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  • Yaldex PopUp 4.4  151)   Yaldex PopUp 4.4 4.4
    This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) program generates HTML and JavaScript code to open an URL in a new (PopUp) window. You can specify the properties of the new window, attributes (whether it is resizable, has a menu bar, a so on).

  • WebIndex  152)   WebIndex 1.0
    WebIndex is an Internet cataloguing/filtering system that compiles web-links (URLs) in to a complete set of HTML pages for easy browsing. WebIndex has primarily be designed for use in schools and colleges. Requires no HTML knowledge from the user.

  • AEVITA Stop SPAM Email  153)   AEVITA Stop SPAM Email 1.01
    If you own a site on the web, you're practically guaranteed to get spammed, right? This tool prevents spam robots from extracting email addresses from your web pages. Stop SPAM by protecting email addresses in just a few clicks!

  • liveSite Content Management Server  154)   liveSite Content Management Server 3.36
    A simple but powerful server-based web site content management system designed to manage the online marketing and communications needs of any size organization, including: web page publishing, e-commerce, membership management, and e-newsletters.

  • Mady MTA Service  155)   Mady MTA Service 2.2
    Mady MTA Service is a small and easy SMTP server. It's small, stable and fast. It can use in a small LAN or home network and provide mail deliver service for a small group of users.

  • SearchEnginePromotionTools  156)   SearchEnginePromotionTools 6.0
    Search Engine Promotion Tools totally automates your search engine marketing. Everything's included: automatic search engines submission scheduler, meta tag generator, link checker, web ranking, keyword creator, doorway page generator, link promoter.

  • newsparrotv4  157)   newsparrotv4 Freeware
    NewsParrot. Trawls for free open news servers, tests for speed, the number of Newsgroups and artical density, before enabling the user to browse the results in a default news reader.

  • Port Matrix  158)   Port Matrix 1.50
    Port data transmit with multiplicate protocol. High performance to TCP/IP communication. Transmit the multiplicate protocol data from LAN to internet. Intelligent FTP/HTTP protocol filter and data transmit. SSLv2/3°ĘTLSv1 encrpytion transfer was

  • Happy Log  159)   Happy Log 1.61
    Happy Log is a log file analyzer that examines log files from your web site

  • Internet Business Promoter  162)   Internet Business Promoter 4.0
    IBP is the multi award winning web site promotion tool that helps you to get more revenue with high search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo and all other major search engines.

  • PA Server Monitor Free Edition  163)   PA Server Monitor Free Edition 3.1.9
    PA Server Monitor has powerful features that are very simple to setup. The Free edition monitors web pages, ping response and the Windows event log, and includes several response actions such as email, reboot, etc. Monitored resource reports too.

  • Right WebGallery  165)   Right WebGallery 2.6
    Right WebGallery is very popular software that allows to make and upload web pages with your photos without any HTML and web programming knowledge. It also features many ready-to-use web album templates that can be easily customized for your needs.

  • 4-Dynamic  166)   4-Dynamic 2.0

  • Website-Scripts  169)   Website-Scripts 1
    Website-Scripts is a large PHP, CGI, Perl, JavaScript, Java and ASP script directory site. All Web scripts have been categorised into many sub categories within each main language category.

  • HyperCoder Pro  170)   HyperCoder Pro 1.0.1553
    A highly flexible source code editor supporting ASP, PHP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, BlitzBasic, Perl, CGI, Python, XML, HTML, CSS.

  • Web Weaver EZ  171)   Web Weaver EZ 2.06
    Create cool Web pages quickly and easily with this WYSIWYG Web page editor! Web Weaver EZ is the easiest way to create a Web page without knowing how to program HTML.

  • Crawler Radio&MP3 Player  172)   Crawler Radio&MP3 Player 1.1
    Listen to internet radio streams in WMP and RA format and at the same time make recordings of your favorite songs & radio shows, listen to music stored on your PC now even faster thanks to cool ‚Äúdrag & drop‚ÄĚ function and create your own playlists.

  • QuadSucker-Web  173)   QuadSucker-Web 3.1
    QuadSucker/Web is a multithreaded website downloader. It is optimized for downloading images, and includes built in support for viewing GIF and JPEG files. Other types of files are also downloaded, including sound, applications, and text/html.

  • PageSucker Mac  174)   PageSucker Mac 3.2
    PageSucker is a small utility that allows entire Web page hierarchies to be downloaded automatically. The pages will thereby be modified in such a way that they can then be viewed off-line (even after copying them to a CD-ROM or the like).

  • HTMLPower  175)   HTMLPower 3.8.2
    protect the source of your web page and stop spam robots extracting email address or links

  • ASP Search Engine  176)   ASP Search Engine 1.5.3
    ASP Search Engine for IIS with remote customisation tools. This search engine provides full indexing and search facilities for any web site either on the Internet or an Intranet. An online demonstration is available.

  • LiteMail  177)   LiteMail 2.6
    LiteMail is an easy to use mail server with mail forwarding, SMTP Authentication, and a catch-all address for each domain.

  • KeepNI  181)   KeepNI 1.2.5
    Keep an eye on your web site services, and alert on malfunction. Alerts includes Voice alarm,email message,Fax message,SMS,ICQ and more. KeepNI provides you with site performance information row data along with many charts an graphs.

  • FindinSite-MS  182)   FindinSite-MS 1.18
    FindinSite-MS is a search engine for a MS hosted web site, configurable to * look like part of your web site and * index as often as you want. Find in Site is an ASP.NET application for Windows servers, including shared hosts.

  • NetWrite  183)   NetWrite 2.0
    A simple, easy to use HTML Editor. Ideal for beginners and experienced users. Uses base set of HTML commands and features. WYSIWYG browser pane displays your webpage. Use of Formmail CGI script for online interactive forms.

  • Printer Friendly  184)   Printer Friendly 1.3
    Printer Friendly allows you to print all of your favorite online content in a printer-friendly, reader-friendly format, even if the website itself doesn't have a printer-friendly link.

  • AutoSaver for IE  185)   AutoSaver for IE 0.7
    The program automatically writes down all downloaded files while surfing the Internet and viewing web-pages.

  • JET - Java Extended Ticker  187)   JET - Java Extended Ticker 2.0
    Display any kind of multi-layered information in a web page and apply functionality to any layer you want, like automatic scrolling or periodic layer replacement. All required files can easily be constructed with JetGen.

  • Spam Ghost for cPanel  188)   Spam Ghost for cPanel 1.0
    Spam Ghost works directly with your cPanel account to create and delete forwarding accounts on the fly, with just a single mouse click directly from your desktop.

  • History Collector Pro  190)   History Collector Pro 1.71
    It memorizes the contents of pages that you visit. It may happen that the addresses we visited earlier now contain different than did during the last visit information.

  • Happy Sliding Menus  193)   Happy Sliding Menus 1.11
    These are sliding java menu applets available in numerous themes and suitable for sidebar navigation. Includes easy-to-use online configuration tool. Support for true-type fonts, multi-state user-defined icons, multiple event triggers and more.

  • PDNdata News- and Articlemanager  194)   PDNdata News- and Articlemanager 1.03
    PDNdata Articlemanager manages news and articles from authors and includes an article and author search engine. Pages are automatically updated, including theme specific pages. Users can contact authors and users online by contact forms.

  • LogMerger  195)   LogMerger 1.2a
    LogMerger is a free program that let you merge any number of logfiles into a single file and still maintain the same chronological order. This is useful if youíve got a website with more than one front-end thus generating multiple logfiles.

  • Proxy+  196)   Proxy+ 3.00
    Proxy+ is a firewall, proxy, and mail server designed to give the complete solution of shared access to the Internet from a LAN. This version is free for 3 users. Versions for 5, 10, and unlimited users are also available.

  • WebPosition Gold  197)   WebPosition Gold 3.5
    WebPosition Gold offers both the best quality and best value in the industry. It submits you to the top 200 search engines which generates 95% of the search engine traffic. There is no other product on the market that rivals the product.

  • 1st TurboRun Internet  198)   1st TurboRun Internet 1.0
    Instead of running a browser and navigating through endless Favorites menu, just type a few letters of the desired web site title. Then press Enter to open it. In addition, find all recently saved favorites in seconds, even if you forgot their names!

  • Raven  199)   Raven 2.0
    Raven is an Integrated ( everything designed to work together ) WEB, POP3, SMTP, FTP, LIST, NNTP, ECHO, and IDENT server that provides a superior combination of stability, security, and scalability.

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