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  • PopChar Win  202)   PopChar Win 2.1
    PopChar is an invaluable utility that lets you insert special characters, accented and foreign letters etc. into any document. No need to search for or remember complex keystrokes. Unicode fonts are neatly arranged in the standard Unicode categories.

  • Autorun Inf Editor  203)   Autorun Inf Editor 1.0
    The Autorun.inf Editor is a program that can be used to quickly and easily create autorun CD autorun.inf files. An autorun.inf file is a required file when creating an autorun CD.

  • aDsl Voyager Prof  204)   aDsl Voyager Prof 1.0
    Software for full Dsl traffic control and stats, it supports all dsl traffic speeds and megabytes packages.

  • Battery EEPROM Works  205)   Battery EEPROM Works 1.2
    Battery EEPROM Works is designed to simplify the process of laptop battery repair. This process can be divided in two parts: cells replacement and fixing the content of EEPROM or integrated Flash of laptop battery controller.

  • Firetrust Encrypt  206)   Firetrust Encrypt 1.1
    Encrypt by Firetrust is a powerful encryption software that allows consumers and businesses to protect sensitive information, such as financial, medical, or other personal information, when sending e-mail or sharing files.

  • ActiveXperts Network Monitor  207)   ActiveXperts Network Monitor 6.0
    Use ActiveXperts Network Monitor to monitor LAN and WAN workstation, servers and devices. Support for Windows, Novell, UNIX and Linux. Monitor mail servers, databases, web servers, DNS, files, , disks, processes, snmp, tcp, temperature and more.

  • Lock It Down - Free Edition  208)   Lock It Down - Free Edition 2.0
    Lock It Down Free Edition is a powerful software that locks content sensitive files and folders using advanced file encryption methods. It has options for secure mailing of encrypted files and exclusive viewing of locked files and folders.

  • TimeSync  209)   TimeSync 2.3.0
    TimeSync is a program to adjust the system time of your Computer. It gets the correct present time from the Internet. TimeSync allows automatic adjustment of your clock every few days with virtually no consummation of resources.

  • Advanced Access Repair Program  210)   Advanced Access Repair Program 5.0.1
    Access repair software is an mdb repair utility scan the corrupt mdb or damaged access database files and repairs the data. Access restores corrupt access database mdb files which fail to open due to virus attacks.

  • Epiphany Notes  211)   Epiphany Notes 2.7.4
    Create sticky notes on the desktop. These take up zero bytes and are stored in the disks FAT. Runs in Windows and MS-DOS. e.g. Phone Alessandra, Celery or E=mc^2. Hover note for timestamp. This version adds a ƒ sign to each note. 99¢ only.

  • orangeNettrace  212)   orangeNettrace 2005 1.60
    Is an easy to use network monitoring tool, which informs you about your internet traffic and CPU usage. The screenshot says it all.

  • BookPrintMe  213)   BookPrintMe 1.01
    This program prints booklets or books and saves paper by printing up to 16 pages on both sides of a sheet. The program prints also poster. BookPrint operates as a printer driver.

  • ScreenLock Pro  214)   ScreenLock Pro 2.0.41
    ScreenLock provides easy and secure access to your private data while denying other's attempts to access your computer.

  • IPNetStat  215)   IPNetStat 1.1.6
    Graphical network statistics showing open TCP/IP ports and their connections. Allows for printing or saving to a text file as well as the ability to hide connections to the local machine.

  • ActMask Document Converter X  216)   ActMask Document Converter X 3.152
    ActMask Document Converter X is a software product that can convert all files (MS Office Document, .txt, .wri, .doc, .ppt, .xls, .htm, .jpg, .bmp etc.) to PDF, EMF, SPL, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIF, TGA, PCX or other format from any Windows application.

  • Registry Cleaner/Optimizer  218)   Registry Cleaner/Optimizer 1.01
    PAL Registry Cleaner/Optimizer is a simple registry cleaner for Windows that safely cleans and repairs registry problems with a single click.

  • Complete File Renamer  219)   Complete File Renamer 2.0
    Complete File Renamer is a multiple file renaming tool. It makes it easy to keep movie, music, image and other file's names consistent and organized. It comes with lots of renaming options, mp3 tag support, instant preview and undo/redo support.

  • IM Lock Professional Single User  220)   IM Lock Professional Single User 2.2
    IM Lock controls and blocks access to Instant Messaging and peer to peer services. Free trial version available - sets up in less than a minute. Blocks all popular services: MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Skype, eMule, iTunes, and more.

  • AdRem Server Manager  221)   AdRem Server Manager 4.0
    NetWare server performance and connection monitoring (CPU, memory, network performance); user monitoring (e.g. opened files, requests per second);file/disk/directory/trustee/NLM management; multi-server configuration and software distribution.

  • Advanced LAN Scanner  222)   Advanced LAN Scanner 1.0
    Advanced Port Scanner is a small, fast, easy-to-use and robust LAN scanner for the Win32 platform. It is multithreaded, so on fast machines you can scan many computers at once.

  • xkbind  223)   xkbind 2005.01.04
    XKBInd is a small and simple indicator of keyboard layout (XKB group) for the X Window System; it outputs information about current keyboard layout attached to each top-level window through their captions via prefixes to original title strings.

  • Box Monitor  224)   Box Monitor 1.51
    Box Monitor is a useful Network-Device-Monitor program with an intuitive interface. This tool is able to check specified service-ports on remote network devices like HTTP, SMTP, POP3, FTP, DNS, ROUTERS, TELNET, VNC, etc.

  • Memory Cleaner  225)   Memory Cleaner 5.9
    Memory Cleaner is the software which drastically reduces the power consumption of your computer, laptop or server until 48% in 4 different ways.

  • EngCalcLite(Electrial) - Palm Calculator  226)   EngCalcLite(Electrial) - Palm Calculator 1.1
    Momentous electrial engineering formulae.Scientific Evaluator - Superlative collection of Operators and instant reference to recent calculations. Memory functions etc.Capacitive Energy,Capacitor Charge,Cylindrical Capacitor and more

  • MPM MultiPlugMate  227)   MPM MultiPlugMate 1.5
    MPM MultiPlugMate manages network setting profiles. LAN settings like IP addresses and DNS servers of all network adapters, the proxy settings, the default printer, and all connected network drives are recognized. Works on Windows 2000 and XP only!

  • Ariolic PopupMe  228)   Ariolic PopupMe 1.1
    Ariolic PopupMe is a small and useful message service for Windows 95/98 and Windows Me. It starts with Windows, receives all network messages for a user and shows them like the Messenger service on Windows NT/2000 systems.

  • STS Pinger  229)   STS Pinger 1.2.1
    The STS Pinger is a useful network utility for finding computers on or off your network.

  • Printer monitor system  230)   Printer monitor system 3.02
    SKS Printer Monitor System(PMS) is a share-software used to Monitor your Printers and Manage your Intranet . It includes two Parts:One for Printer Monitor.The other for Management.

  • abcMover  231)   abcMover 1.3
    AbcMover can execute repeatedly the batch of on-computer operations you recorded. The batch of operations can be executed periodically on schedule or be executed on a batch-replacement basis.

  • TweakUI XP 1.0  232)   TweakUI XP 1.0
    Access system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP.

  • IBE Task Manager  233)   IBE Task Manager 1.0
    This software is very powerful in task manager,it can show all running tasks , process or the status of used memory,inside storage, storage card, it’s wonderful for memory released function and close or activate tasks function at the same time .

  • XPTuneup  234)   XPTuneup 3.0
    XPTuneup has been designed to tuneup and customize Microsoft Windows XP Professional. Increase Network Performance and download speeds, make your system work faster.

  • WinRadius  235)   WinRadius 2.10
    WinRadius is a standard RADIUS server for network authentication, accounting.

  • PowerPoint File Recovery  236)   PowerPoint File Recovery 10.11.01
    PowerPoint recovery tool is devised especially to repair PPT/PPTX file that got corrupt due to corruption or damage. This tool is ideal for use when PPT/PPTX file data becomes inaccessible.

  • Dispexplorer  237)   Dispexplorer 1.2
    Hard disk utility that helps you track disk space usage. It uses stylish and unique 3d graphics. Helps you understand where is lost most of disk space. It's unique disk utility that makes your file system more organized. More info on site.

  • Internet Quotes Assistant  238)   Internet Quotes Assistant 2.95
    Internet Quotes Assistant automatically keeps track of your portfolio, getting actual and historical financial quotes from any server in the Internet for free (supported exchanges Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris, Bovespa, etc.)

  • PDF Image Stamp Server  239)   PDF Image Stamp Server 1.05
    PDF Image Stamp is a high performance server tool from Traction Software for Windows PC, Unix Aix, Linux, Macintosh OSX, SUN Sparc Solaris, HP-UX

  • NT Perfect Companion  240)   NT Perfect Companion 4.0.06
    Removes invalid entries in the Registry and watches for file changes. Creates an undo file when cleaning the Registry. Correctly registers DLL and OCX files

  • Power Crypt  241)   Power Crypt 1.0
    Power Crypt is an industrial strength file encryption program. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher algorithm, which is the most advanced and powerful encryption method used today. Encrypts in 128 bit or256 bit ciphers.

  • BizDefender 2  242)   BizDefender 2 2.2.1
    BizDefender 2 is the most powerfull survailance solution currently available on web. You can now completely take control over the remote computers and also you can benefit of the most comprehensive reports ever.

  • Morpheus 5.1  243)   Morpheus 5.1 5.1
    Morpheus makes it quick and easy to search, discover, download, and play all types of media files including MP3 audio, music, movies, videos, games, photos, and documents.

  • Text Ticker  244)   Text Ticker 1.0
    Text Ticker is a little program which scrolls the contents of a text file at the top or bottom of the screen.

  • Kirby Alarm And Task Scheduler  245)   Kirby Alarm And Task Scheduler 2.1
    Kirby Alarm is a completely free alarm and task scheduler that will pop up a note, or run a program, or play a sound, or send an email at user defined intervals. Unique features to not skip missed alarms, and conditional execution of alarms.

  • PPPshar Lite  246)   PPPshar Lite 1.3
    PPPshar Lite is a tiny web proxy that enables you to share a single Internet connection of any type (Dialup, ADSL, Cable modem, satellite connection) among several computers in a network. Extremely easy to setup and use and it is just 73KB in size.

  • Uptime Clock  247)   Uptime Clock 3.6.2
    Clock display of the amount of time since the computer was booted. This is called the uptime or tick count. Find out if your computer has been running for 2 days or you have just turned it on. The display is precise to the second. 99¢ only.

  • Activity Monitor  248)   Activity Monitor 1
    Spy software and Computer Monitoring software for recording activity on remote or local PC. Best for Employee Monitoring, Parental control or Detective purposes. Includes Keylogger, Internet monitoring, Screen recorder and other Surveillance Spyware.

  • IDpack Plus  249)   IDpack Plus 7.1
    IDpack Plus is a fast and reliable badge-printing program for Windows. It allows you to design and produce photo ID cards, badges, labels and nametags for all kinds of uses. IDpack prints on your own printer with more than 1000 Avery label formats.

  • TerminatorX Site License  250)   TerminatorX Site License 1.001
    On networks - block KaZaA, block MSN Messenger, block Buddy, block Yahoo Messenger, block AOL messenger, block Instant Messenger, block Morpheus, block messenger, block iMesh, block Limewire, block Grokster, block chat, block online games

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