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  • Voiced Keyboard  151)   Voiced Keyboard 3.2
    Make your keyboard speak. Hear what you are typing! Avoid keying errors by listening to your documents as soon as you type them. Improve your typing speed greatly!

  • PPT to Flash Personal  152)   PPT to Flash Personal 2.41
    PPT to Flash Personal is an easy flash authoring tool let you convert PowerPoint to flash.Easy of use, accurate conversion, and small size; Fully functional version, for personal, education and non-profit org. only. Supports Office 2007 now.

  • CrissCross Crossword Compiler  153)   CrissCross Crossword Compiler 2.20
    Crossword compiler for an automatic generation of crossword puzzles using solely own clues, answers, and optionally 1-5 solution words. The crossword puzzles can be saved, edited, and printed together with the solution and the list of clues.

  • Virtual FlashCards  154)   Virtual FlashCards 2
    Create and organize sound, picture or text FlashCards. Then use "smart" study options to optimize study time and enhance memorization. Also includes ability to print, import, share and FlashCards in an easy to use skinable user interface.

  • MS-Agent Scripting Software  155)   MS-Agent Scripting Software 2.3
    MASS is an easy to use tool to create MS Agent scripts with animated, speaking characters. You can easily create agent scripts by dragging the character on screen, selecting a few options and clicking buttons.

    Multimediales Tastatur-Lernprogramm zum systematischen Erlernen des 10-Finger-Systems mit 50 didaktisch aufgebauten Lektionen. Grafische Veranschaulichung der Tastatur und Anzeige aller relevanten Informationen. Geeignet für Einsatz in der Schule.

  • Super Crossword Creator  157)   Super Crossword Creator 2.3
    Create crossword puzzles using Super Crossword Creator! Designed for teachers, Super Crossword Creator allows you to make crosswords that are ideal for classroom use. Create professional looking crosswords that are easy to grade and fun for students!

  • Apimac English-Italian Dictionary  158)   Apimac English-Italian Dictionary 4.1
    Apimac English Italian Dictionary combines all the necessary stuff for students learning Italian, a comprehensive and up to date dictionary with grammatical notes and a huge phrase book containing thousands of English phrases with Italian translation

  • NJStar Chinese Pen  159)   NJStar Chinese Pen 2.0
    NJStar Chinese Pen allows user to input Chinese text by drawing Chinese character on computer screen. It can also read each written character and/or a block of highlighted Chinese text in Mandarin pronunciation.

  • GMAT Simulator  160)   GMAT Simulator 2.0.5
    GMAT Preparation Simulator for evaluating preparedness levels. Supplement your preparation materials and practice quantitative, verbal, and AWA sections with realistic sample questions including the new question types - free demo

  • Free CompTIA A+ Practice Exams: ProProfs  161)   Free CompTIA A+ Practice Exams: ProProfs 2.2.1
    ProProfs FREE A+ Practice Exams includes A+ practice tests and practice questions. Provides a free dynamic A+ practice exam engine. A+ practice tests includes explanations, custom A+ practice exams, A+ certification exam tips, flashcards and reports.

  • Foreign Characters  162)   Foreign Characters 5.50
    Gives computer users quick and easy access to the accented letters of the 14 Euro languages not shown on English keyboard. Characters and phrases can be inserted into ANY Windows program from each language display. FREE TO SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES

  • ThaiTrainer111  163)   ThaiTrainer111 4.4
    Learn Thai language – understand Thai – speak Thai. Learn the Thai language with ThaiTrainer111, the Thai tutorial for your PC. Thai language education course with audio and illustrations.

  • Dictionary German  164)   Dictionary German 1.0
    An Englich to German and German to English Dictionary with 29000 word entries. You can enter a word and you get a list of possible translations. If you only enter the beginnig of a word you get a list of all matching words and there translations.

  • Vocabulary Worksheet Factory  165)   Vocabulary Worksheet Factory 3.1.50
    Easily create challenging vocabulary activities to advance and strengthen basic language skills. Includes crosswords, word searches, word jumbles, and lots more.

  • Foreign Language Game Collection  166)   Foreign Language Game Collection 2.0
    Enjoy foreign language learnig with 5 motivating vocabulary games. The games adapt to the players knowledge and advances, accept synonyms, ignore typing errors and present themselves in an extreme simple, but well designed user interface.

  • MaxMedia Light  167)   MaxMedia Light 1.50
    Create interactive multimedia applications such as presentations, digital album, interactive kiosks and catalogs, cd-cards, cbt, educational games and materials without any complicated programming. With MaxMedia your imagination is your only limit!

  • CalcCoord  169)   CalcCoord 0.0.1
    transforms cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinates (5 languages)

  • German for Beginners  170)   German for Beginners 0.04
    Dieser Kurs gibt absoluten Beginnern einen guten "Lern-Start" mit Deutsch. Enthält Lektionen über Begrüßungen, Zahlen, Verbkonjugationen und praktische Beispiele fürs tägliche Leben.

  • Rorus  171)   Rorus 1.9
    romanian russian dictionary, contains more than 160.000 words

  • MemoryLifter  172)   MemoryLifter 2.1
    Broaden your knowledge with this free multimedia educational software based on the tried-and-true Leitner flashcard system.

  • Plagiarism-Finder  173)   Plagiarism-Finder 1.2.3
    With Plagiarism-Finder, any Windows-based PC with Internet access can be used to check files for exact phrase matching on the Web. Upon completing the scan, Plagiarism-Finder highlights suspect passages and includes links to matching Web pages.

  • AW Geographical Atlas  174)   AW Geographical Atlas 3.0
    Carry the atlas everywhere! Detailed information about countries including location, neighbours, population, economy and military. See the map and flag of each contry of the World. Maps display country borders, neighbours, major cities and rivers.

  • 70-620 MCTS: Windows Vista Certification  175)   70-620 MCTS: Windows Vista Certification 8.01.05
    Pass MCTS 70-620 exam in first attempt. 245 questions with detailed explanation and 35 study notes. 70-620 - Windows Vista Certification study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Microsoft certifi

  • 70-621 MCITP: Enterprise support technic  176)   70-621 MCITP: Enterprise support technic 8.00.05
    Pass MCITP 70-621 exam in first attempt. 280 questions with detailed explanation and 80 study notes. 70-621 - Enterprise support technician (Vista) study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Microso

  • Lingo Vocabulary Trainer  177)   Lingo Vocabulary Trainer 1.0
    Lingo is an intuitive vocabulary trainer that makes it easy to memorize foreign words. With Lingo you can practice words until you know each and every one of them.

  • 1D Heat Transfer  178)   1D Heat Transfer 2.1
    The 1D Heat Transfer software is used for to study one-dimensional heat transfer (steady and unsteady states). It can be used for the geometries: wall, Lx = width; long cylinder, Lx = length; sphere, Lx = R/3 and semi-infinite wall.

  • MB Free Learn Yoga  179)   MB Free Learn Yoga 1.80
    MB Free Learn Yoga is an educational tool for learning the basics of yoga. This program is extremely simple and useful for beginners who want to learn how to practice the different Yogas. It is an advanced yet a handy and an informative software.

  • FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning  180)   FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning 1.1
    FlashPioneer Video Chat for E-learning Solution is professional e-learning software with high performance, well design and organized.It provides flexible and reliable remoting e-learning solution targeting distance learning of any size.

  • Gradebook Power  181)   Gradebook Power 8.00
    Gradebook for teachers. Over 40 teacher, student, and administrative academic reports, attendance, seating charts. Supports block schedule, traditional and trimester academic school years. Email student progress reports.

  • Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin  182)   Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin 2.7
    Learn Chinese and Speak Mandarin is a revolutionary and award winning new system for learning Chinese designed by language experts. The program contains personalized lessons that give special attention to everyday language and pronunciation.

  • MCAD VB.NET Complete Collection pactice  183)   MCAD VB.NET Complete Collection pactice 7.00.05
    Pass MCAD certification exam in first attempt. Includes exam simulator for 70-229 + 70-305 + 70-306 + 70-310 certification exams. 1538 questions with detailed explanation and 761 study notes. MCAD - MCAD VB.NET Complete Collection study notes, artic

  • TypingQueen - Typing Tutor  184)   TypingQueen - Typing Tutor 6.1
    With our typing tutor software we show our users an easy and simple way to learn touch typing. Our touch typing tutor is self-understanding, so you can start right away. New in this version: 4 typing games and typing test.

  • MCAD C# .NET Core Collection -II pactice  185)   MCAD C# .NET Core Collection -II pactice 7.00.05
    Pass MCAD certification exam in first attempt. Includes exam simulator for 70-315 + 70-316 + 70-320 certification exams. 1283 questions with detailed explanation and 580 study notes. MCAD - MCAD C# .NET Core Collection -II study notes, articles and

  • FasType Typing Tutorial  187)   FasType Typing Tutorial 6.0
    FasType is essential for computer users who want to become more productive with their PC by learning how to touch type. FasType shows a 3D keyboard image and uses key animation and sizable text fonts to prompt the typist. School Licenses available.

  • PC Gradebook  188)   PC Gradebook 4.1.2
    Make grading easy. PC Gradebook - The Teacher's Secret Weapon. Grading has never been easier than it is now. With PC Gradebook you can print five different style progress reports for parent communication and much more.

  • Coach Tarot  189)   Coach Tarot 1.0
    Coach Tarot is a “learn and test” educational tool for learning the meanings of the cards in the Rider Waite Deck used in tarot card readings. This flashcard software is a convenient tool for novices.

  • Top Dictionary 2005: English Definition Edition  190)   Top Dictionary 2005: English Definition Edition 2.0
    The complete solution for home users, language learners and professional translators. Top Dictionary Studio 2005 features English Definition dictionary containing over 180 000 words,phrases,transcriptions and definitions.

  • IrrTrainer  191)   IrrTrainer 1.91
    This program is a tool to support the training of irregular english verbs. It makes use of predefined sets of verbs which can be customized. A sophisticated algorithm makes use of training history. Detailed and personalized statistics.

  • CCNA Practice Tests  192)   CCNA Practice Tests 2.0
    Practice tests for Cisco Certified Network Associate conform the latest exam objectives. The package contains 300+ questions with most questions carrying detailed explanations. The question types include Simlets, Testlets, and Router Simulations.

  • IQ Test Trainer pro  193)   IQ Test Trainer pro 1.1
    Increase your average IQ score up to 40 %, develop a total genius mindset, become the quick-thinking humorous wit, astound yourself with your inner creativity! This new software is based on scientific method, widely used for neural networks training.

  • Hunter Dictionary II  194)   Hunter Dictionary II 1.1
    Hunter Dictionary II is a free multifunction online dictionary for translating English word to Chinese, English or Japanese. It is also an specialized dictionary for thesaurus and computing terms.

  • Learn to play Guitar - GCHGA unit2  195)   Learn to play Guitar - GCHGA unit2 1.03
    This version includes a free tuner, a free metronome, a chord chart and the new neck guide to scales. Lessons on guitar theory reading music and finger/plectrum styles. The full version has a full years worth of guitar lessons.

  • Question Writer  197)   Question Writer 4.2
    Fast, easy-to-use quiz software lets you publish quizzes online in minutes! Quiz reports sent to your e-mail address. The most complete feature set of any quiz maker available. Includes quiz management software & LMS integration. Print & create PDFs

  • Type Fast  198)   Type Fast 1.0
    Type Fast 1.0 - set of 3 games. All of them help you to train fast typing. So - learn typing playing games !

  • AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus  199)   AceReader Pro Deluxe Plus 7.3.2
    Speed Reading, Assessment and Online Reader Software. Improve your reading skills by training with Drills, Games and Courses. Track your progress by taking Comprehension Tests (for grades 1-12+). Read efficiently online with the Online Reader.

  • 70-315 MCAD Web Applications with C# .NE  200)   70-315 MCAD Web Applications with C# .NE 8.05.05
    Pass MCAD 70-315 exam in first attempt. 456 questions with detailed explanation and 203 study notes. 70-315 - Web Applications with C# .NET study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Microsoft cert

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