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  • R-Bar  1701)   R-Bar 1.0
    R-Bar v1.0 is an easy-to-use and completely customizable navigation menu that includes both vertical and horizontal versions in a single package.

  • Coalesys WebMenu for JSP  1702)   Coalesys WebMenu for JSP 5.0
    Popup menu web control for JSP with support for IE, Firefox, Opera and others. Includes complete help system, object reference and sample pages.

  • XML 3 Gallery Pack  1703)   XML 3 Gallery Pack 1.0
    This pack contains 3 XML driven galleries: one that supports links and description, one that only supports description and one that doesn't support either links or description. * XML driven (simply edit an XML file and add the images in a folder)

  • Orbit Preloader  1704)   Orbit Preloader 1.0
    Drag and Drop Preloader. 13 Diferents colors to choose.. just copy to your movie and resize the preloader as you need. Package includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; AS Version: ActionScript 2.0; Viewable with: Flash Player 8 and above;

  • SQL Dictionary French English  1705)   SQL Dictionary French English 1.0
    Dictionary Database French-English to integrate into your applications in SQL Format. The demoversion includes the letter C with 3682 Keywords. Fullversion French-English Dictionary 33714 keywords with 311264 entries.

  • FortKnox Personal Firewall  1706)   FortKnox Personal Firewall 10.0.205
    Is an easy to use personal firewall that allows you to protect a PC against hacker attacks, trojans, spyware and internet threats. It gives user complete overview of all inbound and outbound network communication in an intuitive user interface.

  • Dynamic XML News Reader  1707)   Dynamic XML News Reader 1.0
    It can be easily customized by modifying certain variables. Among the features: Unlimited number of news, Change the tween type, Well commented code, Easy to customize, XML driven , quick content changes, Easy to customize graphics, Autoplay function

  • Paper Peel Banner Ad  1708)   Paper Peel Banner Ad 1.0
    -- Smooth and nice paper peel banner ad block. -- All layers and symbols are properly arranged and named so it is easy to open when require modification. -- Easy to change text.All text symbols are in single folder. AS Version: ActionScript 2.0;

  • MultiTab  1709)   MultiTab 1.2
    Open Yahoo Mail, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo at a time in Firefox browser. It saves lot of time for the end user to open these commonly and most used websites in the Firefox browser. Just double click the exe file and it will do the job for you.

  • Cool Page 2.72  1710)   Cool Page 2.72
    Enables beginners thru intermediate to design and publish an interesting web page in minutes, exactly as you imagined it.

  • Albatross HTML Editor  1711)   Albatross HTML Editor 1.00
    This program allows to create quickly WEB sites. From the user it is not required bases knowledge of hypertext marking language HTML. Visual creation of pages of a site.

  • JavaScript Pixelate PopMenu  1712)   JavaScript Pixelate PopMenu 1.0
    Creates professional menus with pixelate effects for web pages. With this easy-to-use web menu development tool, you can create a professional script just in minutes!

  • Web Design Adelaide  1713)   Web Design Adelaide 1.0
    Innovative website design studio based in Adelaide, South Australia. Adamant Solutions offers custom website design and development services including ecommerce systems, content management systems, secure shopping carts and more.

  • ` 1 ABCWebWizard Website Design Software  1714)   ` 1 ABCWebWizard Website Design Software 1.0
    The ABCWebWizard Web Design Software allows you to create totally customized websites easily and effortlessly through its point and click design. It is not another sophisticated text editor like every other web design application.

  • My Web Gallery  1715)   My Web Gallery 1.0
    Create your own web gallery for uploading your photos to internet.Program options:- image types: bmp, jpeg;- bmp to jpeg conversion (to make images smaller)- selection of source and result directories;

  • SlideShow  1716)   SlideShow 1.0
    SlideShow flash component is intended for simply designing slide show and supports flash mx and flash mx 2004 authoring tools. Easy Slide Show allows you to add nice looking animated slide shows to your website in no time.

  • Flipz IV Flash  1717)   Flipz IV Flash 1
    Flipz IV Flash lets you create fully lip-synched animated characters in Flash format in a matter of minutes. Record directly into the software or import an external audio file, choose your character, presto. A fully animated talking character.

  • TSW WebCoder  1718)   TSW WebCoder 2007
    TSW WebCoder 2007 is the intelligent solution for anyone working with websites. Whether you're a rookie or a professional, you will feel right at home with WebCoder, because of the customizable interface and helpful features.

  • Easy Image Gallery with Tabs  1719)   Easy Image Gallery with Tabs 1.0
    This is a two level xml gallery.Images are grouped in categories and the number of categories/images can be, theoretically, unlimited.The galllery will resize/reposition the elements according to the image dimension.Only works with image files.

  • XML AS2 Product Scroller  1720)   XML AS2 Product Scroller 1.0
    XML AS2 Product scroller. XML sets size, scroller speed, text, and colors. Package includes: FLA; Opens with: Flash 8, Flash CS3; AS Version: ActionScript 2.0; Viewable with: Flash Player 9 and above;

  • UC web PC  1722)   UC web PC 0.1
    Allows you to Launch or Run you favrite UC Browser on PC.

  • youtube to mp3  1723)   youtube to mp3 1.7.3
    YouTube to MP3 is a simple but effective freeware tool used to convert YouTube videos to MP3. You can paste a link of a youtube video into the program. Once the link has been place let YouTube to MP3 do its magic in the background!

  • New Website Coupons Script  1724)   New Website Coupons Script 4
    New Website Coupons Script - Create your own Coupon Internet business by offering a coupon site for local advertisers to signup and make their own coupons and a create a full Business Webpage with unlimited coupons.

  • PHP Freelance Clone  1725)   PHP Freelance Clone 4
    PHP Freelance Clone facilitates service buyers to post their buying requirements and the service providers to place their best bids in order to get the job. It is powered by the PHP/MySQL combination.

  • PHP SEO Website Analyzer Script  1726)   PHP SEO Website Analyzer Script 4
    PHP SEO Website Analyzer Script is a powerful domains review and SEO stats checker that allow you to collect different SEO statistics like Google page rank, Alexa rank, WHOIS info and Social Stats like Facebook likes, Tweets, Google plus!

  • PHP Mass URL Shortener Script  1727)   PHP Mass URL Shortener Script 4
    PHP Mass URL Shortener Script - Create thousands of short URL's from one main URL. The script will create unique short links each time from dozens of short link sites like adf.ly, bit.ly, tinyurl.com, goo.gl, and many more. MAKE MONEY WITH ADF.LY

  • PHP Mass Ping RSS Script  1728)   PHP Mass Ping RSS Script 4
    PHP Mass Ping RSS Script - Fully featured mass ping rss tool allows you to create your own complete ping service and begin sending an unlimited amount of pings to inform search engines such as Google of new web pages.

  • PHP Free Mass Unlimited Backlinks Script  1729)   PHP Free Mass Unlimited Backlinks Script 4
    PHP Free Mass Unlimited Backlinks Script - is a free backlinks creator that you can use to create your own free backlinks creator site in minutes. You also get approx 4500+ domains list to ping urls and can add even more easily.

  • GooglePlus and Facebook Social Exchange  1730)   GooglePlus and Facebook Social Exchange 4
    GooglePlus and Facebook Social Exchange Script - This script is an powerful exchange system for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and Web Traffic and many features! (we're not affiliated or endorsed by any of them).

  • Photo Decorator  1731)   Photo Decorator 4.1542
    Photo Decorator is an easy and funny photo editing software that enables you to enhance photos. Photo Decorator can resize, crop, warp or transform your photos easily. It also allows you to add any picture as frames, texts, balloons and other item

  • RSSme  1732)   RSSme 1.16
    RSSme is free, lightweight and user-friendly RSS editor. Support creation and editor of RSS feeds. Implements visual and user-friendly editor of posts.

  • A-PDF Free Html5 Slideshow Creator  1733)   A-PDF Free Html5 Slideshow Creator 2.0
    A-PDF Free Html5 Slideshow Creator (Hi Slider) is a powerful and handy Html5 Slideshow creator designed to create Html5 slideshows with fantastic transition effects. Rich slideshow templates and skins are provided.

  • A-PDF Free jQuery Slider Builder  1734)   A-PDF Free jQuery Slider Builder 2.0
    A-PDF Free jQuery Slider Builder is another name of Hi Slider for making jQuery Image sliders without any charges for personal uses. Once people made a stunning jQuery slider in Hi Slider

  • A-PDF Free Wordpress Slider Plugin Maker  1735)   A-PDF Free Wordpress Slider Plugin Maker 2.0
    The easiest, most powerful slider maker for create Responsive Video & Image sliders with no coding. Free WordPress Slider Plugin Maker is the best plugin for creating wordpress slider from Hi Slider.com.

  • PHP DataGrid AJAX Enabled Web Control  1736)   PHP DataGrid AJAX Enabled Web Control 8.1.8
    PHP DataGrid (AJAX Enabled) script is a simple, innovative and powerful tool for generating data-bound grid control. It was specially designed for web developers.

  • Bulk Convert MSG to vCard  1737)   Bulk Convert MSG to vCard 4.7
    Make in use of marvelous conversion process of Bulk MSG to vCard Converter tool to bulk convert MSG to vCard in complete mode.

  • Jitbit Live Chat  1738)   Jitbit Live Chat 3.1.6
    Jitbit Hosted Live Chat - live customer support software based on ASP.NET. Jitbit Live Chat is a hosted web based Live Chat software ("live support software" or "online chat software"). Accessible from anywhere via Web.

  • RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS  1740)   RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS 3.21.0
    RadarCube is an ASP.NET and Silverlight controls (OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart) providing you with a unique chance of supplying the web site with the MS Analysis 2000 and above client abilities. It can be an excellent substitute for OWC PivotTable.

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