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  • Math Compass  201)   Math Compass 6.1
    Math Compass helps children learn general math through flash-card style practice. It includes 4 games, tutorials, a real time report that can be saved to an html file, printable worksheet generator, test mode, and much more.

  • AutoSignal  202)   AutoSignal 1.7
    Scientists and engineers can perform complex signal analysis without programming by selecting menu items that determine how the computer will analyze and present data.

  • Magic Math Kingdom for ages 8 to 9  203)   Magic Math Kingdom for ages 8 to 9 2.1
    Children can effectively learn math with friendly natural animals and/or worms.The comprehensive game to rescue the princess frog from Witch's Castle is provided

  • Archimedes Grapher Slide Show  204)   Archimedes Grapher Slide Show 2.0
    Archimedes Grapher Slide Show is a software kit, which is used to play slides generated by Archimedes Grapher in full screen. With it, you can play mathematical functional graph slides in full screen for teaching purpose on any computer conveniently.

  • EMTask Algebra Inequalities  205)   EMTask Algebra Inequalities 2.0
    54806 algebraic inequalities from basic to advanced, with solutions and test authoring options. Enables creation of math tests, homeworks, quizzes and exams of varied complexity in a minute. Generates 30 variant tests around a constructed example

  • Speaking Add and Subtract Tutor  206)   Speaking Add and Subtract Tutor 1.0.0
    Give your child the best start to their education with our maths activities software. Our software gives your child a solid base to build on adding and subtraction. Help a child to master the start of mathematics with Speaking Add and Subtract Tutor

  • Mágico Mundo de las Matemáticas entre 9 y 10 años  207)   Mágico Mundo de las Matemáticas entre 9 y 10 años 2.0
    Joyful math leraning for ages 9-10 children in the hispanic and Latin world. Children can effectively learn math with friendly animals. The comprehensive game to rescue princess frog from witch's castle make the children excited in learning math.

  • CalcSharp  208)   CalcSharp 1.0
    CalcSharp is .Net application that evaluates mathematical expressions step by step.

  • QB - Math  209)   QB - Math 2.0
    Do you think your kids may benefit from more math practice? If so, here's a fun Windows program that will help! Includes: - Multiplication Practice - Division Practice - Addition Practice - Subtraction Practice

  • EMMentor Algebra Inequalities short  210)   EMMentor Algebra Inequalities short 3.0
    Interactive problem solving software offers 11667 algebraic inequalities, a variety of appropriate techniques to solve problems and a unique system of performance analysis with methodical feedback

  • MatrixCalculator  211)   MatrixCalculator 1.1.1
    Morello Matrix Calculator is a simple, pocket calculator style program which performs most standard matrix calculations. It supports matrices up to 20 elements square (shareware version is limited to 2 elements square).

  • Visual Matrix  212)   Visual Matrix 2.1
    Matrix calculator for basic matrix operations and matrix decompositions.

  • Free Learn Addition on  Orbital One  213)   Free Learn Addition on Orbital One 1.0
    Learn basic addition in 3D on Orbital One space station. Also includes 27 tests to ensure you understand the lessons. Free Learn Addition is the addition topic of Learn Math 3D on Orbital One made in to a fully functional stand alone program.

  • Visual Fitting  214)   Visual Fitting 2.3.0
    Math tool for linear, nonlinear curve fitting and surface fitting, curve and surface can be created.

  • CalculPro  216)   CalculPro 1.2.0
    CalculPro will help your elementary school students practice mental arithmetic or to do fractions. Choose addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or fractions for an exercise.

  • Toptables  217)   Toptables 2
    Times tables and early addition tutor: PC games and quizzes to teach your students multiplication times tables and basic addition with automatic monitoring and recording of times and scores.

  • Evaluating Crossnumber Puzzles  219)   Evaluating Crossnumber Puzzles 1.0
    Middle-School (grades 5 through 9) math program. Students solve crossnumber puzzles by evaluating simple expressions. Program uses only positive integers.

  • Match-n-Freq  220)   Match-n-Freq 5.05
    Pulse shaping filter program that finds the pole-zero locations of a transfer function, H(s), for a matched filter. H(s) equals a -desired- signal (Yout) divided by a given input signal (Yin). Both Yout and Yin are functions of frequency.

  • Agate MathGraph  221)   Agate MathGraph 1.02
    MathGraph intended for research of functions of a kind y=f(x) also works in two directions: graphic constructions and mathematical calculations.

  • FC Win  222)   FC Win 5.12.5
    FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for FortranCalculus (tm). The FortranCalculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum.

  • Magic Box  223)   Magic Box 2.3
    Magic Box is a collection of applications. In it you will find some popular jokes and puzzles such as magic square, magic eye, latent image fading dollar and math transformation. Will the program learn the unknown number?

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