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  • Chord ID  201)   Chord ID 2.02
    Chord ID trains chord identification by ear. Chord ID has three answer modes: Functions (Roman numerals), Chords (C Maj, Dmin, etc.), Qualities (Maj, min, dim). Graduated exercises begin with the easy task of identifying only the I or V chords.

  • uCertify Study Notes for exam 70-218  202)   uCertify Study Notes for exam 70-218 6.11.05
    Get Free Study Notes. Prepare for Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment(70-218) certification exam. Use this Study Notes to be certified on MCP, MCSE, MCSA certifications.

  • Doll Tracker 2005  203)   Doll Tracker 2005 2.1
    The Most Powerful Attractive Doll Collection Management Software ever, built by Doll Artists and Collectors for Collectors as seen in Doll Magazines, on Ebay and at OneofaKindDolls.com. Free ten try demo and excellent product support.

  • NutriGenie Dieta 2005  204)   NutriGenie Dieta 2005 1.0
    Funzioni ottimali consentono, sin dal primo momento, di usare il programma concentrandosi sulle proprie esigenze specifiche liberi di investigare maggiormente sul proprio stato di salute. Esso è utile a chi, per problemi di salute, ...

  • LCL Score it!  205)   LCL Score it! 2.02
    Analyse your golf game. Helpfull statistics and graphics , handicapadministration, golfcourseadministration and much more

  • Basic Algebra Shape-Up  206)   Basic Algebra Shape-Up 4.0
    Basic Algebra Shape-Up helps students master specific basic algebra skills. Concepts covered include creating formulas; using ratios, proportions, and scale; working with integers, simple and multi-step equations.

  • RubricBuilder  207)   RubricBuilder 4.1.0
    The Rubric Builder is a tool for helping teachers create rubrics quickly and easily. Contains thousands of courses and criteria to choose from. Ontario version contains the actual Ministry expectations. Content covers grades 4 through 12.

  • EasyDiet.exe  208)   EasyDiet.exe 1.0.24
    Easy Diet is a computer application that lets you track your food intake and visualize it.

  • ASL Logbook  209)   ASL Logbook 2.2
    ASL Logbook is a program designed and developed for organizing and enhancing play of the Advanced Squad Leader game system. It administers and organizes your scenarios, products, publishers, documents and contacts. Create a SL and rate your skills

  • uCertify Study Notes for exam 70-176  210)   uCertify Study Notes for exam 70-176 6.09.05
    Get Free Study Notes. Prepare for Designing and Implementing Desktop Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0(70-176) certification exam. Use this Study Notes to be certified on MCP, MCSD certifications.

  • FlatGraph  213)   FlatGraph 1.10b2
    Plotting functions (usual and parametric) with more possibilities. Differentiation of any order (with simplification). Construction of tangents to the graph. The simple and clear interface with detailed documentation and examples of work.

  • RYODORAKU acupuncture diagnostic  214)   RYODORAKU acupuncture diagnostic 1.3
    Attention: for the first time an online-diagnostics, health testing on Ryodoraku method, devices and programs for diagnostics, treatment, mediacal kits for self-diagnostics and treatment, competitive prices, oriental medicine, courses on self-treatme

  • Spring and Easter Collection for PostSmile  215)   Spring and Easter Collection for PostSmile 1.1
    Be creative! Decorate and animate your Easter greetings with this images and quotations collection for PostSmile! Categories include Sun, Bunny, Eggs, Spring, Easter ABC and Spring ABC, Easter and Spring Poems and Quotes.

  • tdf Chores  216)   tdf Chores 001.003
    Our chores checklist program makes it easy to monitor daily chores. Parents setup different chores lists for each child, each day. Kids log on and are shown only those tasks for the current day and time, then check off each task when it's been done.

  • Best Photo Church Suite  217)   Best Photo Church Suite 1.0
    Your total solution for maintaining complete and up-to-date census and membership information for your entire parish. This "home-base" of parish data guarantees that all of the offices in your parish have the same information for each of your familie

  • uCertify Study Notes for exam 70-215  218)   uCertify Study Notes for exam 70-215 6.11.05
    Get Free Study Notes. Prepare for Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server(70-215) certification exam. Use this Study Notes to be certified on MCP, MCSA, MCSE, MCDBA certifications.

  • 3D Exploring Yoga  219)   3D Exploring Yoga 1.0
    Exploring Yoga in 3D' is a fully interactive introduction to yoga. The journey takes you to several temples on an enchanted island to learn. Navigate via map of the island to visit each temple at any time to review poses.

  • 7tools DVD Grab & Burn  221)   7tools DVD Grab & Burn 2005
    Copy your favorite DVD videos to DVD-R with this reliable DVD to DVD copy expert. It lets you to grab, burn, and copy any DVD. Mastering and authoring functions are also available.

  • Language Coach  222)   Language Coach 1.10
    Language Coach expression drill and tutor software is a language teaching program for Windows. Lets you design lessons for your students to help them practise what they have been learning in class.

  • MySpendingPlan  223)   MySpendingPlan 1.0
    MySpendingPlan.com is free secure online personal finance budgeting software that can help you manage your spending to save money and help empower you to reach your financial goals.

  • KP Typing Tutor  224)   KP Typing Tutor 7.1
    A number of modules let you practice basic typing course, sentences, or longer text. An on-screen keyboard and L-R hands, highlighs the key and finger to be used. A typing game is for fun break. Free companion tools are available for teachers.

  • Wine Library  225)   Wine Library 1.1.098
    Wine Library is a wine cellar management program designed for wine collectors and wine enthusiasts. It can help you manage and value your wine collections.

  • Fraction Shape-Up  226)   Fraction Shape-Up 1.00
    Fraction Shape-Up. Introduces fraction concepts and helps students develop skills necessary for understanding and working with fractions. Designed for students ages 8 and up.

  • Cursor Translator  227)   Cursor Translator 1.00
    Pick words from anywhere on screen and get the translation with your mouse cursor moves on it. You can perform translation among 12 languages, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese.

  • Fast EBook Compiler  228)   Fast EBook Compiler 1.3
    Fast EBook Compiler is a publishing tool used to create a compressed, encrypted, and virus-protected e-book in an executable file that does not require any installation or additional viewer/reader software.

  • GRADE GUIDE  229)   GRADE GUIDE 5.56
    GRADE GUIDE is a versatile and flexible program used for the storing, retrieving, analyzing, and reporting of students' grades. This easy-to-use program has statistical and reporting features far beyond a traditional grade book.

  • Active Typing Tutor  230)   Active Typing Tutor 4.70
    Use your keyboard faster than you ever imagined! With Active Typing for Windows touch typing tutor you will learn to type many times faster without typing errors. ActiveTyping contains a complete typing course with 14 chapters and Numpad course.

  • Mutual Fund Record Keeping  231)   Mutual Fund Record Keeping 1.0
    Mutual Fund Record Keeping system for home use. Please read the README file. The normal procedure for using this system would be to enter x number of items through the "mutfdent" program. Then run "mutfdsrt" to sort the items. etc.

  • Seterra  232)   Seterra 2.6
    Seterra is a challenging geography program with 70 different exercises. Learn about countries, capitals, flags and cities all over the world! Examples of exercises: countries in Europe; American states; American state capitals, etc...

  • Student Database  233)   Student Database 5.25
    A program which manages contacts. Originally for counsellors and psychologists.

  • Password Manager  234)   Password Manager 1.01.01
    Store all your passwords in one place. No more remembering multiple passwords. You only need to remember one master password and then you have access to all your others. Published by Dataware.

  • Business English Fitness  235)   Business English Fitness 1.3
    Business English Fitness is self-paced grammar improvement software that helps students improve the clarity and strength of their business writing, and provides measurable results.

  • SpeechGym  237)   SpeechGym 1.0
    SpeechGym is a stuttering therapy software aimed to help people with stuttering problem control their speech fluency keeping a confidence. SpeechGym is a significant fluency enhancer. It implements Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF) technique.

  • Electronic Constitution  238)   Electronic Constitution 2003.12
    Within this program is the entire U.S Constitution in electronic form, a brief constitutional history, a glossary of key terms, list of patriotic songs with words and music, and an electronic quiz.

  • Easy Mortgage Calculator  239)   Easy Mortgage Calculator 1.0
    Easy Mortgage Calculator allows you instantly determine your monthly mortgage payments, total payments, total interest and prepayment savings with a fixed interest rate schedule.

  • EuroSinging  240)   EuroSinging 2.2.0
    EuroSinging is a database program dedicated to Eurovision Song Contest. It contains all participations (from 1956 until 2004 in main program, you can download additional years), all countries, songs' info, lyrics and more.

  • Super States  241)   Super States 1.0
    In this software program, the locations of the 48 contiguous states are taught in an interactive fashion. The user drags each state with the mouse to its proper location, using a jigsaw-puzzle metaphor. Identifying the state is also part of the fun.

  • HIPAA Training Program  243)   HIPAA Training Program 6.0
    HIPAA Training Program is a cost effective alternative to train your employees concerning the Privacy and or Security Rule requirements under HIPAA. This inexpensive program lets you use the default entries and/or create your own training program.

  • The Spanish Tutor  244)   The Spanish Tutor 1.0
    The Spanish Tutor is a program that helps you learn how to speak spanish. Included is the software to translate spanish text into english, as well as a dictionary tool where you can lookup any words you are unsure of.

  • Spanish Course Searcher  245)   Spanish Course Searcher 1.4
    We've searched through all of the best Spanish courses to give you a brilliant tool to allow you to search for the best Spanish course for you. Just pick your situation and let the program give you the best Spanish course you can buy.

  • EzGourmet  248)   EzGourmet 1.3
    EzGourmet offers a free introduction to the world of quality recipe collection. Search, print, and mark your favorite recipes for easy, on-line recipe retrieval.

  • NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards  249)   NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards 1.0.2
    Take your 3x5 notecards into the Information Age with NoteWorthy Virtual Notecards, the database for notes, quotes and bibliographic information. Store formatted text of notes and quotes and link with bibiographic sources.

  • United States Geography Tutor  250)   United States Geography Tutor 1.1.0
    Want to brush up on the names and locations of the 48 contiguous states of the USA? This program from the Family Games Web Center will help you. A study mode and two quiz modes make the learning easy.

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