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  • Uninstall Plus!  51)   Uninstall Plus! v4.1
    Remove any traces of the previous uninstalled or deleted programs. Secure delete sensitive information. Clean junk files and activity traces. Scan identify and correct registry malfunctions. Manage programs that start at boot.

  • Win Web Crawler  52)   Win Web Crawler 2.0
    Extract URL, meta tag (title, desc, keyword), body text, page size, last modified date value from web site, search results or list of URLs.

  • Musik Ansagen  53)   Musik Ansagen 1.0
    Ihr Anrufbeantworter blinkt - es liegen Nachrichten zum Abruf bereit. Statt einer Nachricht höhren Sie aber oft nur das Geräusch eines "auflegenden Telefonhörers"? Warum? Was halten Sie von der Idee, dass es an Ihrer Ansage liegt?

  • TracePlus Ethernet  54)   TracePlus Ethernet 5.51.000
    TracePlus/Ethernet is a powerful network monitoring, performance tool supporting 10-1000 MB/s Ethernet networks. 32 and 64 bit drivers are compatible with all Windows platforms. Supports IPv6, ICMPv6, and VLAN features of the 802.1Q/802.1P protocols.

  • WiseTerm Telnet/Serial (32-bit)  55)   WiseTerm Telnet/Serial (32-bit) 3.2.0
    Win32 emulation of Wyse 50/50+/60 terminals. Part of the WiseTerm suite of telnet/serial emulators. Features:programmable keyboard;status line; key labels; editing; up to 132x43 display ; char, line, page attributes; full split-screen support;

  • CubeForum  56)   CubeForum 2.4
    Advanced forum (board) system for your web-site

  • Expire Domain List Software  57)   Expire Domain List Software 5.0
    Expired Domain Software download free trial, powerful software to find Expired Domains. Search for onhold, expiring, pending delete, and recently expired domain names through search engine lookups, custom text and URL lists, and domains lists.

  • IPNetInfo  58)   IPNetInfo 1.03
    IPNetInfo is a small utility that allows you to easily find all available information about an IP address: The owner of the IP address, the country/state name, IP addresses range, contact information (address, phone, fax, and email), and more.

  • Port Mapper  59)   Port Mapper 1.0
    A freeware which manages port forwarding tables on your home router/gateway to enable online multiplayer game play. Can also be used to expose applications to your friends over the internet

  • EA Internet Filter  60)   EA Internet Filter V2.9
    EA Internet Filter, the most easy-to-use & effective content filtering software EA Internet Filter allows you to easily filter out pornography web sites on the Internet.

  • HTML2Exe Baler  61)   HTML2Exe Baler 2.0
    Create your own Windows exe file from your HTML files! The program creates an compressed self runing exe file from HTML files. It is a kind of offline browser you can distribute. Even JavaScript is supported.

  • Viewsat Files  62)   Viewsat Files 1.0
    If you need the latest viewsat files, Coolsat Files, Pansat Files, Nfusion Files, Sonicview Files & Other FTA Files or any other fta satellite help, you came to the right place. Welcome to satmods, the ultimate viewsat files Forum.

  • HeadStrong WebClicker  63)   HeadStrong WebClicker 2.56
    uses public proxies to create artificial banner ad clicks. Emulates complete browser HTTP transfer and can be used for banner/link exchanges and toplists as well.

  • VoIP SIP SDK  64)   VoIP SIP SDK 3.0.11
    ABTO SIP SDK provides a solution to quickly build VoIP softphone that can dial and receive calls on your computer or add VoIP features into your software or web website.

  • Snarfer  65)   Snarfer 0.9.1
    Snarfer is the worlds most popular, easy, fast, and FREE approach to using RSS., ATOM and XML feeds. Snarfer presents information to users in a simple to use interface. See website for complete changelog.

  • BootMaster Rescue Disk for Windows  66)   BootMaster Rescue Disk for Windows 3.01
    BootMaster is a powerful and easy to use partition and file recovery utility for Windows. Recovers deleted FAT and NTFS partitions. Recovers & undeletes files on FAT and NTFS volumes. Backed by timely, aggressive technical support.

  • CB Browser  67)   CB Browser 1.0
    Clickbank Browser allows end users to search over 10,000 products: search the Largest Directory of Affiliate Programs on the internet.

  • emlBridge  68)   emlBridge 3.7
    Import email files into Outlook, Outlook Express, GMail, Thunderbird and virtually any other Email Client from your archived eml Files.

  • CamSplitter  69)   CamSplitter 2.0
    CamSplitter software allows to use one webcam device in multiple applications without locking the device. This software is designed to work like a bridge between one webcam device and several webcam software applications.

  • Advanced Mass Sender  70)   Advanced Mass Sender 4.3
    This mass email software employs multiple threads to send bulk emails for your customer relationship management. Support text, HTML, attachments, and subject rotation. Includes a free download.

  • Wake-on-LAN Packet Sniffer  71)   Wake-on-LAN Packet Sniffer 1.1
    Wake-on-LAN Packet sniffer is designed to troubleshoot and setup Wake-on-LAN entire your Network. It allows to check whether the target machine recieve the packet. Program will display all incoming "Magic Packets".

  • Visual Web Spider  72)   Visual Web Spider 2.2
    Visual Web Spider is a software for crawling the web. It is a web crawler. It builds targeted URL database at high speed. Our program allows you to extract URLs and metadata matching your keywords from web pages, directories and search engines.

  • Proxifier  73)   Proxifier 2.00
    Proxifier is a program that allows network applications that do not support working through proxy servers to operate through a HTTP or SOCKS proxy server or a chain of proxy servers.

  • a-Change Mac Address  74)   a-Change Mac Address 5.3
    Change Mac Address in seconds! Scan Remote Mac Address. Exports or imports the scanning results.Support CSV format for excel. Spoofing the Mac Address of your network card to any new Mac Address. Wake on Lan.Win IPconfig.Port Scan.Bind MAC/IP.

  • The unblock facebook proxy tool  75)   The unblock facebook proxy tool 1.0
    This very cool program can unblock facebook by acting as a facebook proxy. it makes sure you can visit your favorite site even if, annoyingly been blocked by your work or school.

  • Tadpole  76)   Tadpole 1.0.0
    Tadpole is an internet browser designed for toddlers.

  • Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar  77)   Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar 1.1
    How to hide IP address? Anonymous web surfing (with hidden IP) requires valid anonymous proxy server. Lookup and checking of anonymous proxies can be very tedious and annoying task. Free Pick-a-Proxy Toolbar makes this process simple and funny.

  • Ringtone Media Studio  78)   Ringtone Media Studio 1.04
    New SMS delivery* with Ringtone Media Studio ringtone software. Turn your favorite CDs and MP3s into ringtones, edit wallpaper and video clips. Transfer to your cell phone via SMS. Comes with thousands of free ringtones.*US and Canada only.

  • MyPhoneExplorer  79)   MyPhoneExplorer 1.5.9
    Connect your phone via cable, bluetooth or infrared and you'll be surprised how easy and efficient you can manage your phone with this compact software. Features: adressbook, organizer, SMS, filebrowser, calls, profiles, phonemonitor and much more.

  • VZOchat  80)   VZOchat 6.3.1
    Easy-to-use, small software for free video chat and communication; requires no special skills to use. It features group confererences up to 120 members, video recording , an address book, call history, downloadable language packs.

  • IAXCOMM - VoIP SoftPhone  81)   IAXCOMM - VoIP SoftPhone 1.0
    Das Protokoll welches von der OpenSource-Telefonanlage Asterisk benutzt wird. Es dient dabei sowohl zur Verbindung zwischen einzelnen Asterisk-Servern als auch zur Kommunikation zu Endgeräten, mit denen somit Voice-over-IP-Gespräche möglich sind.

  • Fast Blog Finder  82)   Fast Blog Finder 3.2.2
    G-Lock Blog Finder is blog commenting software that provides you with a great way to get backlinks for your sites without using any risky tactics that could destroy your search engine rankings.

  • TZO Dynamic DNS Client  83)   TZO Dynamic DNS Client 3.2.1
    to a dynamic IP addresses. Cable, DSL Internet users can host their own siteTZO uses true dynamic DNS client/server technology to fix static domain name to a dynamic IP address. This allows Internet users with Cable, DSL and dialupInternet connection

  • yDecode  85)   yDecode 1.22
    Read yEnc posts in Outlook Express or any other Usenet news reader. Easy to use, auto-save of attachments, proxy with IP filtering, list of NNTP servers, connection monitoring and more. Outlook Express is auto-configured easily using wizard.

  • Pirelli DP-L10 by VoIP Provider SiPHome  86)   Pirelli DP-L10 by VoIP Provider SiPHome Business Mobil
    Functional empire dual-mode phone for a small price The Pirelli DP-L10 combines cellular and Voice over IP and offers ease of handling. When a WLAN hotspot available, notify the Pirelli DP-L10 the availability of cost-effective and allows talks on I

  • PEN - Pennock's Email Notifier  87)   PEN - Pennock's Email Notifier 2.4-1
    PEN is an easy to use/setup Email Notifier that sits in your SysTray and pops up a small window and/or play a sound when new mail arrives. It supports POP3 (SSL) as well as IMAP, AOL, Excite, Gmail, Hotmail, Netscape, Lycos, Mail.com, MSN &Yahoo.

  • water4gas  88)   water4gas 1.0
    Water4Gas Reviews Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Quick access to the Water4Gas Info.

  • Zilla Popup Killer  89)   Zilla Popup Killer
    Block pesky ads, popups, pop under & spying cookies in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla, AOL, Opera. Can also be started manually or at windows startup or with your browser window startup. Instant Notification - Play one of many sounds.

  • HiProxy  90)   HiProxy 2.3
    HiProxy is a proxy support utility for the Internet. Shields your IP address for privacy. Easy change browser proxy settings,import proxy lists,verify HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxies,proxy ban list,proxy country,etc.

  • SiPFlat  91)   SiPFlat 2.0
    Bei dem SiPHome SIP- und IAX-Port-Produkt gibt es keine Einschränkungen: Wenn die Ziel-Adresse per SIP oder IAX technisch erreichbar ist - egal bei welchem Anbieter diese ist - , berechnen wir auch nichts für eine SIP- oder IAX-Verbindung.

  • ipAddress  92)   ipAddress 2.51.2
    ipAddress is a simple utility that displays the IP Address(es) currently allocated the users computer. Keep it 'Always on Top' if you want. Change the background colour. Copy to clipboard.

  • Interactive DNS Query  93)   Interactive DNS Query 1.2
    Interactive DNS Query is a program designed to allow you to perform a query of DNS records. It is similar to the unix "dig" or "nslookup" commands, and uses a convenient GUI interface. Query for all types of DNS records, include A, MX, TXT, NS, ...

  • Google PageRank Checker  94)   Google PageRank Checker 1.0
    Once google decide to update their pagerank values and export it to the toolbar we become addicted to check ours almost every single hour, just supply a sitemap url and our Google Pagerank Checker will do the rest.

  • Java Slideshow Applet  95)   Java Slideshow Applet 1.00
    Draw attention to your photos or create your own slideshow with the free Java Slideshow Applet. Java Slideshow Applet displays a sequence of images enhanced with a fading effect.

  • SongBoostFREE  96)   SongBoostFREE 1.0
    Free Myspace song plays increaser software. Increase your song plays for free. Increase your daily plays to the thousands and get the notice from record labels you deserve. This is the secret the Major Labels use for their artists, and don't want

  • Proxy Workbench  97)   Proxy Workbench 1.2
    Proxy Workbench is a unique proxy server ideal for developers, trainers and security experts that displays its data in real-time.

  • jiffieTube  98)   jiffieTube 1.5
    Want The Fastest and Easiest YouTube Downloader Ever? This is it... jiffieTube downloads any YouTube video directly from your browser to your PC / iPod with 1-Click right from your browser. No other programs to run or sites to visit. Free Download!

  • ConnTroll  99)   ConnTroll 2.2.0
    ConnTroll is the easy way to block access to the Internet for some users of a computer. Limit Internet access by user, time of day, time spent online or amount of downloaded data. Keeps detailed statistics on the Internet usage.

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