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  • ASP Job Site Creator  501)   ASP Job Site Creator 2.5
    Job Site Creator 2.5 was created for organizations engaged in recruiting and job seeking. The site allows an easy registration as for JobSeekers so for Employers.

  • E-Service Center Manager (ESCM) - Server  502)   E-Service Center Manager (ESCM) - Server 2.3
    ESCM represents new generation of management software for service centers. It manages full life cycle of repairing and tuning – from equipment reception to shipping repaired equipment back to customer.

  • Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer  503)   Gtech Atomic Time Synchronizer 1.0
    With Gtech ATS (Atomic Time Synchronizer), a .NET application, you can synchronize your computer's clock with atomic clock servers over the internet. It uses the network time protocol (NTP) which allows to obtain a high degree of accuracy.

  • ABC Amber HxS Converter  504)   ABC Amber HxS Converter 1.03
    ABC Amber HxS Converter is an advanced utility which converts your HxS files to any format you wish (PDF, HTML, CHM, RTF, HLP, DOC, TXT, and many more) easily and quickly.

  • ZLIG  505)   ZLIG 2.0
    ZLIG is the most advanced client identifier software. ZLIG identifies, extract and compiles, web sites, telephones numbers, fax numbers and Email addresses of your future clients. ZLIG is powered by an artificial Intelligence system.

  • TBS Attendance Tracking  506)   TBS Attendance Tracking 6.00
    TBS Attendance Tracking tracks the hours that employees take off work, and then tries to identify those users that usually take Mondays or Fridays off work. This version also allows you to track the hours that employees do work.

  • Active Phone Server  507)   Active Phone Server 9.18
    Answering machine plays back a greeting and records a message. Recorded messages are common wav-files. Caller ID displays caller ID information when call is received. Customizable voice/melodies for each phone number and more...

  • CeBuSoft Accounting Information System  508)   CeBuSoft Accounting Information System 1.01
    Accounting Information System - Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Inventory System | Bank Reconciliation. For more informations please visit http://www.cebusoft.com or email info@cebusoft.com

  • Extract Domain From URLs Software  510)   Extract Domain From URLs Software 7.0
    Extract domain names from full URLs. For example, http://www.sobolsoft.com/extractdomain/index.htm becomes http://www.sobolsoft.com/. Save results as a text file.

  • Score Tracker and Team Optimizer  511)   Score Tracker and Team Optimizer 1.2.0
    Create database of player scores. View players’ scores, count of scores, score totals, and average score. Create groups (teams) of players, where each group either has the closest possible match between people within a team or between teams.

    Display real-time information on a live information board from various data sources. Scope of applications are live news, messages, ads, production and sales information to communicate efficiently with your colleagues or customers.

  • GraphSight Junior  513)   GraphSight Junior 1.0
    GraphSight Junior is an easy to use freeware handy 2D math-graphing program. It was originally designed to help students and teachers satisfy their day-after-day math plotting needs. It makes it easy to plot common Y(X) = F(X) graphs.

  • A Complete Pay-per-Click Marketing Guide  514)   A Complete Pay-per-Click Marketing Guide 1.0
    The ebook is the most complete guide to pay-per-click advertising. Learn how to create efficient campaigns, decrease your marketing costs and increase your sales and revenue. Ideal for both professional and amateur marketers.

  • Able Web OfficeView  515)   Able Web OfficeView 3.63
    Web OfficeView allows you to use your web browser to run a virtual in-out board. The board displays standard or customized remarks, such as "in", "in but unavailable", "on vacation until X", and so on. The program includes a messaging system & more

  • Magic Translator  516)   Magic Translator 8.23
    Magic Translator can translate word, sentence, passage and Webpages, Websites amidst 53 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

  • Race Manager  517)   Race Manager 4.3
    Motorsports event management software for auto racing, karting, 4WD and more. Manage your memberships, dues, event entries and signups with this easy to use software. Track membership dates, medical cards, licenses, and generate over 40 reports.

  • Mailware Home Office  518)   Mailware Home Office 3
    Order entry software system for mail order companies. Includes user definable order import with many prebuilt imports. Create invoices, ship and track, manage inventory and customers and much more. Why try to run your company on Quickbooks or Excel?

  • Easy Rent Pro  519)   Easy Rent Pro
    Easy Rent Pro is the most complete car rental software. It is a multi-tier system designed specifically for fast- moving businesses just like yours. Easy Rent Pro meets your diverse needs and takes your business into the next decade and beyond.

  • Access Database to MySQL Conversion Tool  520)   Access Database to MySQL Conversion Tool
    Database conversion application convert entire DB records of Microsoft Access database into related MySQL server with all basic attributes like keys constraints, tables, rows, indexes, views etc without any data loss and maintain database integrity.

  • 3.5 Inch Disk Label Creator for Word  521)   3.5 Inch Disk Label Creator for Word 3.2
    Now you can create your own beautiful and professional 3.5" disk labels in just minutes! Perfect for business, home, or hobby. Works with any type of label including 15 label sheets and disk box labels! Making labels has never been so quick and easy!

  • CalcPac RPN  522)   CalcPac RPN 1.50
    CalcPac RPN is a powerful business calculator that operates like the HP-12C. CalcPac RPN is fully programmable and has 120 business functions. CalcPac RPN solves mortgage, loan and lease problems and generates financial graphics. Includes 10 skins.

  • WMD SWAG PalmOS Bundle  523)   WMD SWAG PalmOS Bundle 1.2
    WMD SWAG quickly analyzes your observations at a disaster site and provides a fast, scientific guess of which agents of mass destruction are most likely involved. Just mark checkboxes beside any conditions you observe in the field, then view results.

  • Voice Call  524)   Voice Call 4.2
    Voice Call is an answering machine and telephone dialer with Caller ID and Speakerphone support. It will restore itself from the system tray on the ring of your phone and even can set Winamp on pause.

  • Adept XML to XLS Conversion Wizard  525)   Adept XML to XLS Conversion Wizard 1.0
    Easily convert XML to MS Excel(XLS).Handles elements & attributes.Can process large & complex XML.Preserves XML Structure using primary & foreign keys.Automatically creates tables & columns.Can merge & extract data from many XML files at once.Fast!

  • A to Z Project Billing  526)   A to Z Project Billing 1.4.2
    A to Z Project Billing tracks your time and expenses by Project and is used to invoice your clients. Many views are available to manage your business.

  • WorkgroupShare for Outlook  527)   WorkgroupShare for Outlook 1.5.1
    Lets you share Outlook information, such as contacts and calendars, without needing Microsoft Exchange. Provides full administrative control over user access rights, through its comprehensive administrator program.

  • Training Center Management Software  528)   Training Center Management Software 4.10
    FormaLog is an integrated course management software created for every organization providing corporate continuous training who wants a close, easy and accurate management of schedules.

  • Screen Grab Pro  529)   Screen Grab Pro 1.7
    Screen Grab Pro Is a freeware screen capture tool. It features One click grab of any screen for ease of use, Timer operation, Current window selection list and more. Screen Grab Pro copies a bitmap to clipboard ready for pasting.

  • VueChat Enterprise Server  530)   VueChat Enterprise Server 1.3
    VueChat is a Customer Service software for the Government and Corporations, web based, featured with live video chat, VoIP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functions.

  • TurboMeeting  531)   TurboMeeting 4.1
    The TurboMeeting Appliance provides Web conferencing, Remote PC Support, Remote PC Access, and Web seminars plus free audio conferencing service. No download required. Supports PC and Mac.

  • AptiQuiz  532)   AptiQuiz 1.42c
    AptiQuiz is a test making, test taking, and test grading application that lets you easily generate, update and administer secure tests and track test results. Tests can be printed or issued right on the computer. Give AptiQuiz a try today!

  • Carolina barcode Software  534)   Carolina barcode Software
    carolina barcode Generator has capablity to generate random or sequential barcode label image files for scanning purposes in 22 barcode font free. Barcode label maker Program is as such design that it completely fulfill inventory with barcode.

  • Meeting Manager enterprise  535)   Meeting Manager enterprise 3.0
    Meeting manager helps you to organize meetings, inform attendees and to track post meeting Action points till closure. Meeting rooms and resources can be scheduled to avoid clashes.

  • Self Cert Mortgage Calculator  536)   Self Cert Mortgage Calculator 1
    The self cert mortgage calculator will allow you to run multiple sets of numbers through it to assess the potential of various different financial scenarios. The calculator is very easy to install and use and will break down numbers for you quickly

  • DocsToBox  537)   DocsToBox 1.2
    DocsToBox helps you track what storage box you placed file folders into when archiving your old records. A simple Search screen not only helps you locate what box a particular folder is in but also where that box is located.

  • Access Database To MySQL Converter  538)   Access Database To MySQL Converter
    MS Access DB migration software converts single or multiple table records from MS Access db to MySQL formats with data accuracy. Access database to MySQL converter tool migrate password protected MDB files from MS Access db to MySQL database.

  • A-media.nu  539)   A-media.nu 1.0
    A-media.nu is a filing system for documents. The software can also be used for jobs involving the comparison of two text pages, for instance when translating.

  • LoanExpert Plus  540)   LoanExpert Plus 3.2.6
    LoanExpert™ is your complete loan and mortgage calculator and analysis tool for Palm OS® handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! Calculate interest rate, price, down payment, loan length, and more! Save scenarios.

  • VMPro Membership Card Pro  541)   VMPro Membership Card Pro 2.0
    VMPro 2.0 turnkey system to manage membership ID Cards. Print badges & produce reports. is extremely fast in producing photo ID cards, has a very clear & legible interface, supports bar codes and is THE choice in ID & membership management system.

  • FlexRent  542)   FlexRent 1.5.2
    FlexRent is the flexible solution for vacation property management. You can design your own reports, modify the interface, and change what fields are kept in the database.

  • Digital Indicators Package  543)   Digital Indicators Package 1.0
    Digital Indicators Package is a set of digital filters generated with the help of a special program and having a complex impulse response.

  • ! - Estimate  544)   ! - Estimate 2.01.00
    With Estimate, you create a price list. You create a simple estimate by choosing items from your price list. Saved estimates can in turn be chosen as items in later estimates. When prices change, you just update your price list.

  • Heat Duty Calculator  545)   Heat Duty Calculator 1.0.0
    Heat duty calculator is a free software to help with computing the sensible heat duty and the latent heat transfer rate, the flow rate input can be specified by volume or mass and the heat duty (heat transfer rate) is calculated in different units

  • Enterprise Financial Accounting  546)   Enterprise Financial Accounting
    Click on company website address link www.inventory-maker.com for downloading Enterprise Financial Accounting Software which creates and maintain multiple organizations records and reports quite easily in short interval of time.

  • Employee Training Software  547)   Employee Training Software
    Visit company web address www.downloadpayrollsoftware.com to download Employee Training Software for generating numerous reports such as tour report, training details, company reports, staff reports with few easy clicks of mouse.

  • Kettle Reboiler Design  548)   Kettle Reboiler Design 2.0.0
    This user friendly software is made to demonstrate the thermal design calculations and analysis of Kettle type reboilers.The software can be used to make preliminary sizing calculations that will help to give a clear outlook of the initial design.

  • Barcode Software for Retail  549)   Barcode Software for Retail
    Barcode Software for Retail from www.generate-barcode.com is having various linear and 2d font symbologies to create stylish labels, stickers and price tags.

  • Barcode Maker Software for Standard  550)   Barcode Maker Software for Standard
    Barcode Label Maker Software for Standard from www.barcodelabelmakersoftware.com is used to create high quality sticker for your business. Label designer program creates printable barcode that is printed using general printer.

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