows you to perform database operations easy and fast.

  • #1 Postgresql GUI PG Lightning Admin  4)   #1 Postgresql GUI PG Lightning Admin 1.2.3
    PG Lightning Admin is a powerful GUI administration program for Postgresql 7.4.x and greater. It includes many advanced features such as a tabbed based MDI system, tabbed Enterprise Manager and more.

  • #Calculation Component  5)   #Calculation Component 2.1.19 8
    #Calculation component is a powerful calculation engine for your applications. This component integrates expression parsing and evaluating. It's suitable for heavy-duty number crunching.

  • .NET Atom Feeds Library  6)   .NET Atom Feeds Library 1.0.0
    Atom .NET Class Library for downloading, creating and manipulating Atom feed documents. Atom is an XML format for editing, syndicating, and archiving weblogs and other episodic web sites.

  • .NET Barcode  7)   .NET Barcode 5.0
    .NET library to generate barcode images, supports Linear (1D), PDF417, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, QRCode

  • .NET Barcode Professional  8)   .NET Barcode Professional 7.0
    Barcode for Windows Forms .NET. Linear, Postal, MICR and 2D Symbologies. Visual Studio support. Crystal Reports .NET Support. Save barcode images in image files and in stream objects. Support for Binary, SOAP and XML Serialization, ReportViewer RDLC

  • .NET Barcode Recognition Decoder SDK  9)   .NET Barcode Recognition Decoder SDK 1.0
    The Barcode Recognition and Decoder SDK reads barcodes in C#, VB.NET and Visual Studio. Multiple barcode types are read from a single DLL that is 100% managed code, strong named and digitally signed.

  • .NET Component for Yahoo! Site Explorer  10)   .NET Component for Yahoo! Site Explorer 1.0.0
    Yahoo! Site Explorer API .NET Class Library for Microsoft .NET web sites and applications (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET). Enable apps to find pages indexed by the Yahoo! search engine; find the inbound links as counted by Yahoo.

  • .NET DataGridView Columns  11)   .NET DataGridView Columns 1.4.310
    .NET DataGridView Columns assembly is a DataGridView Columns software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET developers.

  • .NET Email Validation Library  12)   .NET Email Validation Library 2.00
    Easy to use, cutting edge Email Validation for .NET Developers. Performs industry standard syntax, MxRecord, and Mailbox Checking. Uses multiple threads across multiple processors for maximum thoroughput. Download a free trial today.

  • .NET Email Verifier Component  13)   .NET Email Verifier Component 1.3
    NetXtremeEmailVerifier is an easy-to-use .NET component to detect invalid email through syntax validation, black list, white list and mail box validation without sending emails to recipients.

  • .NET Encryption Library  14)   .NET Encryption Library 2.00
    The .NET Encryption Library is a winner of the Visual Studio Magazine Security and Copy Protection Award. Encrypt files, encrypt strings, encrypt streams, perform hashing, securely erase files; all with a single line of code. Download a free trial

  • .NET Licenser - licensing software  15)   .NET Licenser - licensing software 3.60.8
    Skater .NET Licenser is a functional software tool for complete license and customer management. Along with Skater .NET Obfuscator it helps you to prepare your product for protection, manage license, encrypt your code and data.

  • .NET Matrix Library  16)   .NET Matrix Library 2.2.5000.72
    The Bluebit .NET Matrix Library provides classes for object-oriented algebra. Solves systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors problems, and singular value problems.

  • .NET ModelKit Suite  17)   .NET ModelKit Suite 6.0.0
    SharpShooter Collection is a package of .NET components for data processing, analysis and visualization. The suite includes a report generator, OLAP component, a tool for creating digital dashboards and KPI and a component for charts, graphs design.

  • .NET My Frame Panel  18)   .NET My Frame Panel 2.13
    My Frame Panel component for .NET is the panel you need to improve your visual interface for your applications. It lets you create modern visual styles to your programs under all Windows versions. All new styles like Vista, Aqua, XP, Office 2003,...

  • .NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator  19)   .NET Obfuscator Dotfuscator 3.0
    Dotfuscator Professional Edition is a .Net Obfuscator, Compactor and Watermarker that helps protect programs against reverse engineering while making them smaller and more efficient. The .NET obfuscation code protection tool selected by Microsoft.

  • .NET Reactor  20)   .NET Reactor
    .NET Reactor is a powerful code protection and software licensing system for software written for the .NET Framework, and supports all languages that generate .NET assemblies. More Information : http://visualbasic-6.com/net-reactor.html

  • .NET RSS API by WorldWideWeb-X.com  21)   .NET RSS API by WorldWideWeb-X.com 1.0.0
    RSS .NET Component: Enable your application to easily consume or create RSS feeds. Provides unified feed parsing support for RSS 0.9x, RSS 1.0, and RSS 2.0.

  • .NET Zip Component ZipForge.NET  23)   .NET Zip Component ZipForge.NET 2.01
    ZipForge.NET is a fast and powerful Zip component for .NET. It lets you easily integrate ZIP compression support into your C# or VB.NET applications. ZipForge.NET features include strong AES encryption, Unicode filenames, SFX and much more.

  • .netshrink  24)   .netshrink 2.01
    .netshrink is an executable compressor for .NET Framework applications. It uses LZMA compression library and can decrease your file size even by 50%. It can also protect your files with a password.

  • .netTiers  25)   .netTiers 2.0
    .netTiers 2.0 solidifies the .netTiers application framework presence in both, the ORM and Application Generation Markets.

  • .netTiers 2  26)   .netTiers 2 2.0
    netTiers is a set of open source code generation templates that simplify the tasks of creating customized Application Tiers for your Microsoft.Net applications in just a few minutes.

  • .NETZ - .NET Executables Compressor  27)   .NETZ - .NET Executables Compressor 0.2
    .NETZ is a free tool that compresses and packs the Microsoft .NET Framework executable files in order to make them smaller. Smaller executables consume less disk space and load faster because of fewer disk accesses.

  • .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite (for CE 9 / CR 9)  28)   .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite (for CE 9 / CR 9) 3.12
    19 tools for Crystal Enterprise 9 in the most powerful, integrated, & easiest suite of tools to Monitor, Manage, Edit, Analyze, Document, Modify, Migrate & Convert + more :: one or many Crystal Reports, Schedules, Instances, Objects at the same time!

  • 001Micron MSI to EXE Converter  29)   001Micron MSI to EXE Converter
    MSI setup to EXE installer maker application generates executable file from Microsoft visual studio .net packages in one click process. Windows based MSI installation package to EXE installer software convert into executable (.exe) format using .MSI.

  • 1 Cool Button Tool - Java  30)   1 Cool Button Tool - Java 5.0
    Spice up your site with animated buttons, menus, navigation schemes and other Java applets using this easy-to-use tool - you can even add sound. Just arrange your buttons in a WYSIWYG window, press 'Build Java' and 1CBT creates all the java and HTML.

  • 1-2-3 JavaScript Library!  31)   1-2-3 JavaScript Library! 9.56
    1-2-3 JavaScript Library is a cool new software application that allows you to create amazing javascript in seconds! Choose scripts from an organized, amazingly easy to navigate menu system, and customize them to your own needs! No more long download

  • 1-st Pop-Up Menu Builder  32)   1-st Pop-Up Menu Builder 5.0.1
    Create the impressive and high professional your own menu on right mouse click on your site. Put on different pages OR elements of one page different menus of different styles. Set any actions to any items of the menu. Easy & fast

  • 10Tec iGrid Control  33)   10Tec iGrid Control 3.0
    Advanced VB grid that can emulate the Outlook messages list, edit its cells using built-in editors (textbox,combo,checkbox), supports virtual mode and allows sophisticated displays to be set up.

  • 123 Click n Submit Softwares  34)   123 Click n Submit Softwares 1.2
    Submit your software literally in just one click to 100s of software download websites out there. No hassle. Just fill up your PAD file URL and some other fields and click Submit, and your software is listed on 100's of popular shareware sites.

  • 1Crypt  35)   1Crypt 1.03
    A quick and professional way to add strong encryption to your application. 1Crypt is a function library (DLL) which allows you to easily encrypt files, strings, and buffers using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (Rijndael) encryption.

  • 1st JavaScript Editor Lite 2.0  36)   1st JavaScript Editor Lite 2.0 2.0
    This is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! Now you have, at last, the first specialized JavaScript Editor allowing to create, edit and test DHTML scripts. There are many cool features inside IDE.

  • 1st JavaScript Editor Lite 3.4  37)   1st JavaScript Editor Lite 3.4 3.4
    This is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! Now you have, at last, the first specialized JavaScript Editor allowing to create, edit and test DHTML scripts. There are many cool features inside IDE.

  • 1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.4  38)   1st JavaScript Editor Pro 3.4 3.4
    This is advanced JavaScript Editor, Validator and Debugger for beginners and professionals! Now you have, at last, the first specialized JavaScript Editor allowing to create, edit and test DHTML scripts. There are many cool features inside IDE.

  • 1Way  39)   1Way 5.5
    Convert any application into time-limited shareware. Generate serial numbers to register it. A function library offering a flexible locking system with solid encryption. Easy to implement. Support for VB, C++, Delphi, other languages.

  • 2003 OST to PST Utility  40)   2003 OST to PST Utility 6.4
    If you lost your important OST data just use PDS 2003 OST to PST Utility and convert OST to PST 2003. Best Outlook 2003 OST recovery software smoothly recover OST file outlook 2003 with entire OST email properties.

  • 2007 OST to PST  41)   2007 OST to PST 5.2
    Enstella 2007 OST to PST Software is wonderful OST to PST conversion 2007 Software which smoothly and perfectly convert outlook OST file to PST file 2007 along with every email meta data- To, cc, and bcc, from, date, time in just few minutes

  • 2007 OST to PST Utility  42)   2007 OST to PST Utility 6.4
    Now time to know how to recover corrupt OST file in new PST. Just use 2007 OST to PST Utility you can fabulously recover OST file to PST file with exact format of TXT, RTF and also can HTML

  • 2010 OST to PST Utility  43)   2010 OST to PST Utility 6.4
    With the help of Outlook 2010 OST to PST converter program users superbly convert OST to PST 2010 with exact formatting style of TXT, RTF and also can HTML.

  • 232Analyzer  44)   232Analyzer 5.6.1
    RS232 serial Monitor Protocol Analyzer Terminal Software, Data COM port Tester Sniffer Debugger, Monitor RS232/RS485/RS422/TTL data communications with direction indication, Windows XP/Vista supported.

  • 2D / 3D CAD Import .NET  45)   2D / 3D CAD Import .NET 8.0
    CAD Import .NET is an easy-to-use API for reading AutoCAD DXF, DWG and HPGL PLT in C#, VB.NET and other Microsoft Visual Studio environments. It is programmed completely in C#. Demos: Viewer, Editor, Import, Add Entities, MergeFiles, ViewerControl.

  • 2D / 3D CADViewX  46)   2D / 3D CADViewX 8.0
    Embed CAD & image viewer with powerful print options into any application. Open, view, print AutoCAD drawings and images of dozens of formats without expensive software. Enjoy intuitive mouse-wheel zoom, dragging, click-away context menu, and more.

  • 2d CAD Image  47)   2d CAD Image 5
    CAD Image DLL Revolution in custom CAD development! Incredible speed and accuracy of DXF, DWG, HPGL, SVG, CGM files visualization. Ideal for inner industry programming with MS Visual Basic, MS Visual C++, Borland Delphi,C++Builder

  • 2D DXF Export .NET  48)   2D DXF Export .NET 8.0
    Developer library for easy creating AutoCAD DXF, PLT/HPGL, CGM, PDF files. Demos in C#, VB.NET. AutoExport via GDI+ available.

  • 2D/3D DXF Import and View VCL  49)   2D/3D DXF Import and View VCL 4.5
    DXF tools for Borland Delphi and C++Builder developers. TGraphic descendants for every format. TGraphic viewer provided. DCU or Delphi source code.

  • 2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software  50)   2D/3D Pie Chart & Graph Software 4.66
    3D Pie Chart provides both a client and server side solution for the incorporation of pie charts into web pages. Versatile components enable web authors and Java developers to easily build and publish dynamic and interactive pie charts.

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