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  • M3DSaver  1151)   M3DSaver 1.03
    M3DSaver is a Windows screensaver that uses fractals and 3D graphics. The program features realistic 3-D images and a new look at Mandelbrot and Julia Set, the well-known fractals.

  • Super Pop'n'Fish  1152)   Super Pop'n'Fish 1.0.1
    Something's fishy in this fun and fast paced new puzzle game. Fish float to the top - it's your job to guide them into groups of three or more to set them free. Send enough of them on their way and you move to the next level.

  • Santa's Invaders Screen Saver  1153)   Santa's Invaders Screen Saver 1.0
    Free Santa Screen Saver Invaders game created with Active Media Eclipse v.4 - download a Trial copy of the software that created this Screen Saver from www.active-media-online.com

  • 3D Wild Dolphin Screensaver  1154)   3D Wild Dolphin Screensaver 1.2
    Dolphins are commonly associated with freedom, joy and grace. This awesome 3D screensaver gives you a rare chance to observe them in their natural environment. Explore the depths of the warm coastal waters and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world

  • Tiger By The Lake Screen Saver  1155)   Tiger By The Lake Screen Saver 1.0
    A Beautiful screensaver of a tiger taking a drink by the lake. The water moves on your screen. Music plays in the background. You can shut the music off. A nice screensaver to have and share with your friends and family.

  • Magic Flowers Screensaver  1157)   Magic Flowers Screensaver 1.0
    This screensaver shows images of beautiful flowers - red and white roses, exotic orchids, violets, chrysanthemums, viols, daisies, tulips, carnations, dahlias, lilies, iris, water lily. You'll see a single flower and splendid bouquets

  • 3D BioMolecula Pack  1158)   3D BioMolecula Pack 1.0
    This program is an unique combination of two other programs - screensaver and desktop wallpaper generator, which show real 3D models of biological molecules.

  • GTI JPEGSaver  1159)   GTI JPEGSaver 1.21
    GTI JPEGSaver 1.21 - Screen Saver slideshow Turn your favourite image files into a unique personal Screen Saver slideshow, complete with transition effects. Without the need to write a single line of code.

  • Undersea Life Screensaver  1160)   Undersea Life Screensaver 1.5
    Splendid sea fish collection. We invite you to the undersea world! It is available 40 high-quality images. All images in 800*600 pix and High Color (24-bit).

  • Astro Earth 3D Screensaver  1161)   Astro Earth 3D Screensaver 1.0
    After you download this screensaver you won't ever have to buy a worldwide travel! It's on your screen! Realistic 3D Earth model will rotate on your desktop.

  • 7art Urban Clock ScreenSaver  1162)   7art Urban Clock ScreenSaver 1.5
    Put an oasis of ultra modern urban harmony to your desktop! Fluffy clouds in violet sky, calming river, moving boats, flying pigeons surrounded by colorful balloons, red roses and green trees. Feel atmosphere of the holiday right here and now!

  • Free Lions Screensaver  1163)   Free Lions Screensaver 1.0
    One of the smartest animals will impress you with its grace and depth of its eyes if you look in them. Lion is called a king of animals not just for the sake of it.

  • Endless Slideshow Screensaver  1164)   Endless Slideshow Screensaver 1.7.1
    Cool photo slideshow screensaver with 200+ transition effects plus free wallpaper downloader! Simply choose what kind of pictures you want (Cars, Nature, Girls, 3D, Anime and many others) and enjoy new wallpapers every time the screensaver starts!

  • Kaleid-O-Space  1165)   Kaleid-O-Space 2.1.1a
    Kaleid-O-Space is a mesmerizing animated screen saver that brings you all the fascination and beauty of a real kaleidoscope. The screensaver can be used interactively, or as a traditional screen saver that exits when the mouse is moved.

  • Digital Photo Slide Show & Screen Saver  1166)   Digital Photo Slide Show & Screen Saver 2003.3
    Digital Photo Slide Show is the perfect solution for sharing your digital photos in a slide show format either as a screen saver, slide show, wallpaper changer, web slide show or on a CDROM. Over 120 transition effects for a professional display.

  • Lord Of The Rings Movie Screen Saver  1167)   Lord Of The Rings Movie Screen Saver 1.0
    An ancient Ring thought lost for centuries has been found. When Gandalf the White discovers the Ring is in fact the One Ring of the Dark Lord Sauron, Frodo must make an epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it!

  • Rainforest Fairies  1168)   Rainforest Fairies 1.0
    Fairies with attitude play in the rainforests of the world. 31 winged sprites zoom through lush scenes of rainforest ferns, orchids, birds and animals. Pixies flit and dance with toucans, hummingbirds, dragonflies and Tasmanian Tigers.

  • SS Mystery Forest - Animated Desktop Screensaver  1169)   SS Mystery Forest - Animated Desktop Screensaver 3.1
    Mystery Forest represents the animated interactive screensaver. Unlike of the usual screensavers, our animated interactive screensaver is the real living world, full of sounds and of movement, where time goes, where the dawn replaces night...

  • Your Company Screensaver  1170)   Your Company Screensaver 1.0.0
    Your Company Screensaver is the modern screensaver which really protects your screen from fading! It displays your personal information or the information of your company. More than this - it shows an analog clock and date.

  • Bugs!  1171)   Bugs! 2.0.2
    Bugs! is a weird screensaver in which a bunch of bugs will eat your screen away. Settings include number of bugs, amount of hunger and settings for the image to appear when your screen is eaten away. You can also load other bugs.

  • Free Big Celebrity Screensaver  1172)   Free Big Celebrity Screensaver 1.0
    This awesome free screensaver features great photos of your favorite celebrities. The world's most popular singers, actors and actresses will join you when you have a free moment. A VIP party on your desktop absolutely free!

  • Cosmic Voyage  1173)   Cosmic Voyage 3.4
    A stunning and mesmerizing 3D screensaver that takes you on a never-ending voyage into the depths of Space. Soar past stars and nebulae and experience the wonders of the Universe ! Marvel at the never-repeating beauty of this visual feast.

  • Easter  1174)   Easter 2.06
    Here's an "egg-stra" special spring holiday easter screensaver for your desktop. The clouds scroll by as you watch a funny bunny scurrying across a clover patch dropping eggs as he goes. The rest of the screen has a variety of 3D-rendered Easter eggs

  • 7art Pifagor Clock ScreenSaver  1175)   7art Pifagor Clock ScreenSaver 1.1
    Once upon a time in ancient Greece there was a genius philosopher and mathematician Pifagor. In addition he made an important contribution to understanding antithesises as the harmony. Pifagor Clock will help you to find ingenious solutions in time!

  • 7art Waterfall Clock ScreenSaver  1176)   7art Waterfall Clock ScreenSaver 1.5
    There are magical trees near the waterfall. The Cheshire Cat lives here. He likes to smile so much that his smile could exist even without the cat itself. Look at the cat's disappering and cheer your moods each time you want to check the current time

  • Halloween Night 3D Screensaver  1177)   Halloween Night 3D Screensaver 1.0.3
    Halloween is here and it's spooky! Would you like to take a walk all alone deep in the woods and stumble upon an odd clearing with a ramshackle house that appears to be haunted?

  • 3D Coastal Waterfall  1178)   3D Coastal Waterfall 1.0
    White water flows over rocky hillside near the ocean while lively fish jump and swim in softly rippling waters at the base of the waterfall. A bright blue-gray sky hosts slowly moving fluffy white clouds as seagulls circle high above crashing ocean.

  • Recording Studio San Diego  1179)   Recording Studio San Diego 1.0
    Recording studio San Diego - Screensaver for your recording studio computer if images from San Diego Recording Studios. Brought to you by http://www.MixMyMusic.net , this screensaver features hi-res imagery to compliment your studio's vibe!

  • 3D Living Waterfall Screensaver  1181)   3D Living Waterfall Screensaver 1.01.4
    The beauty of nature is mind-boggling! Let your screen take you to this quiet place with a majestic waterfall that will hypnotize you and set your mind at ease.

  • ElectriCalm 3D for Mac OS X  1182)   ElectriCalm 3D for Mac OS X 1.2.2
    Launch ElectriCalm 3D ScreenSaver and immerse yourself in the world of beautiful and mighty nature.Be ready to fly deep into the storm where multicolored lightning bolts strike all around you and rain falls down from the starry skies.

  • Venus Observation 3D for Mac OS X  1183)   Venus Observation 3D for Mac OS X 1.0.1
    Transfer yourself to the orbit of the Venus planet. Observe and explore this amazing cosmic object. High detailed space scenes in full 3D complete with relaxing ambient music will definitely impress you and your friends.

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