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  • RummyRoyal  201)   RummyRoyal 16.1
    The most exciting place on web to play Rummy Online. Free to download Online Rummy software. Get free $500 playing money and start playing. Play Oklahoma Gin Rummy, online gin rummy etc. You can even learn to play Rummy at RummyRoyal.

  • T3 Tic Tac Toe  202)   T3 Tic Tac Toe 1.01
    T3 Tic Tac Toe, play against computer with 3 levels of play, random, smarter, and T3 toughness.

  • Totem Treasure  203)   Totem Treasure
    Play the pokies at home with Totem Treasure. 5 and 6 and 7 Reel and Special Editions available.

  • Neolithic Baccarat  205)   Neolithic Baccarat 1.0
    Four nice dinosaurs, palms and wild plants will astonish you with their graphics, the music and special sound effects will carry you into the past; original personages, unusual cards and bright colors will embellish the picture.

  • Prehistoric Baccarat  206)   Prehistoric Baccarat 1.0
    Four nice dinosaurs, palms and wild plants will astonish you with their graphics, the music and special sound effects will carry you into the past; original personages, unusual cards and bright colors will embellish the picture.

  • Klondike Collection  208)   Klondike Collection 6.0
    Klondike Collection is World's Largest Klondike Games Collection with 62 Klondike Games including 25 standard games and 37 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

  • German Whist by MeggieSoft Games  209)   German Whist by MeggieSoft Games 2008
    MeggieSoft Games German Whist is a comprehensive implementation of the popular Whist card game for two players. Play against an online opponent or against your computer with many customizable visual, audio, and game options.

  • Pure Patience  211)   Pure Patience 1.0
    Pure Patience is a card game of patience, or solitaire, as it is called in America. The object of the game is to combine the tiles as a full house. Pure Patience is free. No spyware or adware modules are included; it is just a free card game.

  • Master’s Tarot - Camelot Edition  212)   Master’s Tarot - Camelot Edition 9.0
    Historic card game of divination. Users may use the 22 Major Arcane or the 78 Major/Minor Arcane. Eleven popular card spreads. MS Agent speech, animation, music and more. Must see. Very popular!

  • JPN-Multi  215)   JPN-Multi 1.0
    JPN-Multi is not a single game, but, like is name, you can play many games: bowling, curling, memory games, sond.... it's easy and and very fun.

  • Magic Solitaires Collection  217)   Magic Solitaires Collection 1.0
    Magic Solitaires Collection contains more than 20 of most popular solitaire games (Klondike, Free Cell, Four Seasons, Scorpion, Pyramid, etc).

  • Online Holdem Inspector  218)   Online Holdem Inspector 2.15
    Calculate Texas Holdem poker odds instantly while you play online. If you run Holdem Inspector while playing online, it will capture all the upcards from the game table and display detailed stats for all betting rounds instantly.

  • FreeCell Wizard  220)   FreeCell Wizard 3.1
    FreeCell Wizard is a solitaire game that includes the popular game FreeCell and 15 other similar games. It features lush graphics, large easy-to-read cards, sound, and in-depth statistics.

  • Mesolithic Craps  221)   Mesolithic Craps 1.0
    You can play Mesolithic Craps with a prehistoric man. Just place a bet, shoot the craps and wait for a result. This hazardous and absorbing game with a non-predictable ending will win your heart! Take pleasure in the music, graphics and the game.

  • Master Cribbage  222)   Master Cribbage 2.0
    Excellent cribbage card game. Features high resolution vector graphics. Developed with Macromedia Flash. Invcludes many features such as rules of play, yhelp, sounds, voice etc.

  • SpadesFun  223)   SpadesFun 1.09
    A card game of Spades with good graphics and intelligent computer players. In this version you partner is the beautiful Cynthia and you are playing against Professor Bumble and Lady Hattie. Statistics kept of games won and lost.

  • Elite Freecell  224)   Elite Freecell 1.0
    A new life of old freecell. Elements of adventure have been introduced in the popular game. However you still can play the classic style game. A built-in Hi-Scores table and amusing sound effects guarantees a lot of fun and excitement for you!

  • Spiteful Bank  226)   Spiteful Bank 2.5.0
    SB is an engaging and challenging double-solitaire card game, based on Russian Bank/ Crapette, played against a computer opponent. Players are dealt from separate decks and then the challenge begins! Easy to learn how to play. Also playable online.

  • Prehistoric Craps  227)   Prehistoric Craps 1.0
    You can play Prehistoric Craps with a prehistoric man. Just place a bet, shoot the craps and wait for a result. This hazardous and absorbing game with a non-predictable ending will win your heart! Take pleasure in the music, graphics and the game.

  • Win@Baccarat - FREE  228)   Win@Baccarat - FREE 2.9
    Learn Baccarat and practise your Betting Strategy & Money Management using our unique marking card for FREE. Written for International Baccarat players Wong Phat Phat and Patrick Moore who wanted to test their skills outside of a casino environment.

  • 4 Suit Spider Solitaire  230)   4 Suit Spider Solitaire 1.0
    Spider Solitaire buffs, this puzzle game is for you! 4 Suit Spider Solitaire is the ultimate adventure in spider solitaire card games. It is the highest level of difficulty among all spider solitaire games. This strategy game involves all four suits.

  • play online backgammon  231)   play online backgammon 4.18
    Golden-Gammon is an excellent online information resource for Backgammon players. It has well-written playing rules, useful tips on winning strategy and updated information on tournaments. The site is available in seven languages, including English.

  • Spider Collection  232)   Spider Collection 6.0
    Spider Collection is World's Largest Spider Games Collection with 62 Spider Games including 11 standard games and 51 original games which you will not find anywhere else.

  • Solitaire 6  233)   Solitaire 6 1.1
    Play Solitaire online with players from all around the world. Participate in live solitaire matches online. Play Online Solitaire and Learn Solitaire Rules and Strategy.

  • Gammon On Net  234)   Gammon On Net 2005
    Enjoy 24 hour backgammon tournaments with players around the world in a real-life 3D setting. Watch other backgammon games; get useful strategy tips and free-play as much as you want.

  • Elite Solitaire  235)   Elite Solitaire 1.0
    A new remake of favorite game for a big number of users. You can choose an appearance design according to your own taste. There are some original features: amusing sound effects, original bonuses and a Table Of Honour.

  • Hand Foot Canasta  236)   Hand Foot Canasta 3.65
    2 handed game of Hand & Foot Canasta, Won/lost totals, Sound on/off, Save game for play later. Triple deck game to 10,000 points. Very competitive play. Shareware version has 25 "Trial game" limit. Registered versions have unlimited play.

  • Gammon Fortune  237)   Gammon Fortune 2.57
    Gammon-Fortune is one of the rare examples of a Backgammon portal that really knows how to deliver information – about playing rules, winning strategies and the latest Backgammon tournaments found on the Internet.

  • MB Card Divination  238)   MB Card Divination 1.15
    MB Card Divination is a divination software which tells you what your future has in store for you. This includes the most popular card decks used in divination namely the Tarot, Playing Cards, La Baraja and the Madame Lenormand cards.

  • Turtle Solitaire  239)   Turtle Solitaire 1.0
    Play solitaire with a small funny turtle and take a rest from routine in the world of bright colors and positive emotions. The wave of excellent spirits will capture even those who never played a solitaire game!

  • Craps.com  240)   Craps.com 1.1
    The last of the company Playtech (world leader of the software of play on line) will cut you the breath with his sensational graphics and his incredible Bonus of Welcome of ₤1177.

  • Jamaica Baccarat  241)   Jamaica Baccarat 1.0
    Jamaica Baccarat has a splendid design which attracts with its liveliness. Special music sounds during the game make your playing more pleasant. Excellent graphics will astonish you nicely and the game itself will produce an unforgettable impression!

  • Japanese Craps  243)   Japanese Craps 1.0
    The object of Japanese Craps is to predict the outcome of a roll of the dice, but it is as difficult as to predict somebody's fate. Try, throw the dice and commit yourself to Fortune's care! Till the dices is rolling listen to music and relax.

  • SpiteNET: Spite and Malice  244)   SpiteNET: Spite and Malice 9.5.0
    This card game with an attitude, is a fast moving and addictive card game. A form of competitive solitaire where you are challenged by the wit and skill of Spite, the computer opponent. Similar to SkipBo. Also playable with an Internet/LAN connection

  • Atomic Sevens  245)   Atomic Sevens 1.04.1
    Atomic Sevens is a casino style slot machine simulator that puts you right in the middle of the action. The game features excellent graphics, superb sounds and most importantly that unique casino atmosphere - the thrill, the excitement and the rush.

  • Pharaohs Gold  246)   Pharaohs Gold
    Play the pokies at home with Pharaohs Gold. 5 and 6 Reel and Special Editions available.

  • Solgames 2004  247)   Solgames 2004 11.0
    Solgames 2004 is world's most favorite Solitaire card games collection with 350 different card games including 228 original games.....

  • Halloween Cruel Solitaire  248)   Halloween Cruel Solitaire 1.0
    Halloween Cruel is a pile based card game with a Halloween theme. Cruel begins with the cards dealt into 12 piles of 4 with the Aces dealt on the left into the suit pile. Use the shift button to move the cards back into piles of 4 cards each.

  • Christmas Pyramid Solitaire  249)   Christmas Pyramid Solitaire 1.0
    Christmas Pyramid Solitaire is a version of pyramid solitaire with a fun Christmas theme. A classic pairing solitaire card game where the player is attempting to pair up cards that have a total value of 13 (e.g. 10 and 3, Jack and 2, Queen and Ace).

  • Egyptian Hardcell  250)   Egyptian Hardcell 1.0
    Egyptian Hardcell, is a frecell solitaire card game with an Egyptian theme that is made more difficult by flipping over several cards at the bottom of each column. Play in full screen mode, perfect for a quick break from work in the office.

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