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  • Automated Weight Loss Advisor  201)   Automated Weight Loss Advisor 1.0
    Lose weight easily, meet your personal goals. The Advisor calculates how many calories to eat per day to reach your target weight when you want. It tells you which diet plans will work best for you. Also gives BMI, BMR, and metabolism.

  • MacBreakZ  202)   MacBreakZ 3.6
    MacBreakZ is a personal ergonomic assistant which monitors our keyboard and mouse activity and helps us structure our computer use in a healthy and constructive manner, thus preventing computer-related injuries from developing.

  • Simple Weight Meter  203)   Simple Weight Meter 1.5
    A simple program to keep track of your current weight and your goal weight. Includes a history of your weight changes.

  • PakMed PakNeurol 01  204)   PakMed PakNeurol 01 1.0.0
    A neurological assessment tool developed in/for Microsoft Office Access and is based on Glasgow Coma Scale that is the most widely used scoring system used in quantifying level of consciousness following traumatic brain injury

  • PakMed PakNutri 12  205)   PakMed PakNutri 12 1.0.0
    PakMed PakNutri 12 is a compact searchable nutritional database application from PakMed developed in/for Microsoft Access

  • Shopping List  206)   Shopping List 4.1
    Shopping List helps you have a more productive day by planning what you want to do before you leave the house. Records recipes and ingredient lists, and creates web pages for your recipe collection too.

  • Mind Coder  209)   Mind Coder 1.0
    The Amazing New Software That Helps You Experience The Power of Subliminal Messages... We can perceive some messages on a subconscious level that we do not see on a conscious level. This program will help you to improve your subliminal patterns.

  • My Blood Pressure  210)   My Blood Pressure 2.10
    My Blood Pressure is software that: 1) Reminds you to take a blood pressure reading. 2) Records and charts readings from your monitor. 3) Prints a report for your doctor. My Blood Pressure can be used with any home blood pressure monitor.

  • Open Fitness  211)   Open Fitness 1.3
    Open Fitness tracks workouts, supplement usage, diet, measurements and more. Chart your progress for any of these. Share workouts and diets through email or through the Open Fitness Network. It's easy to use and designed to keep you motivated.

  • PakMed PakNeurol 02  212)   PakMed PakNeurol 02 1.0.0
    A neurological assessment developed in/for Microsoft Office Access and is based on Modified Glasgow Coma Scale (developed for non- verbal children)

  • KiloCalc  213)   KiloCalc 2.12
    With KiloCalc you can easily find and add nutritional values of food items. KiloCalc connects to multiple internet food item databases. With a slider you can easily adjust the food weight and recalculate nutritional values.

  • Cook’n Recipe Organizer  214)   Cook’n Recipe Organizer 6.993
    Enter and organize your own recipes, Search hundreds of recipes in seconds, Adjust recipe serving sizes automatically, Create weekly menus & generate shopping lists, Analyze the nutritional value of recipes, Print recipes on recipe cards

  • SmartMedium FOOD  215)   SmartMedium FOOD 2.25
    Analyse your food consumption and gain insight into your daily diet. Keep track of your weight and food consumption and get detailed graphs, statistics and reports. Compare your nutritional intake with that of a recomended one and get results!

  • axSoft Speech corrector  216)   axSoft Speech corrector 1.65
    Speech corrector can be used by people who have stuttering problem to control their fluency. It provides DAF (delayed auditory feedback) method. That method has been applied in the therapy of stuttering people for a long time.

  • WorkPause  217)   WorkPause 1.4
    The WorkPause utility can help you prevent the tiredness, back pain, eye strain, repetitive strain injury (RSI) or other illnesses provoked by long uninterrupted work with computers, by reminding you to take breaks at regular intervals.

  • Goalie Soccer Drills  218)   Goalie Soccer Drills 1.0
    http://simzeb.soccatutor.hop.clickbank.net Quickly and Easily Get Instant Access To Award Winning Goalie Soccer Drills Plus Animated Football Drills, Videos, and Coaching Software… Guaranteed To Make Your Skills 10x Better!

  • FMS Impact PocketPC  219)   FMS Impact PocketPC 1.0
    Complete the fibromyalgia syndrome impact questionnaire repeatedly over time. The software generates a graph of your test result history.

  • EzyEating  220)   EzyEating 3.0
    Simple, inexpensive, functional recipe & menu generation software. Create shopping lists, email recipes to friends, create your own cookbook from your recipes stored in EzyEating. Buy from our website and get thousands of free recipes!

  • RV Companion 2008  221)   RV Companion 2008 1.5
    If you're an RV'er, you'll love having RV Companion along. Whether you just need to find a camp, or keep a complete record of your journey, RV Companion is there. RV Companion was developed by an RV'er for RV'ers.

  • Weight Wizard  222)   Weight Wizard 1.0
    Weight Wizard is a nutrition and weight management program that allows you to easily keep track of your exercise, fitness, nutrition, recipes, measurements and weight loss. Weight Wizard turns your computer into your own personal weight loss clinic.

  • Pure Weight Loss  224)   Pure Weight Loss 1.0
    Pure Weight Loss is an all-in-one weight loss software to help you lose weight. Included is a BMI calculator with a table showing where you should rank, as well as a set of video's explaining the best ways to lose weight fast.

  • Off4Fit  225)   Off4Fit 2.1
    You work by the PC daily, and proceed working at home? This software is just for you then! Organize the breaks with Off4Fit! It will remind you of the breaks periodically and very softly give a hint on a distraction time.

  • 3D Kit Builder (V8 Racecar)  226)   3D Kit Builder (V8 Racecar) 3.7
    Fun and Easy for all ages! Build and paint this "ready to assemble" high detail 3D Model Kit and learn why 3D is so creative and exciting!

  • Diet Pro  227)   Diet Pro 2005
    Award-winning easy-to-use diet and weight management software. Track your weight, plan meals and exercise, organize recipes and get nutritional information. Other features include ingredient database, grocery lists, import and export, and more.

  • Glowing Skin Secrets Revealed  228)   Glowing Skin Secrets Revealed 2.0
    It is never too late to do something to improve your complexion. Although genetic inheritance has a great deal to say about our skin condition, our life style is not to be overlooked. Make some type of effort to get and keep that glow.

  • Tippmann Gear  229)   Tippmann Gear 1.0
    http://www.tippmangear.weebly.com Tippmann Gear is the high quality paintball gear you’re looking for at the lowest prices. Check out Tippman Paintball Guns, Accessories, and Protective gear.

  • MP3Instant  230)   MP3Instant 8.8
    Over 30,000,000 Users And Unlimited 24/7 Downloads

  • PocketBFL: Body for LIFE Companion  231)   PocketBFL: Body for LIFE Companion 2.0
    Features: Exercise Calendar: so you can plan your upper body,lower body and aerobics exercises Measurement Calendar: so you can manage your measurements and photographs Food Calendar: so you can plan your daily food.Get the PC Version of the BFL free

  • Acne Free The Natural Way  233)   Acne Free The Natural Way 2.0
    Learn how to get rid of acne using homemade remedies. Acne is a skin disease caused by an inflamation of the sebaceous glands. The sebum mixes with dead cells on the surface of the skin, clogging the pores.

  • Banner Factory  234)   Banner Factory V 4.0
    Banner Factory V 2.0 is a Shareware Java Applet web site banner development tool. You can create professional 3Dimensional banners without any knowledge of Java programming or HTML. Banner Factory gives you the ability to include metallic/glowing Titles, scrolling messages and 3D effects. After you have created a banner to suite your needs Banner Factory will generate all the necessary html code required to include it on your web page.

  • Alta White Review Part-1  237)   Alta White Review Part-1 1.0
    Teeth whitening products can help to achieve white and bright teeth at home. Bright white teeth are an indication of good health and hygiene. But our lifestyle and genetic traits result in staining of teeth.

  • Best Diet Software  239)   Best Diet Software 1.3
    The Best Diet Software Food And Exercise Diary For Windows is a top of the line weight loss and fitness software. Software that calculates, logs, reports, graphs, and analyzes your daily food consumption and exercise to help with your weight loss.

  • PSP Assist  240)   PSP Assist 1.0
    PSP Assist is a simple program that asks you whether you want to play games or movies on your PSP. Then, once you have finished answering, it will recommend a service provider based on the answers you gave. It is very straightforward to use.

  • Vote 3 Batman Characters  241)   Vote 3 Batman Characters 1.1
    Vote your favorite batman bad character in the movies. It is a fan Batman software to share with the community and find out once and for all who is the baddest Batman character. I know mine .. you know yours ? Vote and let's see who's right:)

  • How to Stop Sweating 2  242)   How to Stop Sweating 2 1.0
    If you want to know how to stop sweating (hyperhydrosis) you might be interested in the ebook called stop sweating and start living which is based on a very effective natural method. if so, this tool is what you need.

  • ManageBGL diabetes manager  244)   ManageBGL diabetes manager 2.1
    ManageBGL is a Simulated or Virtual insulin pump - only MUCH better! It provides cutting-edge tools for managing diabetes that NO OTHER SYSTEM can provide. Predict where your BGL will be 2-3 hours from now - with no more blood tests than now!

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