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  • JR Directory Printer  1)   JR Directory Printer 1.2
    Print a listing of every file contained within a directory and/or subdirectory(ies). It supports lowercase/dos style filename, file size in KB/bytes, attributes, custom file length, etc.

  • Cover Me  2)   Cover Me 2.3
    Cover Me is a tool to design, print, scan and search covers of any kind, e.g. CD, DVD, VHS, Tape etc. Cover Me is very easy to use and comes with an integrated Cover Editor Quickloader, CDDB-Import and an Amazon product and cover search.

  • Network Password Changer  3)   Network Password Changer 1.0
    Changes password on multiple computers centrally. Ideal for centrally changing the Local Administrator password on a group of computers. This will work with domains and workgroups.

  • WinTopMost 1.1e  5)   WinTopMost 1.1e
    WinTopMost put topmost automatically any window and/or disable its X close button (window's top right corner). Put topmost any window or comme back to a "normal" (non topmost) window Can set topmost automatically all windows with captions containing specific strings. WinTopMost intercepts windows captions when programs are running.

  • insight SBS  6)   insight SBS 12.0.1423
    insight SBS is a system diagnostic tool based on WMI. It is able to accomplish a complete diagnosis of hard and software on your local or remote systems.

  • NETanalyser  7)   NETanalyser 2.30.150
    NETanalyser.com is a network utility software that ables you to test and diagnose all common problems from any network.

  • Emsa Time Synchronizer  8)   Emsa Time Synchronizer 1.2.40
    Emsa Time Synchronizer is an useful time synchronization utility/NTP client. It can continously update time in background and autorun at system startup.

  • Cover Gold Pro  9)   Cover Gold Pro 1.7.1
    Printing covers for CD jewel cases and DVD boxes couldn't me made any more easier. Cover Gold pro will automatically resize the images for you. All you have to do is, select the covers and press the print button.

  • DVD-Cover Printmaster  10)   DVD-Cover Printmaster 1.2
    DVD-Cover Printmaster allows you to print DVD covers quickly. Simply select the images for your cover template and the program will automatically resize the images for you. Makes it easy to create great looking covers for any cases.

  • Text Ticker  11)   Text Ticker 1.0
    Text Ticker is a little program which scrolls the contents of a text file at the top or bottom of the screen.

  • ipCompiler  12)   ipCompiler 17.5.2163
    IPCompiler very fast system and network diagnostic tool. It puts you into the position to accomplish complete diagnosis and/or stocktaking of your system and network hardware. ll information can be raised both from local or from a remote system.

  • Tales Chat  13)   Tales Chat
    This program is intended for intercourse in local networks. Plenty of functional possibilities of the program, at its small size and friendly interface, do it more than attractive and simple in mastering to the people with any level of domain by a computer..

  • APFill  14)   APFill 2.0
    This program will help to count filling a sheet at a printing within 1 % and it outputs results separately for gray gradation and color gradation, at each gradation with a step 10 %

  • MYOB RM Label Printing  15)   MYOB RM Label Printing 1.0
    Prints labels on any printer using Windows dirvers, using data from MYOB Retail Manager. Features powerful label design capabilities and easy to use interface. Designed for ease of use, it allows the printing of barcodes, text and graphics.

  • NetBoy Suite  16)   NetBoy Suite 2.0
    NetBoy is the complete real-time visual Internet and LAN network monitoring suite. The NetBoy Suite simplifies the task of Network Management by providing Network Adminstrators and IT professionals the tools required to troubleshoot their Networks

  • MindSoft StartUp  17)   MindSoft StartUp 1.0
    Use this program to speed up your PC start up, by choosing what applications will start with Windows. Many programs run as starting your PC, slowing down your equipment start up. Get a fast system. Do not wait any longer to run your PC.

  • PrintMon  18)   PrintMon 2.0
    Printmon is a best tool to manage your printer , It''s designed for office company to solve the problem above, It can commendably anti- waster of print paper and decrease the consume of printer ,can help you calculate the cost of every employee ..

  • PPPshar Lite  19)   PPPshar Lite 1.3
    PPPshar Lite is a tiny web proxy that enables you to share a single Internet connection of any type (Dialup, ADSL, Cable modem, satellite connection) among several computers in a network. Extremely easy to setup and use and it is just 73KB in size.

  • Customizer XP 1.8.5  20)   Customizer XP 1.8.5
    An integrated suite of programs that can help you to tweak your Windows 2000/XP.

  • Memory Defragment  21)   Memory Defragment 3.0.2
    This Program defragments memory to help run your applications and operating system fast. It also help to view the CPU Usage with the help of a meter and also the chart function can help to view the optimizations done when memory was defragmented.

  • Sentry Pro Network Monitoring Solution  23)   Sentry Pro Network Monitoring Solution 2.7
    Sentry Pro is the complete network monitoring software, event log monitor and task automation tool that offers you full control over all critical events occurring each second over your network and remote servers.

  • RIS Menu Editor v1.0  24)   RIS Menu Editor v1.0 1.0
    RIS Menu Editor extends the functionality of RIS by allowing network administrators to add menus and options to the RIS Client Installation Wizard, and to create boot images. These can deliver BIOS upgrades, virus scanning programs & OS deployments

  • LanBuster  25)   LanBuster 1.10
    When you need all your computers resources for yourself. LanBuster lets you easily turn on or off filesharing. Lanbuster runs in the system tray, and signals with the icon color whether the LAN has been disabled or not.

  • Poster-Printery  26)   Poster-Printery 4.5
    Print your own very big posters and banners. Scan a picture and print it out very big. You don't need a special printer! The program prints the posters on many pages and you can put them together with glue.

  • Cache Speed Adware  27)   Cache Speed Adware 3.0
    Cache Speed is a simple tool to make your computer go faster. It changes some basic settings in your system.ini file. Cache Speed also optimizes your current physical RAM, giving your computer the fresh feel that it has when you reboot it. FREE!

  • Subnetting Calculator  28)   Subnetting Calculator 1.5
    Subnetting Calculator.NET was designed with network administrators in mind. Just enter in the the IP address or Network address and the select the Subnetmask. You will then know what network the address is on, all other networks available

  • STS Pinger  29)   STS Pinger 1.2.1
    The STS Pinger is a useful network utility for finding computers on or off your network.

  • Easy Network Service Monitor  30)   Easy Network Service Monitor 2.14
    Easy to use and low cost tool for network, applications and services monitoring, fault identification, notification and reporting as well as service level agreement monitoring and reporting.

  • Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper  31)   Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper 4.5
    Proxy-Pro Professional GateKeeper is the complete Internet Sharing solution for business and corporate use, allowing your company's network to access the Internet using a single Internet account, also providing a high level of security and control.

  • Dacris Benchmarks  32)   Dacris Benchmarks 5.0
    Dacris Benchmarks is a program that tests, compares, and optimizes your system. Version 5.0 is an exciting new upgrade to this benchmarking program. It has been completely rebuilt for stability and simplicity.

  • KSSplitter V1.30  33)   KSSplitter V1.30
    KSSplitter is a File Splitter and Rejoiner Program that Supports Unique Features such as Automatic Virus Scanning and Loading of Joined/Split Files and an Append Options for Partly Joined Files.

  • ENT Server (Desktop Edition)  34)   ENT Server (Desktop Edition) 1.4.15
    Find and track hardware and software over LAN or WAN networks, be informed when changes occur on the IT Assets that you manage, streamline helpdesk operations, proactively resolve support requests and provide better support to your end users

  • FileSpy for Novell  35)   FileSpy for Novell 3.0
    FileSpy allows users connected to a network with Novell Netware to see all the users who are using a specific file. It also allows viewing of the user's rights to the file/directory, how the file was opened, the user's network address, etc.

  • Cache Speed  36)   Cache Speed 2.1
    Cache Speed is a simple tool to make your computer go faster. It changes some basic settings in your system.ini file. Cache Speed also optimizes your current physical RAM, giving your computer the fresh feel that it has when you reboot it. FREE!

  • LAN Find  37)   LAN Find 3.1
    Fast file search on network or your computer! LAN Find is a powerful search engine for your LAN or computer. Find any files (e.g. mp3, avi) easily! Friendly interface, ultra-fast engine, easy result managemant, saving and loading, and much more!

  • Cache Speed Homepageware  38)   Cache Speed Homepageware 3.0
    Cache Speed is a simple tool to make your computer go faster. It changes some basic settings in your system.ini file. Cache Speed also optimizes your current physical RAM, giving your computer the fresh feel that it has when you reboot it. FREE!

  • Network Spy  39)   Network Spy 2.0
    An Ethernet packet capture program. It decodes and analyzes IP packets on your LAN. It also lets you measure network load, resolve IP conflicts and build an ARP table. A powerful rules-based filtering engine enables you to perform intrusion detection

  • NovaNET Network Backup  40)   NovaNET Network Backup 10 SP1E
    Comprehensive tape and disk network backup software for Windows, Linux and NetWare servers. Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP client support, remote management, SQL, disaster recovery, Exchange, Oracle, Open File backup and more.

  • TweakUI XP 1.0  41)   TweakUI XP 1.0
    Access system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP.

  • TigerTerm  42)   TigerTerm 8.1e
    TigerTerm provides fast, accurate terminal emulation including VT, ANSI, Wyse, IBM 3270 & 5250 types connecting to UNIX, VMS and IBM system using serial/dial-up & TCP/IP. Features include macro language, keyboard mapping and client/server version.

  • NCS Z-tools.he NetClickLE  43)   NCS Z-tools.he NetClickLE
    Now you will have only one center of administration by all computers in a network. You can operate workstations and servers with operational systems Microsoft Windows NT4.0 and high, NT domains and Active Directory. You can modify any way lists of access to files and the catalogues, the given procedure is as much as possible simplified and works quickly and reliably.

  • Bandwidth Daemon  44)   Bandwidth Daemon 1.1
    Bandwidth Daemon is a network bandwidth monitor utility. It allows you to define packet filters to monitor traffic from a specific address, port, etc. It runs as a web server, so you can access it from anywhere.

  • Print Audit  45)   Print Audit 4.31
    Print Audit 4's print management software helps organizations get a grip on printing costs by showing them exactly how much is being printed, where, by whom and what. The data can then be displayed in easy to read reports or graphs.

  • IDpack Plus  46)   IDpack Plus 7.1
    IDpack Plus is a fast and reliable badge-printing program for Windows. It allows you to design and produce photo ID cards, badges, labels and nametags for all kinds of uses. IDpack prints on your own printer with more than 1000 Avery label formats.

  • XMark  47)   XMark 7.0
    XMark is a performance-testing program. It tests the speed of all the components inside your PC. You can also optimize your system for optimal performance and compare your results to other users through an online result database.

  • WinAgents IOS Config Editor  48)   WinAgents IOS Config Editor 2.0
    WinAgents IOS Config Editor is a text editor specially designed for editing configuration files for the Cisco routers. It allows editing router's config files, backing up configurations, watching SYSLOG events and managing your routers from one place

  • CD Box Labeler Pro  49)   CD Box Labeler Pro 1.9.9G
    CD Box Labeler Pro, a full-featured CD/DVD label creator. The easiest, but yet most powerful CD/DVD labeler software available today...

  • NT Perfect Companion  50)   NT Perfect Companion 4.0.06
    Removes invalid entries in the Registry and watches for file changes. Creates an undo file when cleaning the Registry. Correctly registers DLL and OCX files

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