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  • Der Feine Herr (DFH)  151)   Der Feine Herr (DFH) 0.8.5
    The electronic "bulletin board" for your team management. Server-less with P2P technology. Automatic synchronisation updates the data on all Feinen Herrn running - keeping every team member up-to-date. Forget notepads - take Der Feine Herr!

  • DevPlanner  152)   DevPlanner 2.1.8
    Convenient tool for managing tasks and planning daily activities. Automatically generates accurate timesheets, weekly and project reports. Generates moods map in colors.

  • Web TimeSheet  153)   Web TimeSheet 6.1.0.
    Web timesheet for timesheet automation, billing automation, expense management, employee attendance automation, project management and task management. Free downloadable and hosted (ASP) version.

  • TeamTrax Lite  154)   TeamTrax Lite 1.6.1
    EZVideoSplicer is an easy to use media file editor. It allows you to encode AVI or WMV files, merge several media files together, split media into several different files, and create animations from still images.

  • Out n About!  155)   Out n About! 6.0
    Out n About! is an In/Out Status Board with integrated phone message pad, event calendar, Internet connectivity, and Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) support.

  • Ektron DMS400  156)   Ektron DMS400 1.1
    Ektron's Web-based document management system, Ektron DMS400, integrates with Ektron CMS to enable mid-size organizations and enterprises to conquer the growing volume of information assets and publish information to the Web.

  • Mind Pad  157)   Mind Pad 2.6
    Mind Pad allows to create mind and concept maps basing not just on creating and linking text blocks. Mind Pad allows organize objects with any properties set in maps. With Mind Pad scripting you are able to create your own rules for data management.

  • Raster To Vector Converter  158)   Raster To Vector Converter 2.0
    Raster to Vector Converter is used to convert raster files to vector files. It supports source formats, BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, PDF, PNG, PBM, PGM, PPM, and TGA, target formats, PDF, EPS, PS, SVG, DXF, and EMF. Easily Convert Bitmap Images To Vector.

  • Easy Time Logs Express  159)   Easy Time Logs Express
    Easy Time Logs is a time tracking, timesheet, and project management software product. Easy Time Logs offers a web-based interface with timesheets and a variety of other features and reports.

  • Fleet Manager  160)   Fleet Manager 4.0.4
    Fleet Manager is designed for organizations managing a vehicle fleet. It automates the day-to-day duties required to operate and maintain a significant number of vehicles.

  • Easy Resource Planner  161)   Easy Resource Planner 2.00
    Easy Resource Planner is a program designed to help you schedule your resources from a single, easy-to-use interface. Resources might include people (e.g. employees), equipment and facilities (e.g. rooms).

  • Smartworks - Project Planner  162)   Smartworks - Project Planner 4.7
    Project Planner PE 4.7, lets you track and manage your projects in the way you had always wanted. It offers you several views ( Gantt, Network, Resource, Estimation, Risk, Plan..) to get the broad understanding of where your project is heading.

  • Smartworks - Projektplanerleser  163)   Smartworks - Projektplanerleser 2.0
    Freier Leser/Projektor für Ms-Projekt und Smartworks projizieren Planer. Erlaubt Ihnen, Projektpläne mit allen Verwahrern Ihres Projektes mit Mühelosigkeit zu teilen.

  • Computer Admin Pro  164)   Computer Admin Pro 3.72
    Powerful and easy-to-use asset management and help desk tracking software. Consolidate your computer hardware and software information: computer name, OS, peripherals, serial and asset id numbers. Search by virtually any critera.

  • ConceptDraw Project  165)   ConceptDraw Project 4.1
    Use ConceptDraw Project to increase your overall business performance by effectively coordinating the planning of projects in your organization. Generate various reports to share information about the current state of your project.

  • CS-RCS Basic  166)   CS-RCS Basic 4.0.273
    CS-RCS - General-purpose document revision management and Internet remote access. Fully integrated with the Windows Explorer. Provides the most powerful and intuitive solution on the market today. Free for single users.

  • HD Projette  167)   HD Projette
    HD Projette is the cheapest solution when you simply need to view a Microsoft Project Plan (MPP). Projette displays files created by MS Project 2000 and 2003. Print functionality is provided once the product is registered.

  • Advanced Time Reports Web Professional  168)   Advanced Time Reports Web Professional 10.10.255
    Advanced Time Reports Web is an intuitive time tracking & project management solution that will help you increase your billable hours by better managing all your projects, clients and working hours. Used by many professionals and businesses.

  • Document management software  169)   Document management software 3.0
    The project management system is developed for document management at the enterprise. The document management software will increase production efficiency.

  • SYSCRAM  170)   SYSCRAM 1.0
    Take control of your PC repair business with this free software and increase your sales times fold.

  • Bill Central Time Billing  171)   Bill Central Time Billing 2004
    Bill Central is a comprehensive Time Billing system designed to let you be more productive at what you do best - generate revenue.

  • ClickWork  172)   ClickWork 1.5
    ClickWork is a no-nonsense, very-easy-to-use Time Tracker. Multi-user. Supports usergroups. Reporting on various levels. Statistical reports. Graphs. Features for manager. Fully configurable. Full featured trial version. Powerful licensing scheme.

  • CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard  173)   CyberMatrix Timesheets Standard 4.02
    CyberMatrix Timesheets is an easy to use Windows-based multi-user timesheet entry application that allows employees to quickly enter their time spent on various projects and tasks.

  • A VIP Team To Do List  174)   A VIP Team To Do List 2.9.35
    VIP Team To Do List is a professional time and task management software for small and midsize business. It enables team leaders to create, manage and share to-do lists with team members. It is best for planning and tracking progress of team tasks.

  • ResumeGrabber Standard  175)   ResumeGrabber Standard 4.0.1
    If your business is Recruiting then use ResumeGrabber. It is a resume data entry tool that automtically transfers the resumes and creates contacts in your ATS. Works with ACT!, Outlook, GoldMine, Online Resume Submission form,Excel,Access.

  • PMX  176)   PMX 2.28 Build 20050928
    PMX is a simple Project Management application for Mac OS X. With it you can manage resources, time and cost associated with any project. It is straightforward to use, offering a consistent and simple set of operations.

  • WorkRoll Bug Tracker  177)   WorkRoll Bug Tracker 2.62.4
    Web-based bug tracker with Windows installer. Installation, config, admin, and general use are fully web-based. Filtering, softing, file attachments, tiered authentication, collection of feedback from external (non-registered) users via the web.

  • RiskyProject  178)   RiskyProject 6
    RiskyProject is a project risk management and schedule risk analysis software. Project managers can use RiskyProject for project risk management and risk analysis of projects and portfolios with multiple risks and uncertainties.

  • cpTracker Lite  179)   cpTracker Lite 2.3
    cpTracker Lite will assist you in managing your project tasks to the last detail. Includes Task Calendar, Query Wizard, Report Wizard, Spreadsheet Wizard, Task Timer, Reports to PDF and more! cpTracker Lite is your Complete Task Management Solution!

  • TargetProcess:Suite  180)   TargetProcess:Suite 1.3.5
    Integrated project management and bug tracking solution for agile teams. Major features include Extreme programming style project planning module, Bug tracking, To-Do list, Project stats, Time tracking and multiple projects support

  • ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator  181)   ClockIt: Easy Schedule Creator 5.2.0
    This program is a fast and easy to use employee scheduling software. The user-friendly interface, powerful query features and automated scheduling options make it the ideal tool for creating custom duty rosters.

  • Project Clock Standard  182)   Project Clock Standard 7.10
    Project Clock is an easy to use project time recording system. Project Clock is a useful application for consultants, lawyers, engineers or anyone else who must keep track of time billed to different projects.

  • MoRUN.net Sticker  183)   MoRUN.net Sticker 4.0
    Sticky Notes software. Desktop Sticky Notes for Windows. Attach files/urls to sticky note; associate sticky note with files; modify sticky notes. Using personalized Sticky Note you can keep personal secure information. Strong information encryption.

  • Legal Suite-Case Management Software  184)   Legal Suite-Case Management Software 2012
    The Legal Suite provides a full range of legal case management functionality. It can handle an unlimited number of Cases. The application provides case management, billing, date tracking, and calendaring from a single repository.

  • timecard20  185)   timecard20 2.0
    Time card keeps track of project time charged by project, function and task in a extractable database. Fill out time charged on a weekly basis and track what was done in the job supports for each task daily.

  • Kiwi Manager  186)   Kiwi Manager 3.3
    Kiwi Manager is an online project management software that allows you to collaborate with your clients and team members effortlessly over the Internet.

  • Project Risk Analysis  187)   Project Risk Analysis 2.1
    Use Monte Carlo Simulation to determine the risk of a project being overspent and the contingency needed to achieve the desired level of confidence.

  • Kampfstoff PocketPC  188)   Kampfstoff PocketPC 1.3
    Analysiert schnell Ihre Beobachtungen an der Einsatzstelle und liefert Ihnen eine schnelle, wissenschaftlich begründete Annahme, welche Kampfstofftypen an diesem Vorfall beteiligt sein könnten. Markieren Sie die Felder neben den Bedingungen

  • Great Budget Time Tracker Elite  189)   Great Budget Time Tracker Elite 3.0.2
    Track time use by project, by activity and by activity across projects. Use this information to analyze how you use your time and devise ways to become more productive. Use it as a tool to track billable hours and control non productive activities.

  • Rational Plan Multi Project  190)   Rational Plan Multi Project 4.2
    RationalPlan Multi Project is a powerful project management software capable of handling multiple interrelated projects and covering project management areas starting with WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to progress tracking etc.

  • QEngine Issue Manager  191)   QEngine Issue Manager 4.1
    QEngine Issue manager is a hierarchical issue tracking and bug tracking software that allows you to maximize developers' productivity, reduce the cost of management, and introduce standardized bug tracking and issue management into your enterprise.

  • AccuPlan  192)   AccuPlan 2.0
    Accuplan is the best project planner in the market today. Accuplan is a great tool to learn project planning and management for not only beginners but lso for seasoned project managers.

  • WebAsyst Address Book  193)   WebAsyst Address Book 1
    Web-based contact management software. Centralized storage for your business and personal contacts. It allows you to organize contact entries into folders and share access with your team. Open source software (PHP) or hosting (30-day free trial).

  • Organisation Research  194)   Organisation Research 1.7
    Organisation Research give you the perfect broad view of your research projects and store all information for easy access. Save all informations about organisations, researches and projects in a solution that help you to work smarter.

  • Scotland Yard  195)   Scotland Yard 9.3
    SCOTLAND YARD is an electronic sign in/out board that helps track the location of employees. Each person uses a sign-in out screen to enter his or her status, whether in or out, at meetings or lunch, on a business trip, sick or vacation.

  • Project Planner PE lite  196)   Project Planner PE lite 4.7
    Project Planner- PE lite :An Affordable alternative to MS-Project. It has most features found in the Project planner - PE version. However it lacks the feature to save your files .PPR format which can be read by others.

  • Wingnut Task Tracker  197)   Wingnut Task Tracker 3.00
    Task Tracker will assist you in managing your project tasks to the last detail. Includes Task Calendar, Search Wizard, Report Builder, Export to Excel, Task Timer, Reports to PDF and more! Task Tracker is your Complete Task Management Solution!

  • Anasoft Scheduler PE  198)   Anasoft Scheduler PE 2.6.3
    Strong and visual personal scheduling tool. It supports various user/system task types, changeable reminder sounds, many scheduling types, optional randomization and waiting time, optional password protection, statistics and event log.

  • JCVGantt Pro  199)   JCVGantt Pro 1.5.1
    Plan any project professionally in three easy steps - (1) Brainstorm tasks (2) Specify task dependencies (3) Specify who will do the work, then view gorgeous Gantt charts and customizable project cost reports. Syncs direct with MindManager X5 Pro too

  • SodeaSoft Gnt Planning  200)   SodeaSoft Gnt Planning 1.0
    Allows to create plannings like estimated planning, the bar chart, projects, follow-up of building sites. Easy and powerful, to create with an exemplary simplicity of neat plannings. You can send it by email to format GNT.

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