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  • Evrox  151)   Evrox 2.1
    Evrox can make your Internet connection go up to 2 times faster! Evrox uses revolutionary Smart-Evrox technology to find an Internet connection setting that is best for you! Exclusive Smart-Evrox Technology! Try Evrox free for 30 days!

  • Eyecopia  152)   Eyecopia 1.3.1
    Easy security for protecting your home, securing businesses, watching over your family, or keeping an eye on pets. Eyecopia detects motion from webcams and camcorders, records video events, and sends notifications to email, cell, and Eyecopia Remote.

  • TracePlus Winsock  153)   TracePlus Winsock 8.80.000
    TracePlus/Winsock shows you the interaction between your Win32 application and Winsock 1.1/2.0, WININET, RAS, and Microsoft Winsock extensions with no modifications to your existing program

  • eMando Remote Control  154)   eMando Remote Control 2.2.35
    eMando Remote Control is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use remote control and assistance solution. Use eMando to connect to hundreds of computers simultaneously. eMando allows you, for instance, to control a computer with your own keyboard and mouse.

  • Key Transformation  155)   Key Transformation 8.1550
    Key Transformation can customize your keyboard layout, change any key on the keyboard to other keys. Its on-screen-keyboard ( soft keyboard ) is very easy to use.

  • Myspace Friend Adder  156)   Myspace Friend Adder 1.02
    Myspace friend adder will help you get thousands of friends on myspace.com within few hours.It automates all the activitieson myspace and all you need to do is start the software and tell it what to do and just walk away.

  • SpeedSMS  157)   SpeedSMS 1.0
    Versendet Text SMS, Klingeltöne und VCards (Visitenkarten) an Mobiltelefone ab 6 Cents (0.09 sFr.) pro SMS. SpeedSMS unterstützt normale Text Nachrichten, blinkende und flashende SMS. Auf Wunsch können die SMS zeitverzögert gesendet werden.

  • VNC Scan Enterprise Console  158)   VNC Scan Enterprise Console 2006.4.6
    VNCScan allows you to remotely control and manage your workstations and servers. With VNCScan, you can: * Scan for and deploy VNC Remote Control on your network * Manage unlimited computers * Terminal Servers AND VNC

  • TravianManager Bot  159)   TravianManager Bot 3.4.8
    It can build buildings/resource fields, auto-farm, send resources, avoid attacks and much more. Many tools and statistics included. All reports on one page, that you can filter by date, type and more. Very usefull to have the control over everything.

  • Aarons Auto-Browse  160)   Aarons Auto-Browse 3.1
    Enter the URL's you wish to browse, save them and hit the start button, thats all there is to it. . It keeps you online by periodically retrieving web pages, useful for the disabled to read web pages automatically.

  • INetControl  161)   INetControl 1.4
    The program allows to control an internet connection (Dial up, GPRS, VPN, XDSL,...). With its help you can call up call dialog, break connection, control, how much time you've spent in the network, incoming and outgoing traffic.

  • IVM Telephone Answering Attendant  162)   IVM Telephone Answering Attendant 4.03
    IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, phone attendant and interactive voice response (ivr) program for Windows computers with voice modems or professional telephony line devices.

  • Dizzler Media Player  163)   Dizzler Media Player 1.0
    Search and stream through millions of songs, videos, radio stations from around the world, and games! Customize your own playlist! IT’S ALL FREE!

  • PlanetDNS Client  164)   PlanetDNS Client 2.01
    PlanetDNS Client allows you to easily create an Internet Name for your computer that automatically tracks your current IP address. This provides you with the equivalent of a static IP and allows you to run server software on your home computer.

  • ENVY  165)   ENVY 1.00
    ENVY adds 38 subcommands to batch file programming for 16-bit command-processors. Environment variables can be manipulated with many of the new commands.

    PASSPORT PC TO HOST provides Windows-based TN3270, TN5250, SCO ANSI, VT100 and VT220 telnet terminal emulation for Microsoft Windows Includes Visual Basic and VBscript support, can be deployed using SMS, MSI, Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server.

  • IRC Insomnia  167)   IRC Insomnia 0.51
    The simplest program available to use IRC Proxies with your IRC Client. Supports Socks and Connect Proxies, plus Proxy List downloading.

  • Voice Emotion  168)   Voice Emotion 6.0
    Flawlessly records VoIP calls and add life to voice conversations. Enjoyable things include music sharing, voice emotion, and text to speech. Compatible with all VoIP clients, among them, Skype,ICQ, Msn/WLM, Gtalk, AIM, YIM, QQ were fully tested.

  • Instant Housecall Remote Support  169)   Instant Housecall Remote Support 5.0.7
    Instant Housecall is a fast, easy remote support program that lets you offer remote support through firewalls with no configuration. Drag-and-drop file transfer, reboot into safe mode, view and control remote computers with ease.

  • FFA Blaster  170)   FFA Blaster 2.4.8
    FFA Blaster auto posts your ads to thousands Free For All Links pages! Fast as lightning, using 28 ports simultaneous it speeds you through your submission process.

  • Check Proxy Professional (Socks)  171)   Check Proxy Professional (Socks) 4.20
    Check Proxy Professional (Socks) Features: 1. Managing / checking SOCKS proxy lists 2. Proxy list printing 3. Determines speed of the proxy server 4. Determines Location (country) of the proxy server ...

  • Minisip  172)   Minisip 0.7
    Minisip's is the market's leading free SIP based softphone available for download.

  • Maguma Workbench  173)   Maguma Workbench 2.6.1
    Maguma Workbench goes beyond a typical IDE, its a IDP for PHP and Python. Fast, robust and modular, making it the most customizable IDE available. Make it Your Workbench!

  • Internet Speedster  174)   Internet Speedster 2.0
    It doesn't matter if your connection is fast or slow, Internet Speedster will increase the speed of it. It uses several unique techniques to make sure you spend less time waiting and more time browsing.

  • Userful Multiplier  175)   Userful Multiplier 3.7
    Userful Multiplier multiseat Linux virtual desktop software turns 1 computer into 10 using extra video cards, keyboards, and monitors. Installs on the leading Linux distributions (Ubuntu, RedHat, Novell/SuSE, Fedora, Mandriva, Xandros, etc.).

  • Proxy-Pro Family GateKeeper  177)   Proxy-Pro Family GateKeeper 1.1
    Developed especially for home or small office use the software allows you to connect your entire network to the same Internet Connection thus giving you simultaneous access to Web browsing, online gaming, chat, downloading music, films and much more.

  • WebAdmin  178)   WebAdmin 3.3.2
    WebAdmin, free remote administration tool, allows administrators to securely manage MDaemon 8.0 and higher, RelayFax, and WorldClient from anywhere in the world. Interface compatible with Microsoft IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

  • SynchPst for Outlook  179)   SynchPst for Outlook 2.1.4
    SynchPst - the easy way to synchronize data among two personal folders. Just choose either single or multiple folders/subfolders to synchronize. Synchronize all Outlook items including notes and distribution lists. Deletions are supported, too.

  • AntiIdle  180)   AntiIdle
    AntiIdle is a hassle free utility that will sit in your task bar tray and keep you connected to your internet provider. No matter how long you stay on, AntiIdle will prevent your internet service from timing you out due to inactivity.

  • WW.com Webcam  181)   WW.com Webcam 3
    WW.com ( World of Webcams ) Webcam puts your camera stream on the web instantly. Get a free web cam homepage and instantly meet and chat with other webcams on ww.com ( formerly Camarades ). Works with any PC Cam.

  • Pop-Up Stopper  182)   Pop-Up Stopper 3.10.1014
    Block Netscape, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and desktop pop-up windows with the latest upgrade of this small tool, now with added support for Mozilla, and new technology to block annoying Messenger Service and GAIN adserver desktop ads!

  • A4Pocket Newsreader  183)   A4Pocket Newsreader 2.1.6
    The most powerful newsreader for Pocket PC. Easy-to-use and high-speed. Key features: #Download, read, reply, forward, compose, save article #Multi sort and filter choice #Full customize #Clear GUI #Single-handed read

  • MZL & Novatech Traffic Statistics  184)   MZL & Novatech Traffic Statistics
    MZL & Novatech TrafficStatistic shows accumulated bandwidth usage of a network interface like ethernet, DSL or PPP in tray. It generates IP traffic statistics IPDR data and can generate reports on his top bandwidth consumers cut by host and service.

  • Link Logger - Linksys Protocol  185)   Link Logger - Linksys Protocol
    Affordable professional logging tool with all the features including remote notification, custom alarms, hostname and whois lookups, network messaging, automatic data management, historical searches, description of port services, online updates, etc.

  • SDI LPD  186)   SDI LPD 2.5
    Fast, easy and inexpensive LPD print server for Windows. SDI LPD prints reports from IBM zSeries (mainframe) iSeries (AS/400) and UNIX systems on your Windows local or network printers. Handles TCP/IP network printing for LAN, WAN or the Internet.

  • Link Logger - Netgear Fx114y  187)   Link Logger - Netgear Fx114y
    Affordable professional logging tool with all the features including remote notification, custom alarms, hostname and whois lookups, automatic data management, historical searches, description of port services, online updates, etc.

  • Black Widow - Media Desktop  188)   Black Widow - Media Desktop 5.2.0
    Black Widow Media Desktop contains 15 multimedia programs executing in their own desktop environment. Rip P2P networks or the NET after finding media files. Rip MP3s from over 7000 radio stations. Rip Flash Games/Movies from the NET. Built in skins or design your own.

  • favicon.exe  189)   favicon.exe 1.0
    Would you like to display your own icon or ANIMATED icon on the browser address bar when visitors view or bookmark your web page? It's easy - Simply select a picture, logo or other graphic for the Source Image and click "FavIcon Go! "

  • DVdriver  190)   DVdriver 1.0
    Lets you use your camcorder in software designed for webcams.

  • Hi5 Friend Adder Bot  191)   Hi5 Friend Adder Bot 1
    Put the power of Hi5.com™, a site which receives over 1 billion hits per day, to your advantage when marketing your product, service, event, band, or self. Marketing through Hi5.com™ accounts is the cutting edge way to advertise to a wide audience at

  • My IP Address  192)   My IP Address 1.2
    It is a software that show your IP address while you are connects to Internet.The program is easy to use, at any time you can point your mouse to the tray icon and see your IP address!It allows to determine HostName, Internet IP, LAN IP, MAC address.

  • SI NetworkMechanics  193)   SI NetworkMechanics 1.0
    Get Ping, Traceroute, IP Lookup, regular Whois and Referral Whois tools in a single convenient package! SI Network Mechanics offers great ergonomics, quick keyboard operation and clean printable output.

  • Camfrog Video Chat  194)   Camfrog Video Chat 2.5
    Join live streaming video chat rooms where you can see, hear, and chat with many users at once. Camfrog Video Chat also has a live photo webcam directory where you can find a partner for one on one video chat.

  • Super Surfer  195)   Super Surfer 1
    Super Surfer is a new way to keep track and manage your Internet Explorer favourites.

  • JumpBox for the MediaWiki Wiki System  196)   JumpBox for the MediaWiki Wiki System 1.0.2
    MediaWiki is a powerful wiki engine originally developed for the Wikipedia project and now deployed on many sites around the world. This JumpBox is a self-contained, preconfigured instance of MediaWiki version 1.10.0.

  • Remove about:blank Buddy  197)   Remove about:blank Buddy 5.5
    The program solves about:blank home page problem: examines IE configuration, finds homepage hijackers, removes them, removes references to them, heals IE configuration. Removes about:blank viruses on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Enjoy!

  • NeoLoad  199)   NeoLoad 1.1
    Load Testing Tool for Web Applications. Simulates hundreds of users to answer these questions: how many users does my site handle? Will my site crash under load? What are the response times? Easy to use, no scripting but can design advanced scenarios

  • Green Polyethylene  200)   Green Polyethylene 1
    DDS BioComposite Green PVC information at www.ddsbiocomposite.com - Providing a high qualtiy, cost effective, and versatile "green" PVC alternative for the plastic industry. More information at www.ddsbiocomposite.com

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