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  • CoffeeCup WebCam  51)   CoffeeCup WebCam 4.0
    Hook up your WebCam, and put LIVE Images online in minutes! You can even have multiple cameras and Websites. Motion Detecting Security is great too.

  • VRS Telephone Call Recorder  52)   VRS Telephone Call Recorder 4.04
    The VRS is a multiple channel voice recording application typically used for telephone line recording, radio station logging or control room recording. Record up to 32 lines simultaneously.

  • PIMEX  53)   PIMEX 1.09
    This slick organizer and PIM will keep track of your contacts, distribution lists, manage your schedule, remind about appointments and events, and keep your daily notes in order. It will also print labels, envelopes, letters, send emails and more.

  • MICR Font Set  54)   MICR Font Set 3.4
    Print your own checks from Windows, using any laser printer! You get our MICR fonts (which include the numbers 0 - 9, On-Us, Transit, Amount, and Dash), a calibration program, and our Secure Fonts used in printing check amounts and payee names.

  • Simple Oil Field NPV Simulation Tool  55)   Simple Oil Field NPV Simulation Tool 0.1.3
    Oil companies and other stakeholders may need to assess the value of new fields or prospects even when very little hard data exists. Based on a simple model of a field development solution, this tool calculates a cash flow profile with risked NPV.

  • SysAid Help Desk and Inventory  57)   SysAid Help Desk and Inventory 8.5
    SysAid is a dynamic and intuitive free software solution. SysAid provides Help Desk, Asset Management, Monitoring, Reports & Analysis, Knowledgebase, Live Chat, Password Reset, IT Benchmarking in a simple, attractive and easy-to-use package.

  • dncSoftware  58)   dncSoftware
    dncSoftware is an easy to use combined DNC software program for CNC file transfer with a combined text editor for easy CNC editing. You can setup to 32 CNC machines for DNC transfer.

  • T-Boss  60)   T-Boss 2.3
    Shop management software designed by and for Screenprinting, Embroidery, and Promotional products professionals.

    A volume of data with map names, map numbers, corner coordinates and completing data of all official topographic maps of the Federal Republic of Germany. TK25, TK50, TK100 and TKUe200.

  • Express Scribe  62)   Express Scribe 4.01
    Express Scribe is professional audio playback control software designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings. It is installed on the typist's computer and can be controlled using the keyboard (with 'hot' keys) and/or foot pedals. This comp

  • Moffsoft Calculator  63)   Moffsoft Calculator 2.1.1
    Calculator with tape, financial functions, unit conversions, date/time calculations, and product pricing. Other features include a sizeable display, fixed decimals, totals, item count, multiple memory values, tray icon, always on top, and much more.

  • .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite (for BO XI / CR XI)  65)   .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite (for BO XI / CR XI) 3.12
    19 tools for Business Objects XI in the most powerful, integrated, & easiest suite of tools to Monitor, Manage, Edit, Analyze, Document, Modify, Migrate & Convert + more :: one or many Crystal Reports, Schedules, Instances, Objects at the same time

  • statistiXL  66)   statistiXL 1.5
    statistiXL is a powerful data analysis add-in for MS Excel. Its abilities include: ANOVA, Contingency Tables, Clustering, Correlation, Discriminant and Factor Analysis, GOF, Regression, Nonparametrics, PCA, Uni and Multivariate t-Tests and many more.

  • PaneCutter rom  67)   PaneCutter rom 1.3
    Programul PaneCutter este destinat pentru generarea automatã a planului de debitare, pentru fabricanþi de mobilã sau alte prodse din material rectangular (PAL, plãci de metal, sticlã, etc.), al cãror gamã de producþie este largã sau se schimbã des.

  • Orari  68)   Orari 5.0.24
    Basta un click e dopo qualche minuto viene risolto un problema che affligge per giorni le scuole, le universita' e gli istituti privati italiani: la creazione degli orari.

  • NotePager Pro  69)   NotePager Pro 3
    Send text or SMS messages to pagers, mobile phones, and PIMs using an easy to use desktop application. Send messages through the Internet or a modem. Group messaging, pre-programmed messages and scheduled paging. Send to anyone, anywhere, any time!

  • WinCybercafe Cyber Internet Cafe Software  71)   WinCybercafe Cyber Internet Cafe Software 1.0
    Morovia MSI/Plessey Barcode font consists of 10 true type fonts and a language tool kit. At any point size, there are 5 different barcode heights to choose from. At any height, the user has 2 options: either with human readable text or without.

  • TRAVELClip USB  72)   TRAVELClip USB 1.10
    The TRAVELClip Remote Desktop Client enables instant, portable RDP / TSE access from any PC without installation or Administrator Rights. Previously, users were often prevented from accessing their work environment from USB key drive.

  • InferenceTrade  73)   InferenceTrade 1.6.0
    InferenceTrade is a stock market charting, analysis, and trading system development program. It is a complete package, integrating many features, with an emphasis on writing, testing, and implementing custom program-trading systems.

  • ActiveEarth  74)   ActiveEarth 2.0
    ActiveEarth is a world time clock with a gorgeous day/night merge of NASA's earth images in maps or a globe. It has accurate time zone data for more than 500 cities, atomic time sync, countdown clocks, scalable analog clocks, screen saver, and more!

  • Maintenance Parts Bin  75)   Maintenance Parts Bin 8.0
    Maintenance Parts Bin is a comprehensive software inventory management tool. You can maintain your inventory as well as databases in the most cost effective and suitable way.

  • StatPlus Portable  76)   StatPlus Portable
    No need to carry a mainframe to perform a complex analysis when you visit a remote lab. Get the full power of a precise data analysis tool always with you. Perform a statistical analysis on-the-fly without carrying a powerful, bulky computer with you

  • ConnectCNC  77)   ConnectCNC
    DNC or file transfer between computer and CNC Control. You can use ConnectCNC for any number of machines, and simultaneous control of several machines. Try ConnectCNC free for thirty days

  • Public SyncTool  79)   Public SyncTool 1.1
    Synchronise your Outlook with your Notebook. Public SyncTool provides a powerful synchronization, enabling consumers to keep all of their information, calendars, e-mail, contacts and tasks constantly up-to-date between a PC and a Notebook

  • ABarCode for Excel  80)   ABarCode for Excel 1.2.0
    ABarCode is a Microsoft Excel Add-in that draws formula-based bar codes into Excel worksheets. Available symbologies are Code 128, Code 39, Extended Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC/EAN-128, ITF (Interleaved Two of Five), Postnet, UPC-A, UPC-E.

  • NetPoint  81)   NetPoint 1.0
    Simplified, agentless, web-based network inventory software for the enterprise. Designed for Windows system administrators, NetPoint tracks 550+ properties for 17 hardware and software components and can be deployed in a matter of minutes.

  • UPC Barcode Generator  82)   UPC Barcode Generator 5.2
    UPC Barcode Generator is proficient to generate professional barcode labels. UPC Barcode Generator enables you to create barcode labels with more than 25 bar code symbologies (UPC, EAN 13, EAN 10, Code 39, ISBN, Interleaved 2 of 5, code 128 etc).

  • Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter  83)   Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter 1.6.1
    Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter is designed to help you convert PowerPoint Presentations to stunning videos. With only 3 clicks, you can convert PowerPoint presentations to video formats such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, 3GP with excellent quality.

  • TimeOff  84)   TimeOff 2.8.7
    Tracking employee attendance is fast, simple and accurate with TimeOff. A benefit policy wizard helps you enter your company's benefit policies. And the main screen helps you keep track of both available and used benefit hours for each employee.

  • QVET  85)   QVET 9.0
    QVET manages clinic, commercial, and administrative information of Veterinary Clinics allowing accomplishing an exhaustive clients and clinical files control with just a short time. The most used Veterinary Software in Europe and America.

  • AGLAYA Call Filter  86)   AGLAYA Call Filter 2.0
    Call Filter is a Powerful yet simple to use application that allows the user to send busy signals to incoming callers. To use this application, simply build a list of numbers that you would like to send busy signals to. That's it!.

  • Golden Inventory System  87)   Golden Inventory System 2.6.1
    This is a complete inventory management system that performs the functions of Purchases, Sales and payments. This system will guide you through the creation of vendors list, purchase orders, products list, receiving lists, sales orders, invoices.l

  • ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus  88)   ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 7.5
    ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a web based, easy to use Help Desk and Asset Mgmt software whose features include software license tracking, contract mgmt, purchase mgmt & knowledge mgmt functionalities. ITIL ready version is also available

  • PC SMS - Outlook SMS  89)   PC SMS - Outlook SMS
    SMS directly from your PC, Outlook or Outlook Express with your mobile no. Features: Integration with Outlook or Express Addressbook. e-mail copy timeshift Covers more than 150 Countries and over 500 GSM Networks.

  • BridgeTrak Help Desk Software  90)   BridgeTrak Help Desk Software 8.0 Build 177
    Comprehensive trouble ticket tracking software for help desks and call centers. User-friendly interface offers customizable screens, custom and required user fields, knowledgebase, scrolling message bar, query, reports, product/contract tracking, etc

  • Planingz  91)   Planingz 1.0.0
    "Planingz is a program for production planning and optimization. It is intended to be a supplement to your ERP and MRP programs. It will increase your efficiency in production planning and speed-up your decision making."

  • .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite (for CE 10 / CR 10)  92)   .rpt Inspector Enterprise Suite (for CE 10 / CR 10) 3.12
    19 tools for Crystal Enterprise 10 in the most powerful, integrated, & easiest suite of tools to Monitor, Manage, Edit, Analyze, Document, Modify, Migrate & Convert + more :: one or many Crystal Reports, Schedules, Instances, Objects at the same time

  • MSDS Executive  93)   MSDS Executive .75
    Import, store, manage, and access your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for OSHA compliance.

  • Match Agency BiZ - Matchmaking Script  94)   Match Agency BiZ - Matchmaking Script 6.6
    Business class matchmaking software that supports registration of personal, couple and agency accounts. Key Features: Agency Management , Complex Matchmaking Calculations, Multi Language Profiles, Multiple Templates, Search Feeds, Custom attributes.

  • Your Voice Reminder - version  française  95)   Your Voice Reminder - version française 1.4.FR
    Add to the taskbar clock the customization, recordable time announcements, images, calendar, searchable and exportable ever-new-colored alarms and startup reminders with text and voice recordable messages. It's for those who are pressed for time.

  • 3CX Phone System for Windows Free  96)   3CX Phone System for Windows Free 6.0
    3CX VOIP Phone System FREE edition is a SIP-based IP PBX developed for Windows. Easy to install and configure, it eliminates phone wiring and allows hot desking. Lowers call costs via VOIP providers & eliminates vendor lockin. Download FREE edition!

  • BrainStorm Year Planner  97)   BrainStorm Year Planner 1
    BrainStorm's free Diary generator creates a diary or calendar file for any year from 1753 to 2199. You can even use it just to see what day of the week historical events fell on.The program writes details of each year as a tabbed outline text file.

  • Express Dictate  98)   Express Dictate 4.02
    Express Dictate is a computer based voice recorder that works like a dictaphone and a dock station for a portable recorder. You dictate using your computer or a portable dictaphone/notetaker and send your recordings to your typist email or internet.

  • Advanced Call Center  99)   Advanced Call Center 6.0
    An advanced, yet simple-to-use telephone tware answering machine for your voice modem. All the features you'd expect are supported: call monitoring and logging, Caller ID with pop-ups and voice alerts, "white" and "black" lists, and others.

  • DNA BASER - sequence assembling tool  100)   DNA BASER - sequence assembling tool 1.7.0
    BASER is an affordable alternative to the really expensive software for DNA sequency assembly found today on the market. Curently BASER is under heavy development. As consequence, we can offer for download only a beta version, which is freeware.

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