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  • Cyclanoid  51)   Cyclanoid 8.3993
    This is a set of games and logic puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. You can play offered games and create your own logic puzzles using built-in game builder.

  • Rainbow Web 2  52)   Rainbow Web 2 1.0
    Return to the magical Rainbow Kingdom for all-new matching fun in this colorful sequel! The lands of Rainbow Kingdom have been freed from the Sorcerer Spider's sticky spell but Royal Palace is caught in a dastardly web.

  • El Dorado Quest  53)   El Dorado Quest 1.0
    Turn sand tiles to gold by rearranging valuable relics and piece together 7 forgotten artifacts to find the lost city of El Dorado!

  • Pirateville  54)   Pirateville 1.0
    Follow a story where magic, love, gold and weapons are woven together with the fate of Jack the Sharpshooter and the secret of an ancient casket!

  • Rotate Mania 2  55)   Rotate Mania 2 1.0
    Good news for Rotate Mania fans!!! New release of this popular game for OS5/HiRes. Now you can enjoy quality of graphics and effects, enhanced music and sound. There are several game modes and wide choice of skins available in this release.

  • Jewel Miner  56)   Jewel Miner 1.0
    Play Online Jewel Miner Game - Gold Miner's niece, Julie, has her own exciting new matching game!

  • Around the World in 80 Days  57)   Around the World in 80 Days 1.0
    Travel and adventure await you when you race around the world in 80 days! Solve puzzles and be whisked from continent to continent in a journey of a lifetime!

  • Esthers Playhouse  58)   Esthers Playhouse 1.0
    Esthers's Playhouse is a fun and educational game for kids. It teaches all the fundamentals of kindergarten in one fun filled game. Your kids will learn the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, and puzzles. Download it and try it out today.

  • Deep Blue Sea  59)   Deep Blue Sea 1.1.3
    Dive in to the Deep Blue Sea and find treasure and adventure in an underwater world. The mystery of the aquatic people of Avalonia unfolds as you discover the scattered fragments of their Sacred Amulets, salvaging treasure along the way.

  • Bubble Golden Pack 2  61)   Bubble Golden Pack 2 2.0
    All the games of Bubble series for OS 5 and Sony Clie combined in one! Now you can install these games - Bubble Shooter, Bubble Thriller and Bubble FlyTrix in one go. The goal is to explode all the bubbles before they overflow the board.

  • 15 Classic Slide Puzzle  62)   15 Classic Slide Puzzle 2.9
    15 slide puzzle is freeware recalling the popular game. The puzzle consists of a box with 15 numbered tiles that can be slid around to be arranged from 1 to 15.There is the option of turning on simple sound effects and using different color schemes.

  • Stratavon  64)   Stratavon 1
    Stratavon is a race for the money board game, similar to Wheel Of Fortune.

  • Sympathy Crossword Construction  65)   Sympathy Crossword Construction 2.4
    Sympathy helps you create professional quality crosswords for publication in print form or on the web. Its comprehensive construction features and flexibility in grid drawing and puzzle layout appeal to both compilers and publishers of crosswords.

  • Prime Time: Math Adventure  66)   Prime Time: Math Adventure 1.1
    Prime Time: Math Adventure is a math-based puzzle game that is actually FUN! Prime Time provides the benefits of educational software in a package enjoyable for both students and gamers. Try this gameplay demo to see how much fun math can be!

  • Excel Tetris  67)   Excel Tetris 1.1
    Here is a use Microsoft undoubtedly did not have in mind for Excel - a spreadsheet that contains a fully-functional arcade game. Perfect for learning about Excel, relaxing at the office, or simply enjoying a classic game!

  • TriviaNet Challenge  68)   TriviaNet Challenge 1.0
    Test your wits against the TriviaNet computer, the toughest and meanest quizmaster in town. All the fun of your favourite TV quiz show, with over 6,000 questions in nine categories including TV, Music, Movies, Sport, Science and more.

  • Killer Sudoku or Sum Sudoku  69)   Killer Sudoku or Sum Sudoku 0.1
    Play the japanese puzzle game killer sudoku / sum sudku in your windows computers. Includes 30 free killer sudoku puzzles. Killer sudoku puzzles are more challenging than normal sudoku puzzles. Its a blend of kakuro and sudoku.

  • Pirate Board Game  70)   Pirate Board Game 2.0
    Pirate Board Game is an interesting free game where you get to play some domino. You are in a hidden pirate club where you play an interesting game of domino with some of the most notorious pirates and creatures of the sea.

  • Agatha Christie  72)   Agatha Christie 1.0
    Solve this classic Agatha Christie murder mystery as you play the role of Detective Hercule Poirot, in this exciting Seek and Find adventure!

  • Azada  73)   Azada 1.0
    What is Azada? Uncover the secret in the missing pages of an enchanted book and break free from a magical puzzle prison!

  • AlterJig  74)   AlterJig 8.3993
    This is a set of games and jigsaw puzzles with various board sizes and controls to allow for easy, medium, or high skill levels. You can play offered games and create your own logic puzzles using your own bitmaps.

  • Emergency Operation  75)   Emergency Operation 1.0
    Are you ready to play doctor? Step into the emergency room and don't be afraid to get your hands dirty in this adventure/puzzle game where your skill and steady movement can save a life.

  • Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb  76)   Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb 1.0
    Travel the world in search of forgotten treasures! Find hidden objects and circumvent puzzle traps to recover the Lost Tomb of Ancient Egypt!

  • Critical Seeker Christmas  version  77)   Critical Seeker Christmas version 5.2.25
    A smart photo hunt game challenging your power of observation. With Critical Seeker Christmas version, players are to spot the five differences between two virtually identical images in time. It features amusing music, and a smart interface.

  • 3D SuDoku Pro  78)   3D SuDoku Pro 1.0
    This version has OpenGL compatible 3D graphics and sounds which make the gameplay more pleasant than ever. The game has such features as hints, mistake spotting and it automatically saves the game for you whenever you exit and loads it when you start

  • Just Sudoku  79)   Just Sudoku 1.0
    A free game with lots of different Sudoku puzzles to solve. The aim of sudoku is to enter the digits from 1 to 9 in a grid with 81 cells without repeating them in rows, columns and regions. A simple game - but unbelievable addictive!

  • WinSudoku  80)   WinSudoku 2.4
    Sudoku puzzle game and solver for windows. Hint features include scan, markup and reveal cell. You can print puzzles on paper, save them as an image and solve newspaper puzzles. Sizes from 4x4 to 16x16 and difficulties from very easy to very hard.

  • Maze Creator HOME  81)   Maze Creator HOME 1.90
    Print random customized mazes with solution. Mazes can be customized in shape, drawn-on, add pictures, and number of starting and stopping points. A mask can be applied to help rapidly develop new designs. See www.mazecreator.com for more...

  • Burger Island  82)   Burger Island 1.0
    Play Online Burger Island Game - Turn a run-down burger stand into the hippest joint ever in Burger Island!

  • Storekeeper  83)   Storekeeper 1.3
    Storekeeper is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them in designated locations. Only one box may be pushed at a time, and boxes cannot be pulled.

  • Sprill - The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle  84)   Sprill - The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle 1.0
    Aliens have kidnapped Sprill and won't let him go until he finds a special pearl that will save their planet! You'll have fun from beginning to end as you and Sprill discover the secret of the Bermuda Triangle!

  • Bubble Bomb  85)   Bubble Bomb 1.5
    Use your wits to get the highest score possible in this exciting colour matching game.

  • 2004 Mahjongg Lite  86)   2004 Mahjongg Lite 4.0
    This mahjongg game has OpenGL compatible 3D graphics with reflections and dynamic projected shadows. You can view the tiles from any angle and position. The game also has sounds and options like hint and undo.

  • Letter Rack 3D  87)   Letter Rack 3D 5.04
    Letter Rack 3D - Now the world's most popular word game is available in breathtaking 3D realism that has to be seen to be believed. It really is 'too good for words !'. See it for yourself at our website : www.softspotsoftware.com/LetterRack3D

  • Target Words  88)   Target Words 2.02
    Target Words creates and solves those 9 letter anagrams that are commonly found in various newspapers and involves finding words of 4 letters or more all using a common key letter.

    Guess the quote made by a genius. Simply guess the first letter of each word. Play and guess quotes from Socrates, Plato, Einstein and more.

  • Mystery Cookbook  90)   Mystery Cookbook 1.0
    It's bon appetite as you take the role of a go-getting mouse who's out to become a skilled chef. Packed with adventure and brimming with laughs, Mystery Cookbook is a delightful hidden object challenge for gamers.

  • Word Link  91)   Word Link 1.0.3
    Word Link is an interesting variation of a word search puzzle. The objective of the game is to find as many words as possible from a letter grid.Try to find all words taking your own time, or in arcade mode you can go through 10 levels.

  • 3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited  93)   3D Shangai Mahjong Unlimited 1.1
    A unique game of thought in 3 dimensions requiring you to form the words presented on the board by using the lettered cubes. It is up to you to learn to correctly position the cubes. It's just you, your mind and the cubes!

  • 100% Word Search  94)   100% Word Search 2.2
    Both create and play attractive wordsearch puzzles. Easy-to-use and powerful. Popular amongst teachers. Make puzzles in custom shapes and sizes. Puzzles can be saved, printed and exported. Features sound, resizable GUI, help and sample puzzles.

  • OrbitZ  98)   OrbitZ 1.8
    OrbitZ is a beautifully designed puzzle game that requires logical thinking, skill and strategy. Excellent 3D pre- rendered graphics and a massive variety of levels will give you hours of fun

  • Avid Hangman Deluxe  99)   Avid Hangman Deluxe 1.0
    Enjoy the game you loved as a kid on your computer with 3d graphics. Challenge your word skills and see whos left hanging!

  • MysteryMemory  100)   MysteryMemory 1.00
    A murder was committed. You get clues to solving the crime while playing memory. If you're not fast enough, the murderer will strike again and there will be more victims. Can you figure out who the killer is?

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