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  • Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ  1)   Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.3
    Querybot adds a powerful knowledgebase/interactive FAQ to any website almost instantly. Querybot is your 24-7 customer service front line. Querybot will instantly answer repetitive customer questions while forwarding unresolved issues to you by email

  • Profit Protector  2)   Profit Protector 1
    Protect your affiliate links with javascript encapsulation. Profit Protector will generate HTML pages that you can link to that will hide and protect your affiliate identification.

  • FXWitz Flash Photo Zoom  3)   FXWitz Flash Photo Zoom 1.0
    FXWitz Hi-Rez makes using high-resolution images in your Web pages easy to do and fast to view! Show the world your photos, maps, scans - whatever - with no need to down-res, on any Web server, all right in Flash.

  • Webpage Guard  4)   Webpage Guard 2.37
    Webpage Guard is a software to protect your web pages and prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, text, links and graphics.

  • Instant Color Picker  5)   Instant Color Picker 1.1
    YS Instant Color Picker is a tool to quickly capture and copy colors. Just press the hotkey while mouse pointer is over a color, it will copy its color code. It can also copy colors as color swatches. It stores captured colors in its color palette.

  • Magic Matching Color  6)   Magic Matching Color 1.1
    Magic Matching Color is a tool for web developers and designers who need help in determining which color scheme to use on their projects. Magic Matching Color helps them by giving six matching colors to any given color.

  • Thumbs Up Professional v.2.0  7)   Thumbs Up Professional v.2.0

    Online galleries made easy...

    Download now | Tell a friend.
    • CLOX WebMaster - Desktop  8)   CLOX WebMaster - Desktop 1.1
      CLOX WebMaster puts neat analogue or digital clocks on your web site. Shows the time in your choice of different timezones. Blends perfectly with any web page. Version 1.1 is the Windows version. An active server pages version is also available.

    • RiadaBillboard  9)   RiadaBillboard 1.13
      RiadaBillboard: Complete web slideshow/banner rotation environment. Rotate banners, slideshows, advertisements, images, photos, billboards and panels with over 20 eye catching transitions! Easily complete professional projects in minutes - Simple!

    • 1 Cool Menu FX Tool - Flash  10)   1 Cool Menu FX Tool - Flash 1.4
      Spice up your site with Flash animated buttons, expandable menus and floating navigation using any true-type font. Follow the step-by-step Wizard and you can create an expandable menu in minutes - Menu FX creates all the HTML and JavaScript for you.

    • ya-auto  11)   ya-auto 1.0
      Program for auto selection keywords for you sites

    • Web.Config Editor  12)   Web.Config Editor 2.0
      Hunter Stone's WCE is a tool to make management of ASP.Net's web configuration (web.config) files quicker and easier. Web.Config Editor supports two modes: Simple Mode and Composite Mode.

    • Mihov Gallery Creator  13)   Mihov Gallery Creator 0.9.2
      This freeware program creates your own on-line galleries with your favorite pictures. Just select the images and the software will make a nice gallery with thumbnails and upload it to the internet to your web page! Now with gallery preview!

    • 123Forms  14)   123Forms 3.1.7
      Create perfect, professional looking web forms in minutes. Handles validation, totals, conditions, math functions. Use it for order forms, contact forms, expense reports, surveys, reservation forms, application forms. Web form works anywhere.

    • Pro Page Sales Page Creator  15)   Pro Page Sales Page Creator 1.0
      Generate sales pages by simply entering the information prompted for by the wizard or on the form. Create pages with meta tags and images as well, Complete the entry and out comes an order pulling sales page in html format

    • E-Mage for Web  16)   E-Mage for Web
      A simple utility for creating HTML image galleries from pictures on your computer. Automatically generates thumbnails and places them on html pages by a specified template. Easy-to-use for novices and very flexible in hands of experienced webmasters.

    • HTTPLook  17)   HTTPLook 1.25
      HTTPLook gives you the easiest way to test and debug Internet applications that work over HTTP protocol, such as web sites, web services and their clients. It allows you to trace the messages which these applications use for communication.

    • Browser Spy  18)   Browser Spy
      Browser Spy is a set of two Internet Explorer extensions, Inspector and Source View. Both of these extensions streamline web development by providing access to detailed information about a web page.

    • JavaScript Coder  19)   JavaScript Coder 1.1.3
      You can visually design the features and JavaScript coder will generate the code and will update the web page, too. Develop rock-solid forms, cool popups, amazing mouse over effects and much more exciting features using this quick and easy tool.

    • 1 Cool Button Tool - Flash  20)   1 Cool Button Tool - Flash 5.0
      Spice up your site with animated buttons, menus, navigation schemes and other Flash files using this easy-to-use tool - you can even add MP3s. Just arrange your buttons in a WYSIWYG window, press 'Build Flash' and 1CBT creates all the flash and HTML.

    • FormTGP  21)   FormTGP 1.0
      Form-filling gallery submission and doorway building software. Features include: Automatic Category Selection, Mirror Pages Creator, Rules Checking, 600-TGP Database, Database Editor.

    • Cromas xml menu  22)   Cromas xml menu 1.0
      Easy to use flash menu, does not require flash to be used, only the "player" plugin that is installed on any web browser, easy to use, just insert the swf file in a web page and edit the xml file that comes with the menu.

    • Traffic Hurricane  23)   Traffic Hurricane 1.4
      This simple to use free new software will deliver targeted traffic to your site through producing 1000s of keyword optimized pages for submission to Search Engines. You can create thousands of keyword targeted content pages for free!

    • EZGenerator Website Builder  24)   EZGenerator Website Builder 2.0.59
      EZGenerator Websitebuilder is an easy to use but powerful website building tool that allows you to make your own website & website structure based on graphical templates. All graphical elements & menu structures are automatically generated.

    • CoffeeCup Wireless Web Builder  26)   CoffeeCup Wireless Web Builder 3.3
      Criline Search and Replace is the program for a search and replacement in the required amount of files with the help of just a few clicks. Criline Search and Replace works equally well with any types of files and support regular expressions.

    • Trouts GIF Optimizer  27)   Trouts GIF Optimizer 2.3
      Shrinks GIFs and converts other graphics to optimized GIFs. Just drag-and-drop files then Save. Supports animated GIFs. Preview before optimizing. Search for graphics optimize recursively through subfolders. Shows previews of optimized GIFs.

    • Easy HTML Construction Kit  28)   Easy HTML Construction Kit 7.49
      This program includes an interactive TABLE generator which handles COLSPAN and ROWSPAN, and provides an easy way to create HTML code from lists and tables in textfiles, and to convert data in textfiles to finished HTML documents.

    • Keywords Meta Tag Generator  29)   Keywords Meta Tag Generator 2.37
      A web authoring tool which acts on an HTML document, counting the number of occurrences of words and how they are used, and produces an appropriate keywords meta tag for the document.

    • Elvan  30)   Elvan 1.5
      YS Elvan is an award winning color editor which lets you pick colors, find matching colors, create color schemes, test color combinations and more. It is not only a color scheme generator but also a color picker.

    • Pop-Up Menu Creator  31)   Pop-Up Menu Creator 4.6 L.E.
      Pop-Up Menu Creator is a program that lets you easily create DHTML website menus using a WYSIWYG interface. You can customize almost every parameter of the menu and create your own professional looking DHTML menu within a few minutes.

    • Blaiz Enterprises - Text Effects  32)   Blaiz Enterprises - Text Effects 1.00.537
      Create 3D multicolor graphical text - Web logo, greeting card, advertising - Realtime screen color grab - Background color - Bitmap, jpeg, icon (transparent). Integrated Help. No installation. Updated toolbar, define new canvas size, enlarge/shrink

    • ! 1 BannerManPRO!  33)   ! 1 BannerManPRO! 3.0
      Java Banner to add special effects and more. Create cool slideshows!BannerManPRO is an exciting new product that allows you to easily and effectively create stunning special fx! It also has many other applications!

    • Hosting Controller Software  34)   Hosting Controller Software 6.1
      Hosting Controller is an add-on to your Windows based hosting server. It automates all hosting tasks including billing and gives full control to site owners without compromising any security. It is available in all major languages of the world.

    • Hunter HTML Optimizer  35)   Hunter HTML Optimizer 1.0
      Hunter HTML Optimizer is a HTML compression utility which can speed up your website performance but still can retain your source's readability. It is the best companion for Microsoft Front Page editor.

    • 3D Button Visual Editor  36)   3D Button Visual Editor 4.2
      WYSIWYG application that allows the user to create 3D outstanding buttons for use with web sites and stand alone applications requiring a more effective look. Easy creation of button collections and navigation bars.

    • Web2Pic Pro  37)   Web2Pic Pro 1.2
      This is a utility which allows you to save complete web pages as images. You only need to enter a URL into the Address box, click the Start button, and Web2Pic Pro will capture full size web pages for you.

    • Pixel Ruler  38)   Pixel Ruler 3.10
      Pixel Ruler features horizontal and vertical orientation, dynamic mouse measurement tracking in pixels, cool design.

    • SJ Namo WebEditor  39)   SJ Namo WebEditor 6.0
      WebEditor 6 Suite is the visual Web authoring software that delivers the complete set of tools you need to get cutting-edge websites up and running in less time and with great results.

    • Copysafe Pro  40)   Copysafe Pro 2.0
      Copy protection from all saving including Printscreen and screen capture. It is the most portable solution possible and will run from any web page or folder on the web. Visitors are free to browse, but are not able to copy the images in any way.

    • Focus on CSS  41)   Focus on CSS 1.0
      Focus on Css is a cascade style sheet editor (css1), with an easy and simple interface, features includes a tree view which lists all the available selectors, the property window which helps changing properties with a quick description of each one..

    • HTML Guard  42)   HTML Guard 2.32
      The software HTML Guard keeps people from unauthorized copying of parts of your Internet sites. Thus it is possible to encode HTML source code and to block the right mouse button, text selection and the print function within a browser.

    • Web Cal Plus  44)   Web Cal Plus 2.5.6
      Web Cal Plus is an HTML Calendar Generation system. Simply enter your events and Web Cal Plus will generate the HTML code. Attractive multi-color calendars including 12-month year calendars, single month and daily calendars. Lunar phases.

    • Life Software Imagemapper  46)   Life Software Imagemapper 2.0
      With this program you can easily create interactive Imagemaps for your Web pages.You can make both Client-side and Server-side imagemaps.Draw,modify and set properties for areas.Unlimited Undo-Redo.Load imagemaps,preview them and imagemap wizard.

    • Audio WASP  47)   Audio WASP 1.0.0 b1
      Quickly and easily create captions for audio or video to publish on the web for Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, or QuickTime Player. Customize web player sizes, positions, fonts, colors and your own audio, video, and captions. http://maven3d.com

    • WebKit V1  48)   WebKit V1
      WebKit allows anyone with no HTML knowledge or design skills the ability to instantly create and easily maintain professional looking websites..

    • ASP/PHP Web Application Builder  49)   ASP/PHP Web Application Builder 7.01
      Builds sophisticated, secure ASP/PHP Web Database Apps without programming, but unlike many wizards, it does not sacrifice flexibility for advanced users/programmers. With these applications you can add/search/edit/delete data in your web database.

    • Liquid menu pro  50)   Liquid menu pro 1.0
      Liquid menu pro is a flash menu, easy to configure by it`s custom user interface. Options: -set the total number of buttons -set the text in the top of the menu -set the menu theme , liquid color -set the sounds for the buttons on/off

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