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  • Free APR Calculator  101)   Free APR Calculator 4.5
    Calculate Annual Percentage Rates with this Free Mortgage APR Calculator for Windows

  • FrameMaster  102)   FrameMaster 3.1
    FrameMaster is a FEM-program that helps you dimension almost all kinds of constructions: roof-trusses, floors, walls, bridges,furniture, shafts and much much more. FrameMaster is both one of the cheapest and most powerful program in its category.

  • Forex Killer Info Software  103)   Forex Killer Info Software 5.7
    The Hottest Software on the Internet is at your fingertips! Aren`t you fed up with all those Forex E-books that promise heaven and deliver hell? Or even worse....

  • SampleNet  104)   SampleNet 2.18
    A Sample Order software for small size company in Garment, Fashion Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel Goods, Sporting Goods. Apparel, Garment, Fashion, Accessories, Shoes, Footwear, Handbag, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel, Goods, Sporting,

  • A.I. Solver Studio  105)   A.I. Solver Studio 0.9
    A unique pattern recognition application that deals with finding optimal solutions to classification problems and uses several artificial intelligence techniques including neural networks, genetic programming and genetic algorithms.

  • Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel  106)   Pricing and Breakeven Analysis Excel 2.1
    Pricing and Breakeven Analysis, test price changes, determine optimum pricing to maximize profit, and calculate breakeven points. Easy to use input with tabluar and graphical outputs. For new or established businesses, products, or services.

  • ADD  107)   ADD 12000
    Advanced Data Download, Such software makes possible to download free of charge data of all the Markets of the world.

  • DayOffNet  108)   DayOffNet 2.18
    DayOffNet is a simple database software used to manage all the employee's day-off & vacation application inside company. It will generate report on each employee's vacation sub-total.

  • Asset Manager Enterprise Edition  109)   Asset Manager Enterprise Edition 1.0.1153
    Never lose track of your assets again - with Asset Manager 2012, you can print barcode labels for your assets and check them in/out to employees. Attach Owner's Manuals, service logs, and more to maintain a complete history for each of your assets.

  • PractiCount and Invoice  110)   PractiCount and Invoice 2.4
    Universal word counting and line counting and invoicing software for freelance translators, transcriptionists, writers. Batch text count in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, WordPerfect, HTML and PDF files. Adjustable word, line, page, character count options

  • Proforma  112)   Proforma 2003
    Proforma enables you to sell your goods or services by credit card.It is ready to use stand-alone, for processing mail orders, or on your website for on-line sailes.Proforma is open source, and there is no setup fee, montly charges or trial period.

  • Billing Management Software  113)   Billing Management Software
    Billing Management Software is easily downloaded by visiting www.quick-billing.com website helps to maintain multiple organization accounting and financial transaction at one place.

  • DEMOR Cheque Maker  114)   DEMOR Cheque Maker
    Cheque Maker can be manage accounts of cheques and cheque books easily, you can also use the smart designer tool to design a template of your cheque quickly without the need for many measurements, the program supports all types of printers.

  • FastFox Typing Expander  115)   FastFox Typing Expander 2.27
    FastFox Text Expander is an easy typing expansion utility that will dramatically reduce the time you spend typing. Create keyboard shortcuts that will automatically expand to lines of text when typed.

  • Geodaten German Houses (deutsch)  116)   Geodaten German Houses (deutsch) 2.00
    For the area of the Federal Republic of Germany more than 19 million House Coordinates with a coverage of 100% are available. The geo data offered here are in high-precision quality and are present in different coordinate and reference systems.

  • WoodenNet  117)   WoodenNet 2.28
    WoodenNet is a simple database software used to manage all the Wooden Product of your company. Including Timbers. Plywood Broad, Flooring, Doors, Hand Rails, Furniture, and Wooden Crafts, It will generate Catalogue, Wooden library, Product detail

  • ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculator  118)   ESBCalc Pro - Scientific Calculator 9.0.2
    ESBCalc Pro is a Windows Scientific Calculator with Infix Notation, Exponential Notation, Printing, Brackets, Scientific Functions, Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List, Hexadecimal Conversion, Fraction Conversion and more. Register once for life

  • BarCode-ActiveX  119)   BarCode-ActiveX 5.92
    BarCode-ActiveX is a very fast and efficient barcode label printing solution. This reliable ActiveX control requires no special knowledge and you can insert it into any Microsoft Office document or attach it to a database.

  • Production Mix Model Excel  120)   Production Mix Model Excel 20
    Maximize overall profit by optimizing resource use, for products or services. Up to six unique outputs can be handled with ten specific resource inputs. It considers the resource demand, profit contribution and any minimum or maximum requirements.

  • Probability of Default Calculator  121)   Probability of Default Calculator 1.0
    Probability of Default Calculator allows estimating probabilities of defaults according to Basel II requirements using five-year historical data on frequencies of defaults for different risk classes, sub-classes, and portfolios.

  • Horizon Investment Analyst  122)   Horizon Investment Analyst 6.45
    Horizon Investment Analyst calculates profit, periodic, cumulative, & average annual total return, internal rate of return (IRR), capital gain, buy/sell prices, basis worksheets. Many charts. Very useful for investments w/multiple cash flows.

  • Product and Supplier Profitability Excel  123)   Product and Supplier Profitability Excel 20
    Identify the true costs associated with your products and suppliers. This software is suitable for all resale business operations regardless of size. It allows you to build a complete product/supplier database with cost and profit analysis.

  • SQL Format  124)   SQL Format 1.0
    Intelligent autocomplete and refactoring for SQL Server. Autocomplete as you type, and get a function info.

  • Asset Manager Standard Edition  125)   Asset Manager Standard Edition 1.0.1149
    Never lose track of your assets again - with Asset Manager 2012, you can print barcode labels for your assets and check them in/out to employees. Attach Owner's Manuals, service logs, and more to maintain a complete history for each of your assets.

  • Able2Extract  126)   Able2Extract 10.0
    Able2Extract lets Windows, Linux, and Mac users to convert data from Adobe PDF to Excel, Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Open Office, AutoCad, HTML, CSV and Text. It can also create secured PDFs from 300 formats and edit PDFs with text and graphics.

  • Black Dog Forex  127)   Black Dog Forex 2010
    Black Dog Forex - The charts below show the Black Dogs in action. Indicators have been omitted for clarity. The Metatrader charting package is ideal for our program and, as you can see, the charts are very clear and precise.

  • ShippingNet  128)   ShippingNet 2.18
    Shipping Invoice documents software for small size company in Garment, Fashion Accessories, Shoes, Bags, Luggage, Toys, Travel Goods, Sporting Products, Timepieces, Sundries, Household Items, Home Textiles, Plastic Products and etc.

  • Quality Window v5.0.667  129)   Quality Window v5.0.667 5.0
    An SQC/SPC/Event Analysis tool designed for use on the factory floor. The intuitive data presentation helps "find and fix" reasons for process/product variation as well as in the analysis and understanding of failures such as downtime and defects.

  • 101Quote  130)   101Quote 1.0
    101Quote is an easy to use free intraday stock market quote tool. Integrated with portfolio tracking, customizable display settings, export to Excel and friendly with firewall and corporate networks, it is a must have for all market participants.

  • BillsNet  131)   BillsNet 2.28
    BillsNet is a simple database to issue all the sales invoice for your company. It will generate invoices, packing list, and a monthly sales report.

  • Excel Conditional Formatting  132)   Excel Conditional Formatting 1.2
    Analyze quick and easily your spreadsheet data with "n" conditional formatting levels of this powerful addin. This is essentially useful for who work with large quantities of info and/or dynamic data; like for example: stock quotes reports.

  • Forex Control Center  133)   Forex Control Center 2010
    Forex Control Center is one of the most advanced forex trading solutions on the market today. A Forex software designed specifically for the Forex market, no other tool comes close to providing the features that Forex Control Center has.

  • Chief Complaint Form - Sample  134)   Chief Complaint Form - Sample
    Computer Fillable Medical PDF Forms. Patient records can be typed, e-mailed, saved and stored on your computer. Easy access and retrieval. Customized forms are available. E-mail us yours for a free quote today. Newest technology and easy to use.

  • Dental clinic software  136)   Dental clinic software 4.0
    Dental software - Software for apointment scheduling, billing management, profit reporting with detailed Dentist and Patient database. Supports detail dentist, patients, company insurance database, x-ray files, searching through database, patients bi

  • inFlow Inventory   Free Edition  137)   inFlow Inventory Free Edition 2.5.1
    inFlow Inventory Software helps businesses to manage sales, purchasing, and inventory. It can track inventory, take customers orders, reorder stock, generate reports, and much more. Visit http://www.inflowinventory.com.

  • Accounts Receivable  138)   Accounts Receivable 3.1.5
    Log and track all client transactions, assess late fees, create past due notices, print out reports, and generate work orders and invoices as well as track parts inventories with the Markosoft Accounts Receivable program.

  • MedCalc for Windows  139)   MedCalc for Windows
    Statistical software for biomedical research, also including ROC curve analysis, method comparison and quality control tools.

  • PDF Link  140)   PDF Link 1.10
    PDF Link software automates the process of applying text with external web links, removing, creating, changing and reporting. link types like: http, https, ftp, mailto, file are all supported.

  • Exl-Plan Super Plus (US-C edition)  141)   Exl-Plan Super Plus (US-C edition) 2.61
    Business plan projections for new/substantial businesses (e.g. sales $3m plus). For business plans, budgets, strategic planning, raising finance etc. Generates five-year projections on monthly basis for first year & quarterly thereafter.

  • Clean & Match  142)   Clean & Match 3.0
    WinPure Clean & Match 2009 is the complete list cleaning, data cleansing and data dedupe/deduplication software suite, all rolled into one powerful easy-to-use application..

  • AutoCenter 4.3  143)   AutoCenter 4.3 4.3
    Our mission is to provide high-quality information and solutions to complement the expertise of automotive service professionals, helping them maximize profitability, efficiency and long-term relationships with their customers

  • Tweet Whistle  144)   Tweet Whistle 1.0.50
    Tweet Whistle - Increase your targeted followers with an affordable Twitter marketing solution that can also help automate your Twitter posts, send follows, send unfollows, send messages, and much more.

  • EDI Editor  145)   EDI Editor 2.0
    EDI Editor for 810, 850, HIPAA 837 Professional, 837I, 837D... It helps you to create new or modify existing EDI Document in a visual environment instead of a flat raw text file. It also validates the document against the HIPAA Implementation Guide

  • Tradetrek Enterprise  146)   Tradetrek Enterprise 1.0
    Offers investors a complete set of stock analysis and trading strategy tools, including Live Stock Picks, Neural-Network 5-day forecast, Money Flow, Tick Chart, portfolio and risk management, Pairtrade Picks and real-time interactive charting.

  • Excel Sort & Filter List Software  147)   Excel Sort & Filter List Software 1.1
    Filtering and sorting software for Excel table data. Show and hide rows based on conditions you specify through a simple wizard. In addition, arrange rows, records, cells, numbers, dates alphabetically or chronologically.

  • Forex Trading System  148)   Forex Trading System 1.0.1
    If you are interested in learning more about Forex trading despite having an automated system concerning it, then you will benefit from Forex prediction software. What the software does is to analyze different markets and identify trends.

  • NeuroXL Classifier  149)   NeuroXL Classifier 3.0.1
    NeuroXL Classifier is a neural network data classifying add-in for Microsoft Excel. ClassifierXL can be applied to solve problems in numerous industries and disciplines, including finance, business, medicine, and research science.

  • StatPlus:mac  150)   StatPlus:mac 2009
    Perform statistical analysis on a Mac in the familiar environment. Turn Microsoft Excel 2004 or 2008 into a powerful statistical package with StatPlus:mac. Stop wasting time learning new tools and perform complex statistical analysis right away!

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