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  • 3D Santa's Flight  152)   3D Santa's Flight 1.0
    Santa’s Flight 3D screensaver invites you to accompany Santa Claus on his flight in the night starry sky above the vast North Pole lands covered with never-melting snows. Take a chance and have a seat in a reactive, Santa’s deer-driven sleigh!

  • American Bald Eagles  153)   American Bald Eagles 1.3
    Wildlife Screen Savers With Personality(tm) 40 engaging photos and tranquil MP3 music. You'll marvel at Alaska's symbol of freedom soaring, tenderly feeding a chick, scooping fish from the ocean, and diving. Over 100 transitions, adjustable settings

  • Christmas AdeventureScreenSaver  154)   Christmas AdeventureScreenSaver 1.0
    Christmas Adventure screensaver takes you on a wonderful journey to the magic woodland, where Santa Claus, deer Rudolf, kind forest elves and lots of funny animals are hastily making numerous arrangements for Christmas celebration.

  • Fractal Morphing Screen Saver  155)   Fractal Morphing Screen Saver 2.0
    It is a screen saver for Windows. Fractals fascinate us with their beauty and attractiveness. And as to morphing it emphasizes it to a great extent. According to many people's opinion fractals produce a soothing andand relaxing effect on them.

  • Marine Tank 3D  156)   Marine Tank 3D 1.0
    Transform your PC into a tropical coral reef. Dive right in and let these fantastically animated salt water fish enchant you. Fifteen types of salt water fish elegantly make their way through the fascinating world of the coral reefs.

  • Chevrolet Car Screensaver  157)   Chevrolet Car Screensaver 1.0
    One of the most popular American car brands. Such auto icons as Impala and Corvette and many other remarkable and well-known realizations of auto thought are related to this high-class brand. All the best from Chevrolet is right on your desktop.

  • 3D Outer Space  158)   3D Outer Space 1.0
    Let these images of outer space and cosmic sounds mesmerize your imagination. Watch and wonder as space stations, planets, stars, and galaxies appear before your eyes--all in glorious 3D. Fitting and complementary music included.

  • Tropical Island Escape  159)   Tropical Island Escape 1.0
    It's time for you to take that vacation you deserve and escape from it all. Relax in style on your own tropical island and listen to the gentle ocean waves lapping on the beach.

  • Multi-screen Remote Desktop  160)   Multi-screen Remote Desktop 2007.36
    Multi-Screen Remote Desktop - The ideal remote-control and remote-access solution. Display Remote Desktops and control them in real time simultaneously, as if you were sitting in front of them. Display each desktop in 1, 4, 6 or 9 window(s).

  • Horror Of The Night Screensaver  162)   Horror Of The Night Screensaver 1.0
    Free multiscenes animated screensaver with petrifying music. Witches flying around in rain of blood. Can you imagine? Watch the haunted house full of ghosts and ghouls as it gets dark outside with this free horror screensaver.

  • Magic Alchemy 3D Screensaver  163)   Magic Alchemy 3D Screensaver 1.21.3
    The Magic Alchemy 3D Screensaver shows you an ancient alchemy lab complete with mystic stuff, amazing lighting effects and mysterious fog. It uses the graphic effects which won the "fog" contest at flipcode.com. Show it off and it will impress you

  • Vicious Blob Monsters Rainbow Screensaver  164)   Vicious Blob Monsters Rainbow Screensaver 1.01
    Vicious Blob Monsters Rainbow Screensaver by MagicScreenThemes.com is a fun enhancement for Windows. This is a family screensaver featuring bright cartoon images, bold colors and sound effects. Blob monsters are very hungry and just as funny.

  • Alien Countdown  165)   Alien Countdown 3.96
    In the Countdown Screensaver you are inside a spaceships cockpit looking out the window at the passing stars and planets. On the dashboard display are the date as Wednesday, Dec 25, 2002, the time in a 12-hour clock and a countdown clock

  • Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver  166)   Dinosaurs 3D Screensaver 1.1
    Unlock the mystery of dinosaurs and discover the amazing variety of prehistoric life. This spectacular 3D screensaver gives you a chance to travel 200 million years back in time to the mind-boggling world of these dangerous, but elegant reptiles.

  • Skyline 3D  167)   Skyline 3D 1.0
    Walking along the streets, you cannot pass by Nissan Skyline! Newest headlights, cool bumper, neon highlight, cast steel disks and tones - anyone who will see all these things would like to jump in the car and take some drive around the city!

  • Sacred Angels Christian Screensaver  168)   Sacred Angels Christian Screensaver 2.0
    This tasteful Christian screensaver shows the sacred angels enjoying life in the clouds. Pearly gates surround the scene with a gentle melody playing. Graceful white doves can also be seen flying in the distance of this Christian Screensaver.

  • BirdSounds  170)   BirdSounds 1.0.2
    BirdSounds is a screen saver that anyone who likes birds should love. It chooses from 35 recordings of bird calls to play for you to give you a virtual stereo environment full of birds, along with pictures of birds on the screen.

  • Klingon Screen Saver  171)   Klingon Screen Saver 1.0
    Klingon Screen Saver is a Freeware Mac OS X screen saver featuring a 360 degree rotating Klingon Empire logo from Star Trek.

  • Beach Scenes  172)   Beach Scenes 4.01
    The Beach Scenes Screen Saver features beautiful white sandy beaches of Hawaii and others tropical regions. If you like nature, and love white sandy beaches with palm tree are in particular then this screen saver is for you.

  • Awesome Navy Aircraft Screen Saver  173)   Awesome Navy Aircraft Screen Saver 1.0
    A screen saver with photos of U.S. Navy aircraft in action. All photos are 800x600 high-quality images (a 1024x768 version is available). This Lite version (5 photos) is free, a Gold version has 36 photos and may be purchased at Awesome-Screens.com

  • Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver  174)   Mechanical Clock 3D Screensaver 1.2
    Ever wondered how a clock works? Want to see all the "internals"? Get this magnificent, realistic Mechanical Clock 3D screensaver. All mechanisms work in perfect sync. The clock shows real computer clock time.

  • T-Minus Baby's Due Date Countdown  175)   T-Minus Baby's Due Date Countdown 6.0
    T-Minus Baby's Due Date CountdownYour baby's due date is one of the most important events of your life. Now you can count down the time to this special occasion.

  • Raging River Screensaver  176)   Raging River Screensaver 1.1.4
    Screensaver with analog clock and animated background. Raging water of the mountain river falls downwards on stones. It is tremendous animated background for stylish analog clock. You will hear calming sounds of raging water and clock's sounds.

  • Butterflies3D  177)   Butterflies3D 1.0
    See hummingbirds and a dragonfly buzz around while a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies flutter and land on the beautiful landscape. Choose butterflies from twenty colorful species, choose from 3 scenes, including Yosemite and the rain forest.

  • 3D Chemical Elements ScreenSaver  178)   3D Chemical Elements ScreenSaver 1.1
    Have you ever imagined the smallest bricks of the Universe - all that atoms with their protons, neutrons, electrons and quarks? With this 3D Screensaver you have the unique opportunity to see how they look like in reality with amazing visual effects.

  • F-4 Phantom II Screensaver  179)   F-4 Phantom II Screensaver 1.0
    The free aircraft screensaver, F-4 Phantom II, contains 25 high quality images of the F-4 Phantom II fighter-bomber. The McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II is a two-seat supersonic long-range all-weather fighter-bomber.

  • Cloud Illusions Screen Saver  180)   Cloud Illusions Screen Saver 1.0
    Contains 50 beautiful soothing images of clouds. Sit back, relax, and let your mind wander with the clouds. You set the timing and transistions between images.

  • Sonne 3D Bildschirmschoner  181)   Sonne 3D Bildschirmschoner 1.0
    Die Sonne ist der auffaelligste Himmelskoerper unseres Sonnensystems. Sie ist der groeesste Koerper mit 98% der gesamten Masse. Einhundertundneun Erden waeren noetig, die Oberflaeche der Sonne zu bedecken.

  • Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars  Screensaver  182)   Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars Screensaver 1
    Introducing the "Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars" 3D Screensaver, from gabrielmichael.com. The highly unique and collectible "Hip Hop, Graffiti, and Cars" 3D Screensaver features bangin' music, bold Old-School style Graffiti Art, and Hot Cars.

  • Cupid Clock screensaver  183)   Cupid Clock screensaver 2.4
    Joyful Cupids fly around a heart-clock with angel wings and shoot from their magical love-bows here and there. Each Cupid's shot fills the world with love. It's a great gift for Valentine's day.

  • Calm Before the Storm  184)   Calm Before the Storm 1.0
    Calm Before The Storm sends soothing jolts of lightning through your system. Watch these photographic backgrounds as they are lit up by the dance of lighting in the skies.

  • 365 Air Force Airplanes Screen Saver  185)   365 Air Force Airplanes Screen Saver 2.1
    This screensaver rotates over forty STRIKING AERIAL AND GROUND PHOTOS of military aircrafts including the F-15 Eagle and F-16 Falcon, the B-1 Lancer and B-2 Spirit and many others. Be energized as you see the world's mightiest airplanes in action!

  • Turkey Shoot  186)   Turkey Shoot 1.1
    Just in time for Thanksgiving, this screen saver puts an understandably worried turkey squarely in your cross sights. Watch the turkey run around the screen, sweating, and ducking behind bushes. Contains great animation and sound effects.

  • Polar Lotus  187)   Polar Lotus 1.3
    Hypnotic stream of lotus flowers with ever changing colors and shapes. The colors and patterns that the lotuses create are designed to stimulate the energy centers of your body,the chakras. Polar Lotus will give you uplifting and mystica experiences.

  • StarFleet Medical Screen Saver  188)   StarFleet Medical Screen Saver 1.0
    StarFleet Medical Facility Screen Saver is a Freeware Mac OS X screen saver featuring a 360 degree rotating StarFleet Medical logo from Star Trek.

  • 42 Tai Chi  Screensaver  189)   42 Tai Chi Screensaver 2.1
    The most beautiful video screensaver.The real chinese Tai Chi screensaver.You can enjoy and learn real chinese kungfu.

  • Cities at Night Screensaver  190)   Cities at Night Screensaver 1.0
    This free screen saver explores the side of cities that most of us don't see as we go about our daily chores. The beautiful photography includes: city skylines at dusk, firework display over the bay, lonely empty streets, beautiful fountains, more.

  • Azure Shore  191)   Azure Shore 1.0
    The beautiful morning on the azure shore of island, the bird’s singing and wave’s murmur. What else do you need for a good rest?

  • Federation Screen Saver  193)   Federation Screen Saver 2.0
    Federation Screen Saver is a Freeware Mac OS X screen saver featuring a 360 degree rotating United Federation of Planets logo from Star Trek The Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space Nine.

  • Speed Ellipses  194)   Speed Ellipses 1.3
    These visuals will give you energy, raise your pulse and make your heart beat faster.WARNING! This screensaver is not for the faint-hearted. Only watch it if you can handle ultra-speed flashing visuals.

  • Paris Fashion Plates Screen Saver  195)   Paris Fashion Plates Screen Saver 1.0
    Enjoy 80 Colorful and suprisingly whimsical Edwardian Paris fashion plates that illustrate pre-war Haute Couture. We have chosen these plates for their artistic qualities. Art Deco influenced many of these artists. Advertising art at it's finest.

  • Screensaver Launcher  197)   Screensaver Launcher 1.03
    Activate your default screen saver from the desktop or system tray. Get small and useful utility, only for $9.45 !

  • Bright Summer Screensaver  198)   Bright Summer Screensaver 1.0
    Is summer your favorite season? Do you enjoy the warm summer sun, nice weather and summer activities? Then this is your screensaver!

  • Brown Bear Screensaver  199)   Brown Bear Screensaver 1.0
    The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a species of bear distributed throughout the Northern hemisphere. Brown Bear is a free animal screensaver created by RateMyScreensaver.com.

  • Colors of Autumn Free Screensaver  200)   Colors of Autumn Free Screensaver 3.0
    The free Colors of Autumn Screensaver by Scenic Reflections displays 60 beautiful and colorful images of the fall season. See and experience the awe of autumn right on your computer. We're sure you're going to fall in love with this free screensaver.

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