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  • 3 Secrets Reader with EBooks Ver  51)   3 Secrets Reader with EBooks Ver 1.0
    This E-Book Reader contains two books; 3 Secrets to a Woman's Heart and 3 Secrets to a Man's Heart, which divulge the secrets of the LOVE Relationship and what it takes to get that special someone into your life.

  • Golf Handicap Manager for Excel  52)   Golf Handicap Manager for Excel 5.1
    Golf Handicap Manager for Excel is a custom application written for Microsoft Excel. It meets all the requirements of the USGA Handicap System for the computation of USGA Handicap Indexes.

  • Ebook Compiler  53)   Ebook Compiler 2
    -E-book content is secure, safe, and loads quickly -Brand your ebooks easily -Help file that explains everything in simple terms -Create trial e-books that will expire just like shareware --Password lock to your e-book to protect your content

  • Good Quality Leather Handbag E-book  54)   Good Quality Leather Handbag E-book 1
    Ebook containing images of various styles of leather purses and handbags. Are you after hot looking handbags? For the girls of today, handbags provides an insight into they type of female she is.

  • Soccer Match Predictor  55)   Soccer Match Predictor 1.4
    With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict soccer match results with great accuracy! If you want to make a living at sports betting this will be an invaluable tool for you!

  • Audio Army Study Guide  56)   Audio Army Study Guide 1.1
    Audio Army Promotion Board Study Guide. Let the computer quiz you, by reading the questions and answers aloud. It never tires and is always ready to study when you are.

  • Internal Energy Strikes  57)   Internal Energy Strikes 2.0
    Both martial artists and nonmartial artists have doubled their striking power with my methods. Learn martial arts internal energy strikes with Sensei J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. and his no nonsense method. Hit Harder Punch Harder Kick Harder Block Bette

  • Will You Marry Me?  58)   Will You Marry Me? 2007
    Keep track of guest information, plan table seating, keep an eye on your budget, import and export to other popular programs, keep a detailed gift list, access over 100 reports print envelopes, mailing labels, table place cards and more!

  • Virtual Poet  59)   Virtual Poet 2.2.6
    The Virtual Poet is a program that automatically selects words that rhyme with a particular word chosen by the user. Virtual Poet can help make you the poet you have always wanted to be!

  • face4 Face memory game  60)   face4 Face memory game 01
    Face memory game. Memorization middot memorization middot memorization middot memorization middot memorizations memorize memorize this face middot memorize your lines. Sony doubles cd memory to face dvd threat from electronics times in array provide

  • MOB ebook  61)   MOB ebook 1.1
    ebook - M.O.B. - A Personal Journey Through Life's Little Problems, written by Allan Southern, is the often humorous chronicling of the author's experiences through life. - Read 20% of it free, pay to read the rest.

  • Letter Of Recommendation Sample  62)   Letter Of Recommendation Sample 1.0
    Letters of recommendation are very important materials for work references and career enhancement. You can now have 40+ Professionally written Letters Of Recommmendation for any occassion for just 19.99

  • Ghost Forest - an audiobook excerpt  63)   Ghost Forest - an audiobook excerpt 1
    Audiobook excerpt. Anne (Red) lives happily with Mom somewhere at the end of town ... until, quite of a sudden, she gets into the mysterious, magic Ghost Forest. A lot of adventures expect her there ... not incidentally, as it turns out at the end.

  • The Phantom of the Opera  64)   The Phantom of the Opera 1.0
    The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. A disfigured man, known as the Phantom who loves to strike fear in the minds of the Paris Opera House staff, comes to a young singer, Christine Daae, and tutors her voice.

  • Law of Attraction Visualisation  65)   Law of Attraction Visualisation 1.0
    Subliminal program that helps you visualize your desires. You can add any image to this program and it will be subliminally displayed on your windows desktop at the top of all windows. Every image will be displayed for a very short time interval

  • Civil War Books: Robert E. Lee  66)   Civil War Books: Robert E. Lee 1.0
    Learn about Civil War General Robert E. Lee. A computer version of the book: Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee by Captain Robert E. Lee, His Son. A view of Robert E. Lee from letters Lee wrote to family, friends, and associates.

  • Old Cartoons eBook  67)   Old Cartoons eBook 1.0
    Old Cartoons eBook highlighting four cartoons. These classic cartoons are still watched today.

  • Sensual Desserts  68)   Sensual Desserts 2003
    If you are open-minded, daring and in love then, this recipe ebook is for you. Spice up your love life! Not with pepper but with chocolate, whipped cream, cherries, pudding, etc. Sure to satisfy all your appetites. Indulge!

  • How to Get Your Ex Back  69)   How to Get Your Ex Back 1.0
    If you've recently been through a breakup, don't give up hope just yet. 3 ways to get your ex begging to come back to you, regardless of how hopeless your situation appears...

  • Free Thank You Letter For Interview Job  70)   Free Thank You Letter For Interview Job 10.0
    Get 200+ Thank You Letters For Only $9.99. Our Thank-You letters include topics such as: follow up thank you letters, thank a customer, thank you letter for a job, thank you letter for a meeting, thank someone for help or support and Many More!!!

  • MedSpel  71)   MedSpel 7
    MedSpel 7 includes over 40,000 medical spellling words that can be added to your Microsoft Word spelling dictionary on you Windows computer.

  • ABC Fire meditation 05  72)   ABC Fire meditation 05 8.10.12
    Fire meditation. It's the same with Center Pointe program participants. After a certain amount of time in the Zen program, the new and higher threshold created by exposure to Zen technology not only becomes equal to that of a "healthy" person who d

  • The Shard ebook  73)   The Shard ebook 1.0
    ebook - TheShard - Read part free, pay to read the rest. A chance discovery of a charmed fragment of medieval window glass sends a computer geek battling zombies, cursed monks Goths and garden gnomes in this rip roaring adventure.

  • Kids Bunk Beds  74)   Kids Bunk Beds 1.0
    in this guide (by www.bunkbedsnow.com) we make thing simple and tell you everything you need to know about kids bunk beds.

  • ABC meditation 02  75)   ABC meditation 02 009
    Mind concentration and meditation. Now bring to mind the last year of your life--the roads you have taken and the roads you have not taken, the paths you have walked on and the paths you have neglected, your comings and goings, relationships, workin

  • Oracle 1Z0-051 Free Training  76)   Oracle 1Z0-051 Free Training 2009
    Test-Kings.com Offers Unlimited Download Membership of Over 1700 Certification Test Downloads with Free Study Guides and Free Audio Exams.1Z0-051 Oracle exam training is part of this membership.

  • NLP Tactics  77)   NLP Tactics 1.0
    NLP Tactics is a free Neuro-Linguistic Programming ebook designed to help you achieve more success in life. This step by step guide teaches you the practical applications for managing your life.

  • Wordsearch  78)   Wordsearch 9.30
    Words search Word Detective Word Search GameA seek and find word search game where you put in the words. Print it out for your friends Word Search Maker!Make a word search work sheet! Enter the title that you would like to appear on the word search.

  • Ambrose Bierce Selected Works  79)   Ambrose Bierce Selected Works 2.0
    This great ebook opens the world of Ambrose G. Bierce by providing texts of the Fantastic Fables, Can Such Things Be, An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories, all hyperlinked to the famous Devil's Dictionary.

  • All-in-One Journal  80)   All-in-One Journal 4.1.3
    The All-in-one Journal is the most advanced Journal or Diary Software on the market today. It's a full-featured text Journal with the additional abilities to add voice recordings, MP3s, Videos or even Home Movies to your entries.

  • Begin Writing Fiction  81)   Begin Writing Fiction 1.0
    A comprehensive e-book for fiction writers with as many as 69 stylistic devices. These are incredibly beneficial to help writers better their language skills and understand the nuances of writing.

  • MB Free Zodiac Power Sign  82)   MB Free Zodiac Power Sign 1.20
    MB Free Zodiac Power Sign describes the placement of Pluto in your birth chart. This new planet is also known as the Planet of Change. This sign shows the makeover of your life and the effect of birth and death on an individual.

  • 15000 Useful Phrases ebook  83)   15000 Useful Phrases ebook 1.0
    ebook - 15000 Useful Phrases - Read part of it free, pay to read the rest. Leithauser Research ebook reader included.

  • funny face compare  84)   funny face compare 08.03
    Mug face puzzle. Mug face puzzle. find difference between the faces. A classic pub challenge, the Mug Puzzle Trick will certainly leave the audience puzzled. Eyes, ears, chin, front, nose, hair... Every part of the boy's face has to find its place on

  • Text To Speech Synthesizer  85)   Text To Speech Synthesizer 5.0
    Speech Synthesizer is a great Text To Voice Synthesizer for Children to learn English Speaking & Vocabulary. Speech Synthesizer 5.0 is a powerful text to voice converting application that is extremely useful to converting all types of text to speech.

  • Sherlock Holmes - A Library  86)   Sherlock Holmes - A Library 3.0
    Whodunit? A complete collection of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Read, listen to, and print the Sherlock Holmes stories. This software will read aloud the Sherlock Holmes stories to you using Text-To-Speech Technology.

  • eBooksWriter LITE  87)   eBooksWriter LITE 2006.16.201
    Create ebooks with this comprehensive all-in-one tool, not just a compiler! Self install EXE ebooks with one click. Copy protection; password(s) for different pages/users. Full text/keyword search. Frames, hot spots, mouseover images, visual links...

  • Baseball Predictor  88)   Baseball Predictor 1.4
    With the help of advanced algorithms based on neural networks this revolutionary software will predict baseball (MLB) game results with great accuracy! If you want to make a living at sports betting this will be an invaluable tool for you!

  • Exercises for Abdominal Muscles  89)   Exercises for Abdominal Muscles 1.0
    These Abdominal Exercises For The Lower & Upper Abdominals & The Obliques Will Tone Your Body, Remove Stubborn Belly Fat And Help You Achieve That Six Packs. Learn How To Build Lean Muscle & Lose Body Fat. Get The Effective Ab Training & Workouts

  • Beauty Studio - Make Up Styler 4  90)   Beauty Studio - Make Up Styler 4 4.0
    Make Up Styler 4 helps you in searching for a suitable make-up. Mascara, eyeshadow, lipstick, lipliner, khol, foundation - all colours of the rainbow for your perfect look in Make Up Styler 4. Select from the predefined colours or define your own!

  • Comfort Selling ebook  91)   Comfort Selling ebook 1.0
    ebook - Comfort Selling, an ebook on how to sell to people, or deal with people in a variety of other situations, comfortably - Read part of it free, pay to read the rest. Leithauser Research ebook reader included.

  • Unlock iPhone 2.0  92)   Unlock iPhone 2.0 1.0
    Unlock the iPhone 2.0 in just 3 minutes... Don't get stuck with that high AT&T bill with overprices plans, contracts, roaming charges, and hidden fees. Unlock your iPhone and choose your own carrier. Works on any GSM network!

  • Mandala meditation movie  93)   Mandala meditation movie 11.24
    Mandala meditation. Mandala is a visual representation of Earth's newly evolving energy grid. Focusing on a mandala is a simple, effective way of quieting thoughts and clearing your mind.

  • work from home jobs  94)   work from home jobs 1.0
    The Internet has opened a whole New World of opportunity for even the smallest home-based business owner. in this guide we make things simple and tell you everything you wanted to know about work from home jobs.

  • Seduction  95)   Seduction 1.0
    It is a well-known fact, that if you want to approach woman (or man) you have much more chances if you are a really charismatic person. This program will make the entire seduction process as simple for you as 1-2-3. It influences your subconscious

  • DoLit CHM2LIT  96)   DoLit CHM2LIT 1.1
    DoLit CHM2LIT - is an unique program, which gives you the opportunity to convert enormous amount of information from Windows-help eBooks (*.chm) into Microsoft Reader eBooks (*.lit).

  • Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Wit  98)   Bringing The Martial Artist Out from Wit 2.0
    A printable martial arts ebook for students, instructors, and those training without instructors full of all kinds of self-defense and martial arts drills for any technique, situation and weapon imaginable. Bringing The Martial Artist Out from

  • Integrals Ebook  99)   Integrals Ebook 2.3
    Effective indefinite integrals training using problems selected with resolution stepwise of graphical form and with mathematical form

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